Saturday, September 29, 2012

Therion - Poupée de cire, poupée de son

Here's something completely and utterly awesome. Swedish Symphonic metal band Therion, formerly known as Megatherion, are releasing their 15th(!) album and it's a collection of French 60's and 70's songs including some well known classics (and quite a few obscure gems). The classiest of classics is of course Poupée De Cire, Poupée De Son*.
The album will be out in October and is titled Les Fleurs Du Mal (The flowers of evil).
Provisional tracklists indicate that there will be two versions of the Eurovision classic on the CD along with unforgettables like La Maritza (Sylvie Vartan), Polichinelle (Another France Gall hit), Initials B.B. (Serge Gainsbourg) and Les Sucettes (One of the biggest hits for the Gall/Gainsbourg Tandem)**.
See below for the full tracklist and details on the singers who originally recorded the songs.

You can pre-order the album through the Therion website here. Therium founder Christofer Johnsson is taking a massive risk with this unusual clash of Metal, Opera and YèYe album by financing the project himself, so please support them and Buy It.
The album will be out in the U.S and Canada on November 13

* You know by know: Poupée De Cire, Poupée De Son is the 1965 Eurovision winner for Luxembourg performed by France Gall and written by Serge Gainsbourg
** Only the version of the album sold the live shows has bonus track Les Sucettes. - Thank you Gabriel, see comments

Special thanks to Olaf. 
Please see comments

Therion have uploaded three clips from the Fleurs album to their Youtube channel. Next to Poupée there is a video of Je N'ai Besoin Que De Tendresse and one of J'ai Le Mal De Toi.

Therion website.
Also check out Lori Lewis (Therion singer) website.
And ABBA fans: here's a video of Therions take on Summer Night City from their 2001 album Secret Of The Runes.

Les Tracks
Here’s the full tracklist of the Les Fleurs Du Mal album. I did some digging on the net and found most of the original singers.
1. Poupée De Cire, Poupée The Son (France Gall, 1965)
2. Une Fleur Dans Le Coeur (Victoire Scott, 1968)
3. Initials B.B (Serge Gainsborg, 1968)
- Of course the B.B. initials stand for Brigitte Bardot
4. Mon Amour, Mon Ami (Marie Laforet, 1967)
- Written by legendary Eurovision winning songsmiths André Popp and Claude Marnay.  
5. Polichinelle (France Gall, 1967)
6. La Maritza (Sylvie Vartan, 1968)
7. Soeur Angelique (Annie Philippe, 1966)
8. Dis-Moi Poupée (Isabelle, 1967)
9. Lilith (Léonie, 1972) - see comments, thank you Fabio
10. En Alabama (Léonie, 1971)
11. Wahala Manitou (Léonie, 1971)
- Both Leonie tracks originally appeared on the same single. Source : discogs
12. Je N'ai Besoin Que De Tendresse (Claire Dixon, 1967)
13. La Licorne D'or (Victoire Scott, 1968)
14. J'ai Le Mal De Toi (Betty Mars, 1974)
- Betty Mars is the French 1972 Eurovision singer.
- This  J'ai Le Mal De Toi is not the 1964 Colette Dereal song. 
15. Poupée De Cire, Poupée The Son
16.Les Sucettes (France Gall, 1966)
Sources : Fab Discogs, Youtube and record collection of yours truly.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Tanya V - Euphoria in Afrikaans

Here's the new video of the Afrikaans coverversion of Loreens 2012 Eurovision winner Euphoria.
The Afrikaans lyrics are written by Chrissie Rossouw.
Tanya V's facebook

Mia - Eufooria
Estonian singer Mia recorded a version in her own language. It uses the original backingtrack so it's not an official release. But it's fun and can listen to it here and there you'll also find a download link (for a wave file).

You may know Mia from her 2012 Eurolaul entry Bon Voyage.

Monday, September 03, 2012

Angelina I Els Moderns - Canto I Vull Viure

Here's a bit of Catalonian Retro fun for all to be enjoyed.
Angelina and her Modern Boys do not only have the looks, but also have the tunes to go with it.
On their eponymous 2009 album they treat us to Nina De Cera, a Catalan version of Poupée De Cire, Poupée De Son (Luxembourgs 1965 winner by France Gall). You can listen to the full album here at their website.

Also on their website is a section called Gran Reserva in which they present some unreleased songs and you can even download them. One of the songs is Canto I Vull Viure, which is their take on the Catalan version of the 1969 Spanish Eurovision (co)winner Vivo Cantando originally by Salomé.
You can download that one here at the Gran Reserva download page (just rightclick on the title and save).
(or just have a listen here)

Angelina I Els Moderns - links and sources
Website - Myspace - Facebook - Youtube

Note From The Editor
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I can understand their point of view and bear no grudge against them, but to the petty little weazels who scour the internet just to be able to snitch for a few pennies: I hope your children will be ugly.

I won't be creating a new account, so from now on Eurocovers will only feature news, release info and links to websites with content that is legal and interesting for the Eurocovers reader.
All the Eurocovers posts, stories, discographies etcetera, stay up and I hope you'll still enjoy the read.
It was great while it lasted, wasn't it?