Saturday, April 27, 2013

迎著風的女孩 - A Ba Ni Bi - 爱你的只有一个我

I'm in an A Ba Ni Bi mood today. Hard to belive it's 35 years ago since Israels Izhar Cohen won Eurovision with this (still) brilliant tune and casually invented the Immaculate Eurovision Choreography.
And the best instrumental break ever in a Eurovision song.
Above is a Mandarin coverversion (from taiwan) by Alice Ong (王汶玲).
It's basically a coverversion of the Harlem Yu version already discussed in this Eurocovers post.
Find moreA Ba Ni Bi Eurocovers posts with this search link.

Below there's Xiao Li Zhu (蕭孋珠) with an audio which is recorded in 1980.
The title of the song is 迎著風的女孩 and translates as Girl Against The Wind or Beads Against The Wind. It's from an album titled like I'm A Crazy Fish. PLEASE correct me.

And finally another newish one by girl duo Summer Grace. Now sing along.

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