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Laura Lynn has the rhythm

Popular Belgian schlager singer Laura Lynn has released her 9th album Een Nieuwe Dag (A new day) which includes some interesting Eurocovers.
The album includes many Dutch classics and some other unexpected coverversions. (Vreemde Vogels is a wonderful cover of Rhinestone Cowboy by Glenn Campbell)
And for the Dutchies: it also has Dokter Bernhard!

For the Eurocovers fans these are included:
Rechtop In De Wind (Originally by Marcha, a.k.a. Marga Bult, Netherlands 1987)
De Eerste Keer (Maxine and Franklin Brown, Netherlands 1996)
Je Ogen Hebben Geen Geheimen Meer (Främling by Carola, Sweden 1983)
- Carola recorded her 1983 entry in Dutch herself and scored a top 10 hit in the Netherlands. The Dutch version has since been covered by a number of Dutch singers including Gerard Joling.
Alles Heeft Ritme (Frizzle Sizzle, Netherlands 1986).
- Of the Eurovision covers this is my favorite on this album. It's a sweet samba-ish track perfect for summer. This is also released as a digital single.

The album is available on CD and as a digital release.
Laura Lynn website

Thursday, June 02, 2016

Corry Brokken 1932 - 2016

Sad news from the Netherlands, Corry Brokken, legendary singer and Eurovision star has died at the age of 83.

Corry Brokken won the 2nd ever Eurovision Song Contest with her song Net Als Toen (Just like old times). She  participated in 1956 with Voorgoed Voorbij (Over forever) and in 1958 with Heel De Wereld (The whole wide world).
In 1976 she was the host of the contest in The Hague. I remember she congratulated the winners as Happy England, and nobody complained...

Corry Brokkens career started in the early 50’s, when she performed on many Dutch radio shows. Eurovision followed three times but it was in the early sixties she scored her biggest hits, Milord (The Edith Piaf song), Mijn Ideaal (Tu Te Laisses Allerand La Mamma (both Charles Azanavour songs).
She also recorded many songs in German and frequented many German TV shows in the 60's.

Corry Brokken continued recording critically acclaimed albums up to the mid 70’s.
After she was finished with music Brokken started a career in law at the age of 42, resulting in becoming a judge in 1991.
But music remained a part of her life, and following the success of the 1994 compilation a new album Nooit Gedacht (Never thought) was released in 1996.
Brokken disappeared from public life in 2008 after serious health issues.

Corry Brokken Eurovision discography.

1956 Voorgoed Voorbij
Each country had two songs in the first Eurovision song contest. The second song for the Netherlands was Voorgoed Voorbij by Corry Brokken. The song was never released.
Corry’s National Final songs from the same year, Ik Zei Ja (I said yes), De Telefoon (The telephone) and ‘t Is Lente (It’s Springtime) were never released either.
She also performed (and maybe even recorded?) Dutch and French versions of Refrain, Lys Assia’s winning song.

1957 Net als toen
Corry Brokkens second Eurovision appearance resulted in victory, she gathered 31 points, leaving France in second place with 17.
In the National Final Corry also ended second with Iwan, (a.k.a. De Messenwerper, The knife thrower). This was released as a b-side to Fascination (Philips 317 799 PF)
Net Als Toen, Ronnex single
Net Als Toen 1982 re-issue
Net als toen (Dutch version)
- single Ronnex 1957x45,  EP: Ronnex 008x45, 78RPM Ronnex 5076, all made in Belgium, but released in the Netherlands.
- there’s also a rare Dutch Philips issue, but I don’t have details.
- The Ronnex single was re-issued in 1982
Damals war alles so schön (German)          
- single: Philips 317 797 PF (Netherlands), also on 78rpm from Germany. (Philips P 17797 H)
- the German version is only 1:47 mins long, a long German version is supposed to exist, but I’ve never seen or heard it.
Tout comme avant (French)             
- on 1958 EP, see below
Net als toen (live in 1999)
- on AIDS charity concert CD Amsterdaverend (TMD Records BMG 731972).

Dutch Edition Dors Mon Amour EP
1958 Heel De Wereld
The third and last Eurovision adventure didn’t fare too well for Corry. Her Heel De Wereld finished (shared) last.
In the National Final she again finished first and second, the second song Weet Je (Do you know) was released on the b-side of Heel De Wereld.
She also recorded a coverversion of Goedenacht Marjolein, the song that ended 4th in the Dutch final (sung by Bruce Low). Brokkens version ended up as the b-side to her 1966 single Zo Gaat Het Met Meisjes Altijd (That’s how it goes with girls) (Philips JF 327 979)

French edition Dors Mon Amour EP
Heel De Wereld (Dutch)     
- single Philips 318 078 PF
Toi, mon coeur tu sais (French)
- EP Philips 422.257 PE     
The 1957 and 1958 French versions can be found on the Corry Brokken EP Dors Mon Amour (A cover of the 1958 French winner). 
Both French and Dutch editions have the same label number but different picture sleeves.

In 1959 Corry Brokken entered the Dutch National Final again. Duet Mijn hart En Ik (My Heart And I, with Bruce Low) finished third, Iedere Dag Met Jou (Every day with you) finished 4th
Neither were released by Corry Brokken.

1958 Dors Mon Amour - André Claveau (France, 1st place)
Brokken recorded it in French, see 1958 above

Danswijsje / Ga Niet Weg single
1963 Dansevise - Grethe and Jörgen Ingmann 
(Denmark, 1st place)
1963 T’En Va Pas - Esther Ofarim 
(Switzerland, 2nd place)
- Danswijsje / Ga niet weg (both Dutch)
- both on single (Philips 327 528)
Here's a live performance clip of Danswijsje (Youtube)

1965 N’Avoue Jamais - Guy Mardel 
(France, 3rd place)
- Als je maar nooit bekent (Dutch) - single (Philips 327 868 1.F)
- So ist die liebe , mon ami (German) - single (Philips 318 955 PF, Germany)
Here's a wonderful videoclip of the German version

1967 Il Doit faire Beau La Bas - Noëlle Cordier
 (France, 3rd place)
- Ik Weet Hoe Mooi Het Is (Dutch) - on LP Kleine Cantates (Polydor 184 119, 1967)

Corry Brokken Compilations
In 1994 a 2CD Net Als Toen (top picture) was released with the best songs of her career. 
It is still available at BeaRecords.
Two CDs with her German recordings were issued in 1995 by the specialist label Bear Family (Milord and La Mamma). 
A third Bear Family release, Die Ronnex Aufnamen, feature songs up to 1957 in German, English and Dutch and includes some previously unreleased tracks.
In 2000 a DVD Een Avond Uit Met Corry Brokken - Gouden Jaren was released featuring TV performances including Eurovision footage.
Other compilations are Corry Brokken: De Keuze van Annie De Reuver (Nostalgisch Nederland, 2009) and Milord (Dutch songs) (Rotation, 2003)
France 1965 cover in German
Coverversions Net Als Toen
Ted de Braak (Dutch, in medley)
- LP Ted de Braak zingt van toen (Ariola 206 366)
Dolf Brouwers (a.k.a Sjef van Oekel, Dutch, in medley)
- LP Specialiteiten van de Sjef  (Ariola 202 757)
André van Duin (Dutch, in medley)
- LP An'dre André
NL Pop koor Vocal Society  (medley with Weet je  + De warmte van je hart (pre-songs))
- CD  (VCD 199225)
Zangeres zonder naam (in Medley)
- LP  30 juweeltjes uit 45 jaar (1979) (EMI Bovema 058-26361, 1979)
Margot Eskens  - Damals war alles so schön (German)
- 7" b-side to Auf der grossen Himmelstrasse (Polydor 23460)
Christina Jorio - Come una volta (Italian)
- 78rpm b-side  (La voce del padrone HN 3822)
Licia Morosini - Come una volta (Italian)
- 78rpm (Fonit 15735)
Van Wood Quartet - Net als toen (Come una volta)  (italian)
- 78rpm b-side  (Fonit 82507)
Peter Van Wood (1927-2010) was a Dutchman living and working in Italy in the 50s, his nickname is L’Olandese Volante (The flying Dutchman)
Gunnar Thim - Säg att jag drömt (Swedish)
- EP (Odeon GEOS 71)
Birthe Wilke - Vær som du var (Danish)
- EP (Philips EP 421197 PE)
Kalevi Tauru - Oispa unta se vain (Finnish)
- 7"  / 78rpm    (Triola ts 356 and 78" RPM Triola t 4356 rel in 1958)
Jan Corduwener (Instrumental in medley)
- EP (Philips 317765 PF)
De Fellowfoons (Instrumental)
- 7" (Fellowfoon FF 104)
Benoît Kaufman (Instrumental)
- CD   
Stef Meeder (Organ instrumental in medley)
- CD 100 Hollandse Hits (1994) (Arcade CD 01.9350.6, 1994)
Jan Menu & Jasper Soffers (Jazz instrumental)
CD      Dutch Songbook (Dig Diz Music, 2010)
Joris Verlinde (Accordion instrumental
- LP Accordion Festival (Interdisc 10022)

Coverversions Heel De Wereld
Joke Bruis, Dick Doorn & Dick Rienstra (Dutch in medley)
- LP
Enny Denita (Belgium)
- EP (BRT 117)

Links and sources
Eurovision Collectors Guide 1956-1995
The 10.000 Coverversions project
Corry Brokken at Discogs
Corry Brokken at Muziekweb

Sunday, May 15, 2016

The One That Got Away - Jamala

Please note: this article is from 2011, I just moved it up on the Eurocovers ladder to celebrate Jamala getting the ticket to Stockholm.
2011: I know it's a bit off topic as there's no Eurovision cover in sight, but below is the videoclip of the Ukrainian pre-selection song Smile by Jamala (Джамала). Y'all probably know that already and how she was robbed etcetera and how it would have won Eurovision and all that. 

This is  just a plain advertisement for Jamala's fantastic new album For Every Heart which is out now.
Jamala is a multitalented superstar who just as easily covers Yma Sumac or Shirley Bassey as well as leaving her mark on melancholic classics and her own new tunes.
For Every Heart is a coherent collection of new songs, mostly in a pop / soul vein.

There are two minor concerns: The album doesn't even start to show Jamala's broad talents: The Yma Sumac like stuff isn't there and only a few times she gives us the high octaves. It probably is best for the album to stick to one style here, but I would have certainly wanted more.
I'm also having a bit of a task grasping Jamala's English, which is sometimes hard to understand. But I'm sure she can work on that before the next opportunity for Eurovision comes along.

The album includes Smile and previous singles It's Me Jamala (I am not Gaga....) and the wonderful You're Made Of Love. There's also a few bonus tracks including a coverversion Shirley Bassey's Propellerheads hit  History Repeating. Highly recommended!

The album is out on Moon Records (MR 5117-2)
I bought mine at UMKA who ship internationally and have very decent prices.

Jamala website in English and Russian
Jamala's Youtube Channel
Listen to various Jamala songs at her MySpace and Soundcloud

Jamala's hits feature in English on the CD, but at the website and youtube you can also find the original versions of It's Me Jamala and You're Made Of Love. As far as I know Smile has only been recorded in English.
You can catch Jamala live in Kiyv (April 12), Moscow (April 15) and Singapore (May 25)
Here's a live clip of Jamala doing Yma Sumac's Gopher. totally A-Ma-Zing!

Düsseldorf 2011
For all details on the songs, versions and releases of the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest, please check out The Düsseldorf Collection.

Jamala to Stockholm 2016

This article is from 2011, I just moved it up on the Eurocovers ladder to celebrate Jamala getting the ticket to Stockholm.

The Stockholm Collection 2016
The Stockholm Collection features everything you need to know about this years songs, releases, versions, chart activity and other what have you's. Here are the links to the participating country's pages.
Semi final 1

Semi final 2
Latvia - Poland - Switzerland - Israel - Belarus - Serbia - Ireland - Macedonia - Lithuania - Australia - Slovenia - Bulgaria - Denmark - Ukraine - Norway - Georgia - Belgium - Albania - Romania (OUT)

Already in the final

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Eurometal alert! Psyckadeli set Sergey's You Are The Only One on fire.

Here’s the first Eurocover of the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest worth mentioning. 
You all know Sergey Lazarev’s Russian entry You Are The Only One and we’re all expecting it to do very well.
Picture from Psyckadeli's Facebook
The song inspired Psyckadeli from Kristianstad (Sweden) to record this fantastic coverversion.
It’s Rock, it’s Pop, it’s Energy,  Psyckadeli basically took the original and set it on fire!

Psyckadeli is based around Max Haze and Chris Crash and they work with different singers an musicians (their PsyckE’s).
The singer electrifying You Are The Only One is Maria Storck (What. A. Voice!).

You should also check out new single Leaving My Soul (with Elin Vikner).

Links And Sources:
Special thanks to Christian
You can find more Psyckadeli music at their Website and Tubestation
Psyckadeli Facebook, Soundcloud, Instagram
Shop for Psyckadeli on The Tunes.
Sergey Lazarev at The Stockholm Collection

More Rock And Metal At Eurocovers You Might Like
Therion - AlestormSławekWyłup and Mateusz Trojak - Riff Raff

The Stockholm Collection has all info on this years Eurovision releases (CDs, digital), versions and charts. Check out the links below to find your favorites.

Semi final 1

Semi final 2


Thursday, April 21, 2016

Dami Im - (They Long to Be) Close to You

Dami Im, Australia's Eurovision singer for Stockholm was busy with something completely different when she was asked to do Eurovision. An album with covers by the magic duo The Carpenters.
Above is the wonderful Close To You,   Why do birds... fall out of the sky...

Classic Carpenters is on schedule for an April 22 release (so: Out Now!) and includes classics like Yesterday Once More, We've Only Just Begun, There's A Kind Of Hush and (They Long To Be) Close To You. (Sony Music Australia).
See full tracklist with track by track details below.

Update: The CD has arrived at Eurovers HQ and it has been playing ever since (just a little break for some contests and what have you).
I'm not a very good reviewer, but I'll just have to tell you it is utterly lovely. 
Dami has a beautiful voice which suits the gentleness of the songs very well. All arrangements stay true to the Carpenters spirit and the musicians are amazing. The subdued flugel bits (Danny Laboyrie) send chills down my spine. In a good way.
You just feel that Classic Carpenters is made of love. 
Highly recommended,even if (dare I say it) Sound Of Silence is not your cuppa.
Let the long overdue Carpenters revival start with this wonderful album.

And for you youngster out there: The Carpenters were American brother and sister duo Karen and Richard Carpenter who scored many hits (and hitalbums) in the 70's. 12 top 10 hits in the U.S, many of them classics now. 

Karen Carpenter is no longer with us. Go and do your Wiki's and Youtubes, be amazed and get their music.

One recommended Carpenters track you won't find on many compilations or playlists (nor Dami Im's album) is their majestic hifi cover of Klaatu's Calling Occupants Of Interplanetary Craft (1977). 

Dami Im's Eurovision single The Sound Of Silence and other adventures are explored here at The Stockholm Collection, your place for all info on this years Eurovision releases.
Dami Im's Vevo has some more Classic Carpenters videos: Yesterday Once More and There's A Kind Of Hush (All Over The World).

Oh, and then there's this gem, The Carpenters doing a signature tune from some long forgotten Eurovision act.

Dami Im's Classic Carpenters Track By Track
01. (They Long to Be) Close to You 
- 1970 single from the LP Close To You, a No. 1 hit in the U.S., Australia and Canada. No. 6 in the U.K.
02. There’s a Kind of Hush (All over the World) 
- 1976 single from the LP A Kind Of Hush, originally a 1967 hit for Hermans Hermits
03. Yesterday Once More 
- 1973 single from the LP Now And Then, one of their two No. 2 hits in the U.K.
04. Superstar
- 1971 single from the LP Carpenters
05. Rainy Days and Mondays
- 1971 single from the LP Carpenters
06. This Masquerade
- For the Carpenters it was a b-side to Please Mr. Postman (1974), the original is by Leon Russell but the biggest hit was for George Benson in 1976.
07. A Song for You
- Title track of the 1972 LP A Song For You, also originally by Leon Russell
08. I Won’t Last A Day Without You
- 1974 single from the 1972 LP A Song For You
09. I Need To Be In Love
- 1976 single from the LP A Kind Of Hush
10. Hurting Each Other
- 1972 single from A Song For You
11. We’ve Only Just Begun
- 1970 single from Close To You

The Carpenters weren’t considered cool by everybody (i.e. the serious music press) at the time and 12 of their hits that went to No. 1 on the Cashbox charts only made it to No. 2 or (much) lower on the leading Billboard top 100.

The Stockholm Collection 2016
The Stockholm Collection features everything you need to know about this years songs, releases, versions, chart activity and other what have you's. Here are the links to the participating country's pages.

Semi final 1

Semi final 2

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Friday, April 08, 2016

Judith Sings, ABBA Swings: A Jazz Tribute To ABBA

Digital Release Image
ABBA, remember them? I guess you do.
Jazz singer Judith Nijland has just released an album with ABBA hits revamped into some delicious Jazz tunes.
There's shoobie doo wah swingy Jazz (I Do I Do I Do I Do I Do is Fab! ), some Samba and others are more smoky cocktail bar exercises.
I am a complete ignorant when it concerns jazz terminology, so I suggest you just have a listen (see links below).

The album A Jazz Tribute To ABBA features classics like Waterloo, I Have A Dream, Thank You For The Music, etc., twelve classic ABBA songs are there.
Voulez-Vous gets a makeover in French, oui, Waterloo and One Of Us feature tenor saxist Yuri Honing, fan and no stranger to the ABBA cover himself (he recorded Waterloo for his 1996 Startrax album).

ABBA's 42 year old Waterloo single, NL edition.
The Judith Nijland album is out on iTunes, don't know about all territories though.
The CD word is mentioned at the website, but I haven't seen a physical release yet.
I'll keep you posted.

Links and sources
Listen to Waterloo, Summer Night City and Lay All Your Love On Me through Judith Nijlands Tubestation.
Short clips of all songs are here
A Jazz Tribute To ABBA Website (English) and Facebook. (in Dutch)

ABBA posts at Eurocovers
Jazz posts at Eurocovers

Friday, March 11, 2016

Kenneth McKellar - 1927-2010

Please note, this article is from 2010, I just moved it up and made some adjustments.

Scottish singer Kenneth McKellar has left us this week. The singer of the 1966 U.K. Eurovision entry A Man Without Love died after a short illness.

The 1966 British Eurovision entry was chosen in a national final where Kenneth McKellar sang all the songs, 5 in total. All songs were released on the EP Songs For Europe, pictured above. The EP spent 9 weeks on the EP charts.
McKellar performed at the Luxembourg Eurovision in full Scottish regalia, kilt and all, and ended 9th.

His most acclaimed works are the early sixties albums The Songs Of Robert Burns and Songs Of The Hebrides which have been re-issued on CD in 2004.

A lesser known collection of songs come from his two South African releases. The EP In die skadu van Ou Tafelberg (Decca 1966) and the LP Kuier By Ons (Decca 1970) contain songs sung in Afrikaans, mostly Afrikaans evergreens.
As with many releases from South Africa, these records now are impossible to find. (anyone?)
Find tracklists and more about these at Vetseun. (scroll a bit for English text).
Here are two recordings via Youtube:
My hut aan die vlakte se soorn
Trekker Vaarwel

A Man Without Love
A Man Without Love, written by Peter Callander and Cyrel Ornadel, scored a #30 hit in the U.K. charts and was only covered a few times.
The song should not be confused with the song of the same titled made famous by Engelbert Humperdinck, which is a coverversion of Quando M'innamoro (SanRemo 1968).

Coverversions of A Man Without Love
1. Dale Adams (with Chris Allen and his Orchestra)
- on VA EP (Populaire Platen Kring HPK 757)
2. Harry Secombe
- on CD Abide with me & The Very Best Of
3. Kai Hagen - Ein Mann der nicht liebt ist ein halber Mann
- in German, on 7" (Vogue DV 14504)
4. Ronnie Tober (NL 1969 singer) - Een hart is geen hart
- in Dutch on 7" also including Austria 66 (Philips JF 333 511)
5. The Film Festival Orchestra (instrumental)
- On CD Love & Romance (Galaxy records 1999)
I'm sure there could be more, if you know any, please let me know.

2010 The Oslo Eurocovers
Here's some 2010 Eurocovers news.
Swedish dansband Scotts (I don't think they are Scottish though) have recorded a coverversion of the Danish 2010 entry In A Moment Like This to be included on their forthcoming album Vi Gör Det Igen (out April 21, Mariann records). The female vocalist on the track is Erika Sjöström (from dansband Drifters).
Scotts have previously recorded coverversions of Sweden 1968 and U.K. 1981.
Denmark 2010 at The Oslo Collection - Scotts website
You can already have a listen at Mariann records Youtube channel.
Thanks to Marcin for the tip!

Lena Meyer-Landruts German entry Satellite was, as you will probably already know, performed twice at the National final. The runner-up singer Jennifer Braun has released her slower version of the song on a cdsingle. Germany 2010 at the Oslo Collection has more info and release details on both versions.

The Dutch entry by Sieneke has sparked some controversy but also spawned many coverversions. Now there's interest from Austria and Sweden to record the song, so Pierre Kartner can be happy, Sha La Lie.
(Netherlands 2010 at The Oslo Collection.)
Other 2010 news: Sweden: Anna Bergendahl Signing Tour *** Belarus: 3+2 Website launched *** Switzerland: CDsingle out now *** Malta: Maltese version of My Dream *** Serbia: Spanish version.
All the latest release news on the 2010 contest can be read at The Oslo Collection Blog. Please tell your friends.

Monday, January 11, 2016

David Bowie 1947-2016

I guess I thought he'd stick around forever. If there's no heaven he's probably on his way to Mars.
And Yes, he did a Eurovision tune, the only memorable moment in the 1986 movie Absolute Beginners.

Thursday, November 05, 2015

Nora Brockstedt 1923 - 2015

Norway's Eurovision treasure Nora Brocksted has died. She was the singer of the first two Norwegian entries:Voi Voi (1960) and Sommar I Palma (1961).
Next to her Eurovision songs, which she recorded in several languages, Nora Brockstedt also recorded Norwegian and Swedish version of other Eurovision songs.
You can find out about those in the 2010 Eurocovers post The Olso Weeks Part 1.
Also find some more Nora Brocksted related posts here.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Nicki French 2015: The Eurovision EP

Digital release image
Nicki French, much loved British Eurovision chanteuse, releases a new remix EP including new mixes of her 2000 entry Don't Play That Song Again and a few Eurovision covers.

Don't Play That Song Again ended 16th in the 45th Eurovision Song Contest (in Stockholm).
Hold Me Now is the winner of the Brussels contest of 1987. It was Johnny Logans 2nd victory for Ireland.
One Step Further, originally by Bardo, ended 7th in Harrogate (1982)
And then there's Ding A Dong, the winner of 40 years ago. The Dutch entry by Teach In won the contest in Stockholm en became a European hit.

Nicki French shot to fame with her dance coverversion of Bonnie Tylers Total Eclipse Of The Heart. 
It was already the third time Nicki released the song but the 1995 version became a worldwide hit.
It was a No. 5 in the U.K. and a No. 2 in the USA. It went to No. 1 in Canada, Japan and Brasil.

Eurovision EP Tracks:
1. Don't Play That Song Again 2015 (Andy Haldane Remix)
2. Hold Me Now (Andy Haldane Remix)
3. One Step Further (Matt Pop Mix)
4. Ding A Dong (John Springate Mix)
5. Don't Play That Song Again 2015 (Matt Pop's Golden Anniversary 12inch)
6. Hold Me Now (Matt Pop Mix)
7. Don't Play That Song Again 2015 (Andy's Karaoke Mix)
8. Hold Me Now (Andy's Karaoke Mix)
A CD single is released on May 15, available at the Energize Records shop.
The digital release is out May 23.

Earlier this year the album One Step Further was released including Matt Pop remix versions of the four Eurovision songs mentioned above.
Another recent release is the album Nicki French: The Singles 1997-2015.
Energize Records also offer a 4-disc (though CD-r) release with the albums One Step Further, The Singles 1997-2015, a Megamix CD and a 4th album Total Eclipse Of The Heart including two previously unreleased demo's.

Energize Records website
More Eurocovers Ding A Dong posts are here, and various versions of Hold Me Now are here.
Original cdsingle

Also check out 2015: The Vienna Collection
Quick links to all countries:
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Thursday, April 09, 2015

Tony Carreira - L'oiseau et l'enfant (avec Lisa Angell)

France 2 has chosen Lisa Angell to represent France in Vienna with the song N'oubliez Pas (Don't forget), a song is written by Robert Goldman.

In 2014 Lisa Angell recorded a version of the French 1977 winner L'oiseau Et L'enfant (Marie Myriam) with Portuguese singer Tony Carreira. This version in Portuguese and French can be found on Carreira's album  Nos Fiançailles, France / Portugal which was a No. 4 in the French album charts.
Other Eurovision singers to duet with Carreira on this album are Natasha St. Pier, Serge Lama, Gérad Lenorman and Anggun

Eurovision entry N'oubliez Pas will be included in Lisa Angells forthcoming album Lisa Angell which will be out on May 11.
On the new album, her 4th,  Lisa worked with Robert Goldman, Patrick Fiori (Eurovision 1993), Jacques Veneruso and Serge Lama (Eurovision 1971)

More sur L'oiseau....:
L'oiseau style Zouk, Aurore Kimberley

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Simone de Oliveira, Rainha do festivais

A living legend, Simone De Oliveira, returns to the Festival RTP da Canção, the Portuguese  national selection for Eurovision. À Espera das Canções is the song she will try to return to the contest with, 45 years after her last visit to the Eurovision stage.
As far as festivals go, Simone de Oliveira is royalty.
The Portuguese final of 2015 is on March 7.
Update: So Simone didn't make it to Vienna, which is a shame of course. But here at Eurocovers we're happy she's still out there and we hope to see her again in some Festival or another.

Promo EP 1969
Simone De Oliveira made her first appearances at the Festival da Canção Portuguesa* in the late 50’s and early sixties, winning a few of them along the way.

Other festivals she attended are Festival da Canção da Figueira da Foz. (winning in 1962), Festival Internacional da Canção do Rio de Janeiro, Festival da Nova Canção de Lisboa (winner in 1979) and the 1980 OTI festival (Songcontest of Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries)

* Not to be confused with the Eurovision selection Festival RTP da Canção.

Simone De Oliveira entered Eurovision twice. In 1965 with Sol De Inverno and in 1969 with Desfolhada Portuguesa. She only finished 13th and 15th but both songs now rank top five of Great Portuguese Classics that happened to be Eurovision entries. 
I think Desfolhada Portuguesa only has to leave the 1974 entry E Depois Do Adeus (Paulo De Carvalho) before it in the Portuguese evergeen immortality stakes.
Both of Simones songs have been recorded by many artists and are still covered and performed today.

Simone also recorded a few interesting Eurocovers. There's Volare and Puppet On A String (but who hasn't covered these?) but also the 1968 entries of Germany and Monaco.
Eurocovers loves lists, so below you can find the discography of Simone's own entries and her Eurocovers. Finally there's a list of Festival RTP da Canção entries.

Simones Eurovision songs and versions
Portugal 1965 - Sol De Inverno (13th place)
- Sol De Inverno (Portuguese) - on EP (Continental Rec. P-QB 192)
- Sol De Invierno (Spanish) on EP Nàpoles 1965 (with three other ESC entries) (ES: Belter 51.520)
Note: Spanish EP Sol De Invierno has the Portuguese version (Belter 51.509, Spain)
Thanks for the correction Jean François!
- Sol De Inverno (in Medley Português) on LP Algumas Canções Do Meu Caminho (Live) (Ariola 1106844, 1992)
- Sol De Inverno (live acoustic 2004) on CD Intimidades (Vidisco, also on DVD)
Note: French EP Soleil d'Hiver (Decca PEP 1088) is sung in Portuguese, French version unconfirmed.

Portugal 1969 - Desfolhada Portuguesa (15th place)
- Desfolhada Portguesa (Portuguese) on EP (Decca PEP 1276)
- Deshojada (Spanish) on 7” inch single  (Decca MO 648, Spain)
- Terre guitarre (French) on 7”  (Decca PN 110, France, also has Spanish version)
- Promo EP (Decca VC4) has Portuguese, Spanish, French & Instrumental by Thilo’s Combo. The Instrumental is actually track 1 on side A.
- Desfolhada (live 1992) on LP Algumas Canções Do Meu Caminho (Live)
- Desfolhada (live acoustic 2004) on CD Intimidades (Vidisco, also on DVD)

Simone De Oliveira Eurocovers
Italy 1958 - Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu (Volare) - Domenico Modugno
- Nos Teus Olhos Vejo O Céu - EP   (Alvorada mep 60136, 1959)

Spain 1966 - Yo Soy Aquel - Raphael
- Tu És Aquele - EP Música No Coração 
  (Decca PEP 1131) see video above

U.K. 1967 - Puppet On A String - Sandie Shaw
- Marionette - EP (Decca PEP 1204)

Germany 1968 - Ein Hoch Der Liebe - Wenche Myhre
- Viva O Amor - EP (Decca PEP 1250)

Monaco 1968 - A Chacun Son Chanson - Line et Willy
-  Para cada um sua canção - EP (Decca PEP 1250)
The 1968 songs can be found on the same EP

Germany 1967 - Anoushka 
                               - Simone and Marco Paulo
- Duet on EP Tu Só Tu (Decca Pep 1211)
I’m not sure about this one, track could be by Marco Paulo only. If you know more, e-mail me or leave a comment, thanks. 
Update: It is indeed a song by Marco Paulo solo. Many thanks for the info Klaus! The EP features one duet, two tracks by Simone and one by Marco Paulo.

Simone de Oliveira at the Festival RTP da Canção
1964 Olhos nós olhos - 3rd
1964 Amar é ressurgir - 8th
1965 Sol de inverno - 1st
1965 Silhuetas ao luar - 4th
1968 Dentro do outro mundo - 8th
1968 Canção ao meu piano velho - 6th
1969 Desfolhada Portuguesa - 1st
1973 Apenas o meu povo  - 8th
2015 À espera das canções - finalist

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The 10.000 coverversions project.
EP discography at Os Reis Do Vinyl
4x40 - Eurovision 1969 at Eurocovers

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