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Portugal No Coração: Amar Pelos Dois

Eurovision is alive and well and living in Lisbon, no news there. It was Salvador Sobral who brought the victory to the country with his lovesong Amar Pelos Dois.
It may not have been a worldwide super hit but it’s a winner Eurovision can be proud of.
Of course we were all delighted with the success of Loreen’s Euphoria like it was our own song taking over the world, but I guess that was a fluke. Eurovision and world domination don't really match.

Spotify, who decide what's in the charts, can not be arsed to put any Eurovision tunes in their industry sponsored playlists and radios only play them for a week but Eurovision delivers us some pretty awesome and original music. 
There seems to be no place for it anywhere else but we have learned to live with that, even like it that way and I wouldn’t change a thing.
And note to Salvador: for every Amar Pelos Dois or 1944 there’s a Dai Li Dou or Shady Lady. We love them all!

Back to Amar Pelos Dois
Salvador Sobral and his sister Louisa have inspired several artists to record their versions of the song and we’ll take a look at a few of them here. Relevant links are in the list at the end of this post.

First up there’s Alfred García’s version from Operacion Triunfo. Heartthrob Alfred performed his version of Amar Pelos Dois in the 4th Gala of this years OT extravaganza series.
More about Alfred and Operacion Triunfo releases here at the Lisbon Collection.
Another Eurovision 2018 hopeful, Ari Olafsson from Iceland performed APD even dragging up as Salvador, but that wasn’t released as a single or anything. (but you can still watch the videoclip).

I quite like the versions that were made for the Ballroom dance album Oversway. Amar Pelos Dois is a lovely floaty slow waltz.
Anarita sings on two versions, one in Portuguese and one in English  titled Both Of Us.
The same arrangements (at a lower pitch) were also used by the two versions released by BrunoM.

Banana Pealos Dois
Berliner Donato Plögert is no stranger to the occasional Eurovision cover. In his 20+ year career he has recorded many Eurovision tunes in German including Rapsodia (Italy 1992), Waar Is De Zon (Netherlands 1994) and Talking To You (Denmark 2005). I really should do a Eurocovers special about him some day….
Anyway, he recorded Amar Pelos Dois in German for his new album Banane (also on CD) as Mein Herz Liebt Für Zwei.

A Swedish version För Oss Båda was recorded by Svenska Lyxorkestern. 
Several other artists have recorded APD and since it’s not too difficult anymore to release a digital single, they all did just that. Below is a list of all the covers I know of that have been officially released. There’s probably more and I’m sure you’ll let me know.  

A List: Amar Pelos Dois.
Alfred García (half of the Spanish duo for 2018)
- on CD Operación Triunfo: Alfred García: Sus Canciones, live video)
Anarita (Both Portugese and English)
- digital singles, video’s at R&B Universal, from the album Oversway
BrunoM (Both Portugese and English)
- digital singles, video’s at R&B Universal
Svenska Lyxorkestern - För Oss Båda (Swedish)
-  digital single, video, Swedish lyrics by Anders Forsslund
Donato Plögert - Mein Herz liebt für Zwei (German)
- CD Banane, available through Donato’s shop

And then some...
Marina Damer (digital single, video)
Elaine Brackin (digital single, video)
Sam Darris (digital single, video)
Gerson Galvan (digital single. video)
Spell Choir (acapella, digital single, video)
Mercuzio Pianist (Piano instrumental, digital single)
Leon Noel (Piano instrumental, digital single)
David Matevosyan (Violin instrumental, digital single)

The latest updates at the Lisbon Collection:
Like every year we’ll be bringing you all the release info on entries of this years Eurovision stars.

You'll find all official releases (physical and digital), promo info (as much as possible) and the odd coverversion, chart position and important trivia.
Always more to come, the latest updated pages are at the top of this links list.

Israel - Netta Barzilai wins HaKokhav HaBa and comes a'cluckin'.  single version, remixes released. Winner Eurovision 2018.
Cyprus - Eleni Foureira is on Fire!, Fuego revealed, Spanish version out now. 2nd place in Final.
Austria - Cesar Sampson to Lisbon, listen to Nobody But You, updates, 3rd Place and winner of the Jury Final.
Germany - Michael Schulte's Lied Für Lissabon. Dreamer album info, cdsingle on May 4.
Lithuania - Ieva Zasimauskaitė wins Eurovizijos Atranka, English and Lithuanian versions released, Jovani remixes out now
Slovenia - Lea Sirk wins EMA 2018, Thanks, No! Yes! Final! Great! Music Please!
Macedonia - Eye Cue Lost and found and Lost again, but a new remix is out now, without the reggae bits!
Moldova - O melodie pentru Europa won by DoReDos, New version, Russian version. More remixes out now

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