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The Road To Moscow 5: Valeriya and Alexej Vorobyov

Moscow is the host city for Eurovision 2009 and Russia have of course already secured their place in the final by winning the Belgrade contest with Dima Bilans Believe. The home entry will be selected on March 7, but several contestants suffer from the Slight Misunderstandings In The Interpretation Of The Rules syndrome (a.k.a. trying to get away it).
Eurovision rule: Song has to be new, not performed or released by anyone before October 1st, 2008.

Valeriya (Alla Yurievna Perfilova ) is one of the contestants in the Russian National Final who can remain in the race although the borrowed Tschaikowski bits in her entry will certainly be frowned upon if Valeriya wins the national final.

Her entry Back To Love is already scheduled for a U.K. single release on the 21st of March and she will tour the U.K. with Simply Red in March and April. She sold over a 100 million albums according to her own website.
In her career Valeriya won many interesting awards like Most Beautiful Russian Singer, The Order For Survival Of Russia and Radio Favorite Of The Year.

Valeriya recorded 10 albums since the early 90's and the most recent one is Nepodkontrolno Неподконтрольно - Out Of Control which was released in both Russian and English versions. The U.K. album includes the singles Wild and The Party's Over (no, not a cover of the Dutch 1976 entry).
It also has a cover of the BeeGees Stayin' Alive on which Barry Gibb helps along a bit.
Being a judge on the Russian X-Factor added even more to her fame, and I think Valeriya would someday be a good choice for Russia. Shame the new song isn't as good as the stuff on Out Of Control.
Eurocover:  Полёт (Addicted to you, Finland 2002) is from 2006 CD Nezhnost Moya (Нежность моя). The song was already featured in the Finweeks (2007).
Валерия Russian website and the official Valeriya UK website, both have tourdates.
Read about Valeriya's ventures into U.K. domination in this article from the Independent (June 2008)

UPDATE: Valeriya was Robbed! An Anastasia that previously ran out of Ukraine after she didn't make it to the final there won the Russian final. She was added to the Russian selection two days before the final, by invitation. To phrase those great 20th century philosophers Boney M. : Oh, those Russians.....

Алексей Воробьёв
Another contender in Russia, Alexej Vorobyov, was already featured in the Eurocovers post Yo Soy Aquel - Montecristo goes Russia. He recorded a Russian version of the Spanish 1966 entry Yo Soy Aquel (by Raphael) for the soundtrack CD of the Montecristo TV series.
At Vorobyov's website there's a list of downloadable songs (click АУДИО) and the last one in the list is Yo Soy Aquel.
But it seems his site isn't online all the time so here you go ♫ Алексей Воробьёв - Ты и я
His song in the Russian selection is Heart Hunting.

← Eurocovers a jinx?, Vorobyov back to his day job?

Eurocovers A Jinx?
I'm very sorry to say that most of the artists featured in Eurocovers: The Road To Moscow have ended crying in their drinks, so I'm holding my breath for Valeriya and Alexej.
Hera Björk ended 2nd in the Danish final, well done but no ticket to Moscow. We hope to see you back in 2010, any country will do. Tapani Kansa made it to the final in Finland but not to the 3 song Superfinal. Čuki from Slovenia ended shared 6th in the home competition. Wenche Myhre (Norway) was axed in the semi and so were Thorleifs (Sweden). Nucha (Portugal) ended 9th (out of 12).
Đorđe Marjanović, along with Oscar and the Beauty Queens, is still in the race, the Serbian selection is this weekend. Go Mr. Marjanović! (even though his role in Superstar is quite modest)

We love you all anyway!!
The Road To Moscow 1 - Hera Björk (Denmark/Iceland), Tapani Kansa (Finland), Nucha (Portugal)
The Road To Moscow 2 - Čuki from Slovenia
The Road To Moscow 3 - Wenche Myhre (Norway), Đorđe Marjanović (Serbia)
The Road To Moscow 4 - Thorleifs from Sweden

Cleaning out my closet
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The Moscow Weeks
Of course, with Eurovision in Moscow, I'm preparing some Eurocovers items about Russian covers, covers of Russian songs and other interesting bits. The Москва Weeks will be featured in May. If you have any suggestions or requests, let me know.
Until then you can kill some time with the Russian versions in these Eurocovers posts If I Had Your Lovski (Anastasia Stotskaya), Year Of The Puppet with Emil Gorovets , Ding A Dong with Assorti, Non Ho L'Eta with Tamara Miansarova and Poupée De Cire... by Muslim Magomaev.

And, as you may already have noticed, there's this:
Eurovision 2009 - The Moscow Collection
For those interested in the releases and the latest news of/on the impending Eurovision Song Contest I have created a new blog: The Moscow Collection.Here you can find all the latest release info and all details on versions, remixes, promos etcetera. Official links, where to hear the new songs and where you can buy the latest CDs, it's all there.The new blog replaces the yearly word documents (like the Belgrade Collection and so on). Go check it out now!.

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