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Филипп Киркоров - The Moscow Weeks - Philippe Kirkorov

Eurovision 2009 in Moscow is well underway, Moscow is teeming with Eurovision activity and the betting odds have rocketed after the first rehearsals. But, if you, like me, want some surprises to be left and don't watch all the rehearsals on YouTube, here's another Eurocovers Post to keep you entertained until May 12.

The Russian Csar Of Eurovision must be Philippe Kirkorov. I had somehow hoped to see him host the show, but his role in Eurovision 2009 is limited to being the chariman of the Russian jury.
In modern times Kirkorov is often involved in Eurovision entries from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus but his first Eurovision appearance was in 1995.

Russia had just joined Eurovision in 1994 and the second entry was Kolbelnya Dlya Vulkana (Колыбельная Вулкану - Lullaby for vulcano) by Philippe Kirkorov.

It was discovered only recently that the song hadn't been eligible for Eurovision at the time, as the song was a straightforward coverversion of Bună Seara Stelelor by Anastasia Lazariuc.
It was originally released from a 1983 Melodiya LP Primavara and that credits the same composer Ilya Beshadsky. The song was originally sung in Moldavian, which is the name for the variant Romanian variant spoken in Transnistria (wiki), then part of the USSR. Well, now you know.
Revealed 13 years after Vulkana it didn't really cause a stir except among the hardcore collectors and zealots like me.

The Vulcano didn't do too well ending only 17th, but Philippe Kirkorov and Eurovision are inseperable ever since.
He recorded at least 7 Eurocovers, some in different languages. (see list below)

The Lullaby was released in 1995 on Kirkorws double album Скажи солнцу Да! (Skazhi solutcu 'da' - 'To the sun say Yes'). This CD also includes two cover versions of the Irish 1994 entry Dreamin' (Eddie Friel) which Kirkorov recorded in English and Russian.
The 2nd Eurocover on the album is Can No Laditi, which is a (phonetic) Hebrew version of the Israel entry of 1991: Kan (Duo Datz). This a duet with his then wife Alla Pugacheva, one of the great Russian Pop Diva's. Kirkorov was 18 years younger than Pugacheva and was jokingly referred to as Mr. Pugachev.
The marriage lasted until 2005. And of course Alla Pugacheva went on to represent Russia herself in 1997 with Primadonna.
Kirkorov also recorded Kan in Russian as a solo track (see below)

Oh Mama Sjika Dam
Another interesting album by Kirkorow is Ой мама шика дам (Oh Mama Sjika Dam). Here he covers popular Middle Eastern hits, most from Turkey. This album features Kirkorov's version of Diva, the Israel winner of 1998 (Dana international)
Diva (Дива) is in Russian but the album also features the English, Hebrew and instrumental versions as bonus tracks. Title track Oh Mama Sjika Dam is a cover Tarkan's European TürkPop smashhit Şıkıdım
Kirkorow also recorded Diva in Spanish which was released on his 2001 album Magico Amor.

Philippe Kirkorov Eurocovers Discography
(excluding live verions and remixes)

1988 Go (U.K. - Scott Fitzgerald)
- Go (English) - probably video only
- Lish Bi Ti Menia Zshdala (Russian, Лишь бы ты меня ждала) - on CD S lyubovyu k edinstvennoj (1998)
1991 Kan (Israel - Duo Datz)
- Can No Laditi (with Alla Pugacheva) (Hebrew) on CD Skazhi solntsu Da!
- Alen'kiy Tsvetochek (Russian, Аленький цветочек) CD set Lyubimoe i tolko dlya vas
1995 Dreamin' (Ireland - Eddie Friel)
- Dreaming (English) - on CD Skazhi solntsu Da!- Taïna (Russian) - on CD Skazhi solntsu Da!
1998 Diva (Israel - Dana International)
- Diva (Hebrew) - on CD Oh Mama Sjika Dam
- Diva (English) - on CD Oh Mama Sjika Dam
- Diva (Russian, Дива) - on CD Oh Mama Sjika Dam
- Diva (Spanish) - on CD Magico Amor (Mexico)
1999 Marija Magdalena (Croatia - Doris Dragovic)
- Мария Магдалена (Russian) - on CD Vlyblyonniy i bezumno odinokiy 2002
1999 Reise Nach Jerusalem (Germany - Sürpriz)
- Hallelujah (Аллилуйя, live, Russian) - on CD Vchera, Segodnya, Zavtra i... 2001
2001 Die For You (Greece - Antique)
- Die For You (English) CD Ya za tebya umru 2001
- Ya Za Tebya Umru (Russian, Я за тебя умру) - on various cdsingles, at least 13 mixes.

Diva & Die For You were also released as remixes on various albums.

Kirkorov also recorded several pre-selection songs from Sweden and Greece.

Kirkorov website (in Russian)

Special thanks to Rickard.
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