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 Malmö 24 is on.

Here you can follow all the artists of Eurovision 2024 and their songs, releases (physical and digital), versions, promo info and unmissable trivia like charts, discographies, some preselection goings-on and useful links for listening and shopping. You know the drill.

Sunday, July 23, 2023

Stuðlabandið to Malmö!!!

Cha Cha Cha. 
Käärijä’s Finnish stunner didn’t win in Liverpool, some of you may have noticed that.
This video here is a live version (in Finnish!) by the Icelandic Stuðlabandið (google says Stuðla = Factor) and I love how the crowd eats it up.
I’ve been watching the Stuðlaboys for a while as their live performance videos are really impressive. They may be mostly a coverband but I’m amazed by how their crowds go crazy every time.
Their live songs have also been released as audios through your favourite digital sources and there’s a few Eurovision covers among them. 
Cha Cha Cha is their latest digital single.

My absolute favourite is Draumur Um Nínu. The Icelandic entry from 1991 (known as Nina by Stefan & Eyfi). It only ended 15th in Eurovision but it has become the ultimate "beyond Eurovision classic" in Iceland and the crowd singing along conforms that.
They also did Paper, the 2017 Icelandic entry by Svala Björgvinsdóttir, daughter of Bo. Svala guests on that performance.

Their 2021 Christmas (studio) EP Jóhlahól Stuðlabandsins includes Komdu Om Jólin, a traditional Icelandic Festive staple which is actually a cover of the 1987 Italian Eurovision song Gente Di Mare by Tozzi & Raf.
In 2021 they recorded Euphoria, Loreen’s first Eurovision winner from 2012 and Gleðibankinn, the very first Icelandic Eurovision entry by Icy from 1986.
picture from Stuðlabandið facebook

Photo: I have a soft spot for bands in matching outfits :).
Over the past few years they have moved from the dansband style to include more rock’n’glitter. Even covering Rammstein.
Now somebody write them a great original tune and get them to Malmö in 2024.

they have a logo
Links and sources

Tuesday, July 04, 2023

SuRie: Storms Don't Last Forever

From the 2020 post: Check out SuRie's new EP Rye at your favorite digital stores.
It includes a lovely coverversion of Silent Storm (Norway's 2014 entry by Carl Espen) similar to the one performed at SuRie's Lockdown Eurovision Party 2.0. plus four new songs.
Rye Tracks:
1. Silent Storm
2. I Think
3. Lines
4. Easy
5. Rye

Rye EP artwork
Update: Thank whoever we've left the dark days behind us now but the Lockdown Eurovision Party is a great reminder of how we coped with the help of decicated artists who couldn't get a gig like SuRie here (and yes, Sophie Ellis-Bextor's Kitchen Discos).

SuRie, Eurovision star, put on her loudest glitter dress and gave us a wonderful performance of a stunning selection of Eurovision tunes. A real Eurocovers smorgasbord.
Her Lockdown Eurovision party 2.0 (1.0 was marred by sound gremlins) made me even appreciate songs I didn’t know I liked (Think About Things or Move for example).
It’s a 1 hour acoustic show, now available on Youtube to watch (or just listen while you’re doing those isolation DIY jobs you never knew had to be done).
Thanks SuRie, and to all: stay safe!

SuRie's Facebook has the tracklist here.
SuRie has a website too.
Here's SuRie's page at the Lisbon Collection with all you need to know about her Storm.
For the latest Eurovision related release news follow our Facebook.

SuRie's [ˈdʌz(ə)n] CD 
You can also check out SuRie's 2019 album [ˈdʌz(ə)n] which has coverversions of a slightly different kind. (Prince, Tori Amos, U2, Stevie Wonder to name a few)
The 12-track album is available through all your favorite digitessen but only the CD version has an exclusive recording of her Eurovision entry Storm (as track 13). Yay! for CD's!

2023: Building A Woman
SuRie's new album is out now. A wonderful collection of intimate self written originals available on CD and LP  here or of course through the digital outlets. 

Tuesday, May 09, 2023

Someday, Morgen, Y Fori - UPDATED

This article from 2020, preparing for the Rotterdam contest that never happened,  is updated with the latest info on Ronnie Tober's new digital collection featuring two previously unreleased versions of his Eurovision song out now on a digital collection. (see versions list, scroll down a bit). 
We LOVE previously unreleased versions finding their way to the world although a physical release would be appropriate.
Special thanks go to Nor Bert.

First the original bit about the coverversions (it's Eurocovers after all) then all about Ronnie Tober's own versions and releases.

Above is a lovely coverversion of the Dutch 1968 entry Morgen (Tomorrow), originally by Ronnie Tober.
The coverversion is by The New Faces, a Scottish trio who released a whole range of singles but never made it to the charts.
The band would have been perfect Eurovision material, if you listen to their songs (there's some on Youtube) they're a good mix of 60's beat and cheesy stuff in Puppet On A String style.
Above was uploaded by Mr Charlie Chalk, recommended Youtuber preserving many almost forgotten songs.

Dehongliad Cymraeg Y Fori
Welsh Eurovision singer Mary Hopkin recorded the song as Y Fori (Tomorrow).
It first appeared on a 1968 EP Mary Ac Edward, Mary being Mary Hopkin and Edward Edward Morris Jones.
On the EP only the Welsh lyricist was credited  (Geiriau Ann Clee)
When it was released on a compilation LP in 1979, The Welsh World Of Mary Hopkin, the composers credited were Friml / Hooker instead of the original Joop Stokkermans, Theo Stengers (and Clee)
And on a later compilation which was probably not very official, Y Fori was categorized as Trad. (Traditional) oh well.
The recording is a bit odd too, it appears to be fading much too early, at 2 minutes, while Mary is still happily singing along. Edward is not on Y Fori.
Other covers on the EP are Welsh versions of Something Stupid and Guantanamera.
The Mary ac Edward EP
Mary Hopkins' biggest hits were Those Were The Days in 1968 and Goodbye in 1969. She also recorded Spanish, German, Italian and French versions of Those Were The Days. (For you language fans)
In 1969 she performed at the Sanremo contest in Italy. All songs were performed twice of which one rendition was by an international singer. Sergio Endrigo's Lontano Dagli Occhi was performed by our Mary. The song finished 2nd.
Mary Hopkin entered Eurovision for the U.K. in 1970, she ended 2nd with Knock, Knock Who's There? and scored another international millionseller.

Ronnie's first English version single
Ronnie Tober
Ronnie Tober himself recorded several versions of Morgen and indeed Someday (see below)
A re-recording of the English version (recorded in London) was probably aimed at the U.K. market with a more "British" beat sound than the original.
Morgen ended 16th at the contest (out of 17) with only 1 point (thank you Italy).
He scored 9 top 40 hits in the Netherlands but Morgen wasn't one of them.
His 1965 preselection effort Geweldig (Grrreat) did better (it got to #23) and is probably better remembered than Morgen.
See below for all Ronnie's releases and coverversions of Morgen and the Eurovision tunes Ronnie covered himself.

At the end of this page you'll find the Spotify playlist with songs from this post available.

Morgen - Ronnie Tober releases
Netherlands 7" Morgen / Die ouwe pianola (Philips JF 333 966)
Netherlands 7" Someday (1st) / I feel like crying (Philips JF 333 978)
Netherlands 7" Wiederseh'n / Someday (2nd version) (Philips JF 318 967)
U.K. 7" Wiederseh'n / Someday (2nd) (Decca F22769), promo exists
Norway 7" Wiederseh'n / Someday (2nd) (Philips JF 318 967)

Morgen - previously unreleased, out in 2022
Two previously unreleased versions have been released in 2022 on the digital collection Ronnie Tober Singles en B-Kanten 1964-1984.
Morgen - German version
Morgen - Enkel gezongen
The "Enkel gezongen" version has a single/solo vocal whereas the other version have a double vocal with Ronnie providing his own second voice / backing vocal.
The collection has all versions from 1968 but no later re-recordings.

These tracks are on the new collection:
Geweldig (National Final 1965)
Kip in’t water (NF 1965)
Die ouwe pianola (NF 1968)
Morgen (ESC 1968) - original single
Morgen - “Enkel gezongen” (alternate without second voice)
Someday - original English of Morgen
Someday - 2nd English (here named single version)
Morgen - German version
Een hart is geen hart (U.K. 1966 cover)
Merci Cherie (Austria 1966 cover)

Morgen re-recordings
Netherlands LP: 15 Jaar Ronnie Tober (Telstar TF 8198 TL) has Morgen (new recording 1978)
Netherlands LP/CD: Zilver (Qualitel 2571/72) has Morgen (new recording 1988)
Netherlands CD: Holland Amerika Story (VA, Qualitel 252) has Morgen (in Medley, 1988)*
* medley also includes Ronnie singing Netherlands 57, 80 and 60 plus his 1965 pre-song Geweldig.

National Song Contest
Ahead of the Dutch National Final (Nationaal Songfestival) an untelevised pre-contest was held in which all four finalists sang three songs. Even though information about this is incomplete the other songs by Ronnie Tober are known to be Die Ouwe Pianola (That old pianola) and Als Ik Speel (When I play). The Pianola song ended up on the original single  Morgen b-side.
All three songs were released on Ronnie's 1968 LP Ronnie's Songparade (Fontana 826 405 QY)

The original Dutch version single
Morgen / Someday - coverversions
Blue Diamonds - Someday
- Netherlands 7"  b-side to Angelina (Netherlands CNR UK 10 002
- Germany 7" b -side to Angelina (Germany Ariola 14101 AT)
- France 7" a-side (France Ducretet Thomson FD 103)  (Thanks Michel-Pierre!)
- South Africa 7"  a-side (South Africa STER CNR 9509)
The New Faces - Someday
- U.K. 7"  (Decca F 12862), promo exists
- Germany 7"  (Decca DL 25 358) in p.s., promo exists
- South Africa 7"  (Decca FM 7429) in p.s.
Mary Hopkin - Y Fori a.k.a. Yfory
- U.K.  EP Mary Ac Edward (Cambrian SEP 420)
Draaiorgel De Arabier (Street organ instrumental)
- Netherlands EP,  in medley  (Philips JF 334510)

Ronnie Tober Eurocovers
(All sung in Dutch, all Netherlands releases)
1966 Merci Cherie / Een Hart Is Geen Hart (A heart is no heart)
- The Austrian winner by Udo Jürgens and the U.K. entry A Man Without Love (Kenneth McKellar)
- 7" (Philips 333 511 JF) comes in two sleeve variations
1969 Leve Het Leven (Long live life)
- Spanish 1969 winner Vivo Cantando by Salomé
- on LP Ronnie Tober Successen (Philips 873017 UBY)
1972 Als Het Om De Liefde Gaat (If it's about love) - with Robert Goliembiewski
- Dutch 1972 entry by Sandra and Andres
-  Track 2 on cdsingle  Naar De Kermis (1995, GayKrant PTS 3636 1395)
1993 Mijn Amerika (My America)
- Coverversion of Mama Corsica, the 1993 French entry by Patrick Fiori
- cdsingle (Koch 346 078)

If you know of any other release or coverversion of Morgen, please let me know.

Ronnie Tober Website and Facebook

Saturday, May 06, 2023

Could It Be Happiness?: Sennek's Eurovision EP

While my Nicki French CD is probably held hostage by customs I took some time to check out another new Eurovision coverversion project.
Sennek, Belgian Eurovision singer in Lisbon has released four Eurovision songs over the past few months now bundled in a digital EP Eurovision Unplugged.  (scroll down if you have Spotify)

The tracks:
- Ding A Dong (Netherlands 1975, Teach In)
- Just A Little Bit (Ooh, Aah) (United Kingdom 1996, Gina G.)
- Gelukkig Zijn (Belgium 1975, Ann Christy)
- Rise Like A Phoenix (Austria 2014, Conchita Wurst)
Four lovely versions, sort of unplugged. Just A Little Bit is a lush jazzy affair which shows that it’s more than a disco tune.
Gelukkig Zijn is sung in Dutch and English, just like that legendary performance in Stockholm back in 1975. Senneks version is a gentle Bossanova and her vocal performance is delicious.
Now go to your favorite digital outlets and get a hold of this.
Sennek’s own Eurovision song A Matter Of Time didn’t make it to the final.
More about that one here at theLisbon Collection.

Sunday, April 16, 2023

More Volumes: Play It Again and Again Nicki! updated

not the real LP yet, image taken from Energise
What's a Eurovision season without Nicki French?.

It's 2023 and our Nicki is giving us her new album, or rather Celebration, the imaginatively titled Eurovision
Collecting several tracks we already know from her EP's and a few new ones, Eurovision will be released on CD and Yes Vinyl.
Vinyl is limited to 100 copies and expected in September (darn those vinyl production traffic jams) 
The CD is expected on May 10.
Check out Energise music for ordering. 
But if you can't wait until your hardcopy arrives, your favourite digitals already have it.

Here's the tracklist for the CD and digital release.
1. Dont Play That Song Again 2015 Matt Pop edit
2. One Step Further
3. Love Games
4. My Star
5. Too Late For Love
6. Go (Before You Break My Heart) (Ballad Mix)
7. You Are The Only One
8. Ding A Dong
9. I'm Never Giving Up
10. Shine
11. Hold Me Now
12. Tonight Again (Pete Ware Mix)
13. Don't Play That Song Again (Candlelight Mix)
14. One Step Further (Matt Pop Extended Remix)
15. Love Games (Matt Pop Extended Remix)
16. You Are The Only One (Project K's Melodrama Remix)
17. Ding A Dong - Pete Ware Simply Divine Mix 

I'm a bit busy/lazy so: Below is the Nicki French article from May 17, 2021 when her Let's Play That Song Again EP was released. I moved it up. Yay!. 
Also check out her 2019 EP here and here's the post on her 2015 EP.

Volumes: Play It Again and Again Nicki!
Nicki French, you either love her or adore her. But I have a confession to make. When Don't Play That Song Again won A Song For Europe I was not immediately bowled over. Sorry Nicki. 
I was there on that 13th of May in Stockholm and saw Nicki give it her all and from that moment I began to see the light. 
And today I love it to bits. Also because it's an excellent example of clever songsmithery by John Springate and Gerry Shepherd.

Fast Foward to 2021:
Let's Play That Song Again Vol. 2 is the third Nicki French EP (or mini album as they call it now) offering a number of Eurovision Coverversions (Nicki loves Eurovision) that also includes new versions of Don't Play.. (see below)
The Tracks:
1. I’m Never Giving Up (Matt Pop Radio Edit)
2. Shine (Pete’s Shine Like a Star Mix)
3. Eurovision Mini-Medley
4. Don’t Play That Song Again (Candlelight Mix)
5. I’m Never Giving Up (Matt Pop Dream Sweet Club Mix)
6. Shine (Pete’s Shine Like the Sun Mix)
7. Don’t Play That Song Again (New Extended Version)
8. Eurovision Mega Medley

the original cdsingle
The two versions of Nicki's own Eurovision tune are new versions making the total of versions a nice round 11 (afaik). Whatever will be next, a French version?
Shine is one of the most used titles in Eurovision and Nicki opts for the Russian entry of 2014 by the Tolmachevy Sisters. A bit random maybe, since she also recorded a Russian entry on the 2019 EP.
I'm Never Giving Up is the U.K. entry of 1983, originally by Sweet Dreams.

Now if someone could only convince Nicki to record Boum Bada Boum by Minouche Barelli for her next Eurovision release.

Let's Play That Song Again Vol. 2 is available at Energise Records on CD and as digital download. Or if you're poor, it's also at your regular streamers.

Volume 0 and Volume 1
Eurocovers has featured the other Nicki French Eurovision EP's back in 2015 and 2019. 
(If you click the pictures you'll go to the original Eurocovers posts) They are still available at Energise records.

Don't Play That Song Again from the Eurovision Collectors Guide.
(click to enlarge)
Have I missed any?, please let me know.

Links and sources
Nicki French website and FB
Energise Records website and FB
Eurovision Collectors Guide FB

Tuesday, April 04, 2023

Dario Campeotto 1939-2023

Dario Campeotto passed away on the 1st of April at the age of 84. 
Below is the post about his romantic Eurovision classic Angelique from 2010.

Let's take a short trip back to 1961. The 6th Eurovision song contest was held in Cannes, France. A record breaking 16 countries were present and the contest was won by Luxembourg. They hired French singer Jean Claude Pascal to do the job and his Nous Les Amoureux was the first of five Luxembourg victories.
But it's another song I want to rant about a bit here, as several versions have been frequenting my playlists recently.

Angelique, written by Aksel V. Rasmussen, was the Danish entry. Danish Italian Dario Campeotto performed it and ended 5th.
Campeotto recorded the song in Danish, Italian and French and 40 years later also in English.
Angelique is one of the Danish entries that became an evergreen at home but also inspired a few international stars to record the song.

The song was covered in at least 10 languages with an Estonian version by Kalmer Tennosaar probably being the most exotic.
1958 Eurovision winner André Claveau recorded the song in French for his EP Les Amoureux De Minuit (Pathé Marconi EG 557).
Dario Campeotto himself recorded coverversions of several Italian entries Volare (1958), Piove (1959), Romantica (1960), Al Di Là (1961) and Uno Per Tutte (1963).

I know of two Portuguese versions recorded in Brasil which were both originally released on good old 78 RPM discs.
Brasil had 78RPMs until the mid sixties and a few more will be featured here at Eurocovers soon.

João Dias - Angélica
- on 78rpm Transformação (Odeon 14757)
Carlos Gonzaga - Angélica
- on 78rpm (RCA 802501, 1962)
- LP O Cantor Hit Parade (RCA BBL 1208)

A Dutch, or rather Flemish version was recorded by Ray Franky (1917-2002). Ray Franky was a popular singer in Belgium sincejust after WWII and all through the 50's and 60's. He was the first Belgian artist ever who received a golden disc. His most popular song (from 100s) probably was Oh Heideroosje (Oh, Little Heather-rose).
Ray Franky also recorded 'n Beetje (Netherlands 1959) and Romantica (Italy 1960).

Of the 44 versions I have listed an impressive 19 are in Finnish (and only 6 in Danish).
I think the oldest of the Finnish ones is from a 7" inch single by Olavi Virta (Nor disk ND 16) but the Fins have been singing about Angelique in most decades since that version.
Other Finnish versions are by Matti Asla, Johnny Forsell, Kari Tapio and Raimo Sirkiä. 
Olavi Virta also recorded Finnish versions of Aprite Le Finestre, (Italy 56), Volare and T'En Va Pas (Switzerland 63)

The last version here is by I Cinque Di Roma. I haven't been able to find much about them, but I did read they were regulars at Moçambique hotels. But they're probably from Rome. And there's five of them.
Their Angelique is a blend of English and Italian and was originally released on the LP I Cinque Di Roma (Parlophone). I just added it here because it's so utterly lovely.

Colin Day (one of the Allisons, see this Eurocovers post) recorded an English version which was released as a b-side to his single Brasil (Parlophone R 4803).

There was a version written in the U.S. with lyrics by Dick Loring and Allen Hood for Ardmore Music*, but I don't know if any American singer ever recorded it. (do you?)

* Source Billboard magazine

Wednesday, March 01, 2023

Building bridges 2023 with Donato Plögert

Germany 12 points is something we don't hear that often. So Eurovision fan Donato Plögert wrote a song about it. Please, Vote For Me (Even if I'm from Germany) is out now through all your favourite digitessen.

I moved up the 2019 Donato Plögert post about his Eurocovers album (see below video). 

Here's the Eurovers post about Donato Plögert's Eurovision covers album.
Originally posted on 11-11-2019

A Song can be a bridge, Eurovision fans know that. Die-hard Eurocovers fans also know Donato Plögert, the German singer, actor, entertainer, multi-talent whose German language versions of Eurovision Cult classics have earned him a loyal following among fans.
Now the hardest working man in German theater has released a digital album with all of his Eurovision coverversions to date and a few we haven't heard before.
From the first ones from his 1996 album Eins Blieb Ungesagt up to his version of the first Portuguese winner Amar Pelos Dois titled Mein Herz Schlägt Für Zwei. This man loves Eurovision.
That last one may have been a winner, but Donato Plögerts selections are mostly lesser known fan favorites including some that didn’t do too well at Eurovision (Willeke says hi).
To be fair,  there is quite a bit of Drama and some are an acquired taste. The album can certainly not be accused of relying on the easy boom bang-a-bangy Eurovision classics. It's great these songs get a second chance in life. 

2003 cdsingle Verliebt wie noch nie
The album is titled Ein Lied Kann Eine Brücke Sein (Vom Grand Prix De La Chanson Zum Song Contest) and is out now through digital sources.
It includes 19 Eurovision songs, five Preselection songs and a bonus track.
This is a digital album, but many songs have appeared on some of his 15+ albums and over 20 singles. Below is the tracklist with  some details on Plögerts first CD releases so if you really don’t like digital music you can try to hunt these down.
But for the rest of us, have a listen at your streamers of buy the songs from your favorite digitessen.

Here are the tracks and some info.
01. Wunder gibt es immer wieder - Germany 1970 (Katja Ebstein)
02. Kleines Kind - Malta 1992 (Little child - Mary Spiteri)
03. Zeit im Traum - Iceland 1987 (Haegt og hljott - Halla Margret)
--- From Plögert’s first CD Eins Blieb Ungesagt (1996, Red Clouds 2501)
04. Rhapsodie - Italy 1992 (Rapsodia - Mia Martini)
--- From 1997 CD Wenn Ich Nur Wüsste
05. Versuch's mal mit mir - Denmark 2005 (Talking to you - Jacob Sveistrup)
--- From a cdsingle from 2006 (Donato Plögert Musik ‎DPM 003)
06. Im Lauf der Zeit - France 2002 (Il faut du temps - Sandrine François)
--- From a 2003 cdsingle also including track 24 below (QED QSV 296)
07. Ich liebe dich - Germany (Preselection 1975, Katja Ebstein)
08. Wo ist das Licht? - The Netherlands 1994 (Waar is de zon - Willeke Alberti)
--- From the CD Sowas Vergisst Man Nicht! (1999, Pool Berlin 65253)
09. Was wird aus mir? - Slovenia 1995 (Prisluhni mi - Darja Svajger)
--- From his first CD Eins Blieb Ungesagt (1996, Red Clouds 2501) also including the Italian version (track 22 below).
10. Frauen regier'n die Welt - Germany 2007 (Roger Cicero)
11. Als ob du bei mir bist - Netherlands (Preselection 1998, Alsof je bij me bent - Nurlaila)
12. Liebe, sie bleibt - Sweden 1998 (Kärleken är - Jill Johnson)
--- From digital single Liebe lässt sich nie verbieten (2016)
13. Ein Lied kann eine Brücke sein - Germany 1975 (Joy Fleming)
14. Ewiges Licht - (Preselection 1996, Eternal love - Alfred Rapa)
--- From Plögerts first CD Eins Blieb Ungesagt (1996, Red Clouds 2501)
15. Mein Herz liebt für zwei - Portugal 2017 (Amar pelos dois - Salvador Sobral)
--- from the CD Banane (2017)
16. Und wenn der Tag beginnt - Spain 1989 (Nacida para amar - Nina)
--- from the CD Sowass Vergisst Man Nicht! (1999, Pool Berlin 65253)
17. Verliebt wie noch nie - Norway 2003 (I’m not afraid to move on - Jostein Hasselgård)
--- Two versions of this song can be found on a cdsingle from 2003 (QED QSV 326)
18. Ich bin Mensch wie du - Cyprus 1994 (Ime anthropos ki egos - Evridiki)
--- from the 2000 cdsingle Die Frau In Ihm (Town DTM 01485)
19. Im Wartesaal zum großen Glück - Germany 1956 (Walter Andreas Schwarz)
--- from the CD Sowass Vergisst Man Nicht! (1999, Pool Berlin 65253)
20. Und das nennst du leben - Malta (Preselection 1999, The right time - Lawrence Gray)
--- From the album Ich Bin Geboren Um Zu Leben, 2015, digital)
21. Zwei kleine Italiener - Germany 1962 (Conny Froboess)
22. Sempre cosi - Slovenia 1995 - Italian Version
--- From his first CD Eins Blieb Ungesagt (1996, Red Clouds 2501)
23. Mich jibt's nur in Berlin - Italy 1991 (Comme e’ddoce’o mare - Peppino di Capri)
--- CD Mittenmang (Berlin für Anfänger und Unersättliche) (2004, Rampenlicht 220026)
24. Fuego de amor - Malta (Preselection 1996, Eternal love - Alfred Rapa, Spanish)
25. Sing ein Lied (für Europa)! - Bonustrack

Links and sources
Thanks to Frank! Thanks to Rick!
Donato Plögert website, discography/shop, Facebook
The 10.000 coverversions project

Sunday, February 05, 2023

Anno Domenico Revisited: Volare 65

This is an updated version of an older Eurocovers post

It's Grammy time, the 65th edition sees nominations for Eurovision winners ABBA and 
Måneskin. (Not holding my breath though).
So time to look back (again) to that first ever Grammy winning Eurovision song (and record) Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu by Domenico Modugno. A.k.a. Volare.
This year on January 9, Domenico Modugno would have celebrated his 95th birthday.
And on Februari 1 his Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu (Volare) won the 1958 Sanremo contest.

Some facts about Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu (Volare)
The song was written by Domenico Modugno (music) and Franco Migliacci (lyrics). The most used English lyrics are written by Mitchell Parish.
The song was written in 1957 but was first launched at the eighth San Remo contest (Final Februari 1st) where it was performed twice. Once by Domenico Modugno and once by Johnny Dorelli.
Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu won the San Remo song contest and Modugno represented Italy in the third Eurovision Song Contest in 1958 in Hilversum, The Netherlands on the 12th of March.

Modugno was a relative newcomer back in 1958 and didn't have a stitch to wear. He had to borrow the blue tuxedo he performed in.

The Eurovision Song Contest was won by France's Dors Mon Amour by André Claveau and Modugno ended third with 13 points. 2 times 4 from Belgium and Germany and five times 1 point. And zero poing from Denmark and Luxemburg.

But Modugno laughed all the way to the bank, as his song , soon known as Volare (after the refrain) became one of the top 100 best selling singles of 20st century, a US #1 hit, A double Grammy winner and one of the most covered songs with several lives in most decades since the original recording.
Volare won the first ever Grammy for a song in 1959. Volare was Best Song and Best Record.
I don't know if he did pick up his award himself but he got a statue anyway, in Puglia, Italy.

Domenico Modugno went on to participate in Eurovision two more times. In 1959 with Piove (Ciao Ciao Bambina) and in 1966 with Dio Come Ti Amo.
Modugno also wrote the 1962 entry Addio Addio which was performed by Claudio Villa.
Domenico Modugno passed away in 1994 at the age of 66.

Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu, outside Italy better known as Volare had several lives.
A disco version by Al Martino was a worldwide hit in 1975 and the Gypsy Kings made it a successful signature tune in 1989.

In the 50's and 60's many of the greats recorded Modugno's song: Dalida, Chubby Checker, Connie Francis, Cliff Richard, Wayne Newton, Petula Clark, Ella Fitzgerald, Dean Martin, The Platters, Bobby Rydell, Caterina Valente, Louis Armstrong, Chet Atkins, John Barry, Anne Shelton, Count Basie, Asha Bosle, Oscar Peterson, Brasilian legend Leny Eversong and even Anita Bryant....

Later recordings include those by David Bowie (OST Absolute Beginners), Juliette Gréco, Pavarotti, Engelbert Humperdinck, Barry White, Alex Chilton and also, Black Lace.

And as I love lists, these are Eurovision stars who recorded the song:
Al Bano, DJ Bobo, Dario Campeotto, Claudio Villa, Martine Clemenceau, Fud Leclerc, Conchita Bautista, Sergio Dalma, Simone de Oliveira, Lill Babs, Nora Brockstedt, Inger Jacobsen, Ulla Pia, Vice Vukov and also, Black Lace
(All Links go to other Eurocovers content)

In 2008, when Volare was 50, Eurocovers ran a series of articles of the many coverversions of Volare. If you use this link you can find all Anno Domenico related posts.

60th anniversary
2018 re-issue single
Carosello Records and Edizioni Curci launched a series of releases throughout 2018 to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Volare and to honor one of the greatest artists in the history of Italian music.

An exclusive vinyl single was released of Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu (Limited edition of 1958 copies).
It features the original 1958 version and an instrumental of the 1967 re-recording.
The single is housed in a black inner sleeve and also includes the sheetmusic. Nice!
(Fonit/Carosello 8034125 848027)

Back of the 60th anniversary sleeve

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