Sunday, June 08, 2008

Dima Bilan - Eurovision 2006 & 2008 - Дима Билан

So, as you may have noticed, Russia has won the 2008 Eurovision songcontest in Belgrade, Serbia. Dima Bilan's song Believe sweeped the board with 272 points.
As a Eurovision Winner Dima Bilan of course deserves our unconditional respect etcetera.
The prancing around of Iceskating World Champion Yevgeni Plushenko and some famous Hungarian violinist with a very expensive Stradi on his neck adds to the experience, but Eurocovers way preferred the 2006 Lady Bursting From The Piano act.
In 2006 the Dima Bilan entered with the IMHO superior Never Let You Go and he finished 2nd behind the mighty Lordi's Hard Rock Hallelujah.
Never Let You Go has been covered a few times, including some dreadful amateur reworkings, but none of the versions I found were released on CD as far as I know.

Two are worth a listen: First up there's a version by Mordi, evil twins of Lordi probably, with their metal version of the song. Some parts are quite death metalesque, but in the guitar solo's it's full on American AOR spandex air guitar twiddling.

Also not to be missed is a version by Pushnoy, which is a more emo, shoegazing alternative experience.

2008 - The Belgrade Collection
For all info on versions, cd and digital releases of the Eurovision songs of 2008 you can download The Belgrade Collection, a word document including all release info I found and received on this years 43! entries. With picture sleeves, some chart info (Yay! Sebastien Tellier is #4 in Sweden) and much more. You can download the Belgrade Collection File here. (Updated 20/03/09)

For all your Eurovision 2008 needs, like cds, cdsingles and several hard to get promo's I recommend
BeaRecords. Many entries are already available at decent prices and you can also buy the compilation CD, preselection albums and singles plus many older goodies there.

That's all for Eurovision 2008 for now, Eurocovers will resume service soon (weather permitting) with more Anno Domenico and many more coverversions surprises.

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