Saturday, September 15, 2007

Indiepop Hallelujah - Log Lady Train

From Sweden, popnation #1 - Check!, Pixie like female vocalist - Check!, Jangly guitars - Check!, namedropping Morrissey - Check!, Obligatory Eurovision coverversion.... erm...
Right. Log Lady Train cover the Mighty Lordi at their MySpace.
Hard Rock Hallelujah however, becomes Indiepop Hallelujah and is a Lush alternate take on the Finnish 2006 Eurovision winner.
It's NME* music when they were Pop, or as th'Trains like to call it themselves: The indiepop equivalent of charter travelling.

Of course it's fab and you can hear the song in their MySpace player or download it (with the download option). Go and have a listen.

More versions of Lordi´s Hard Rock Hallelujah in the Eurocovers post From Hellas to Hellsinki: Hard Rock Hallelujah!

October 1st Log lady Train release a new single on Cloudberry Records , indie (independent) label types who release their singles on the delectable collectable format the 3-inch cd single.

(* stopped reading that rag when they put the sex-god /genius Steven Wells on the backburner)

The Eurocovers post about Marie Dieke a.k.a. Ria Solar is updated with interesting new details, you can find the november 2006 post here.

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