Sunday, August 19, 2007

Eurocovers Brasil: Leny Eversong - Fabulosa!!!

Brasilian 50's superstar Leny Eversong (1920 - 1984) is another example of a singer whose amazing music I discovered through my search for coverversions of Eurovision songs.

The singer is big enough to fill the gap between Yma Sumac and Ella Fitzgerald and especially her international work reminds of both these singers.

Leny Eversong covered three Eurovision songs (Two from the top 10 most covered Eurovision songs) and the French entry of 1959 Oui Oui Oui Oui stands out as three minutes of luscious cool swing.

Eversong Eurocovers-------1958 Au Bleu Du Ciel Bleu (Volare sung in French)
- on 78rpm (RGE 30025) & LP A International (RGE XRLP 5034)
1958 No Azul Pintado De Azul
----------(Volare in Portuguese, with Audi Roberto)
- on 78rpm (Copacabana 5884, b-side to Geada) (audio wanted)
1959 Oui Oui Oui Oui
----------(French entry of 1959, sung in Portuguese)
- on 78rpm (RGE 10256)and LP Fabulosa!!! (RGE XRLP 5087)
1961 Muito Alèm ----(Al Di Lá, in Portuguese)
- on 1989 CD Convita para ouvir, no details on original release

------Au Bleu / Au Bleu - Oui / Oui - Muito Alèm / Muito Alèm

A good new compilation CD is Grandes Vozes - Leny Eversong which includes both Muito Alèm and Au Bleu Du Ciel Bleu and timeless classics like Summertime, Fascination, Jezebel and Night and day. Available internationally from Sambastore and other internet shops.

You can find a fantastic 1957 Leny Eversong LP and Fabulosa! at Loronix, a highly recommended blog for all kinds of music from Brasil.

Two great Leny Eversong performances at the Ed Sullivan show are at a Sofa Entertainment DVD set Elvis - The Ed Sullivan shows. They feature the full Ed Sullivan shows on which Elvis Presley appeared. Disc 3 has both the Leny Eversong clips and you can also see them at YouTube: Jezebel and El Cumbanchero.

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