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More About The 2010 Eurovision winner Lena At The Oslo Collection

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2010 The Oslo Weeks - Part 6 And then some...

Tonight is the night, the final of the 55th Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo. Some of Eurocovers favorites made it, but of course many were slaughtered. Why Finland didn't make it is beyond me and pet favorites like Inculto from  Lithuania and sweet Sieneke will be sorely missed. Some that made it are completely useless, others are great, but you can decide that for yourself.
I have to get cooking in a moment, you gotta eat at the yearly Eurovision dinner party, but I'll leave you with just another handful Norwegian artifacts in the last instalment of The Oslo Weeks.

For the latest release news on the CDs of this years entries please visit The Oslo Collection. Who has a proper cdsingle out (not the U.K., that's for sure) and which 17-copies-promo-only-cdr will be the unobtainable holy grail this year?.
Read about the recordings in all kind of languages and remixes by the great local djs. You can also find the latest information on chart movement from all your favorite 2010 songs.

Norwegian Eurocovers, you gotta love 'em, here's a few more:
1975 U.K. - Let Me Be The One (The Shadows)
- La Det Vaere Mig by Staccato
1976 U.K. - Save Your Kisses For Me (Brotherhood Of Man)
- Du Får Det Beste By the Bendik Singers  on 7"(Triola TN 701)
1977 Switzerland - Swiss Lady (Pepe Lienhard Band)
- By The Four Jets  on LP Four Jets' Langspillplate (Arctic ARC 8616).
The Four Jets were a Norwegian band who recorded many coverversions of popular hits from 1963 to 1989. Several guest singers appeared on their records. The recorded this Swiss Lady but also Bad Old Days (U.K. 1978), Boom Boom (Denmark 1978), Making Your Mind Up (U.K. 1981), Dag Efter Dag (Sweden 1983), Det Lige Det (Denmark 1984), Sku Du Spørg Fra No'n (Denmark 1985) and Für Alle (Germany 1985)
1979 Israel - Hallelujah (Milk and Honey)
- by Lilian (Askeland) & Big hand
1982 Germany - Ein Bisschen Frieden (Nicole)
- Litt Mere Frihet by Jenny Jenssen
1993 France - Mama Corsica (Patrick Fiori)
- Mama Korsika by Nattsvermerne

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2010 The Oslo Weeks - Part 5: The Classics

Just one day until the first semifinal of the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest.
If you are one of the unlucky Eurocovers readers without any TV channel broadcasting the contest onto your couch, no problem. It's quite easy to catch the broadcasts this year. Just go to the Streaming TV page of the official Eurovision site. There you will be able to catch all three evenings of Eurovision extravaganza. Needs an octoshape install, but that doesn't hurt.
In the meantime here's just a few of the golden oldies recorded in Norwegian over the years. Some by Norways greatest stars and others by the lost and forgotten. And there's some links to Norwegian treasures featured previously at Eurocovers.

1958 Italy - Volare (Domenico Modugno)
Already featured in 2008: Anno Domenico, Norwegian versions of the Italian Classic by Nora Brockstedt  and by Inger Jacobsen with the Monn Keys  (Original post)
1959 Netherlands - 'n Beetje (Teddy Scholten)
- Det Kommer En Sommer - The Monn-Keys  - 7" (Triola TN 165) & EP
The Monn Keys were a Norwegian vocal outfit founded by Egil Monn Iversen and Sølvi Wang. In fact it was some kind of supergroup with different well known Norwegian vocalists joining the group off and on. (including Eurovision singers Inger Jacobsen, Nora Brocktedt and Arne Bendiksen).
Their recording career started way before Eurovision was invented but they picked up on a few of your favorite Eurovision tunes, dressed them up in Norwegian sweaters and even scored a few hits with them. The Monn Keys lasted from 1948 to 1964. They toured Scandinavia, most of western Europe and also America.
The b-side to the Det Kommer… single is Syng Lille Sangfugl, a cover the the U.K. entry Sing Little Birdie. (Still looking for that one though)
source: More about the Monn Keys (in Norwegian) at where I also nicked this picture sleeve.

1960 France - Tom Pillibi (Jacqueline Boyer)
- by the Monn Keys with Sølvi Wang - on 7" (Triola TN 202)
1962 Germany - Zwei Kleine Italiener (Conny Froboess)
- Anita Thallaug - Tina Og Marina - on 7"(NorDisk NOR 67)
Anita Thallaugs place in Eurovision history was earned in 1963. In Eurovision she performed Solhverv (Solstice) which became Norways first nil-pointer. Thallaug was appointed to go to Eurovision even though two other artists had performed the song in the national final (Jan Høiland & Nora Brockstedt). Anita Thallaug never released the song.
Zwei Kleine Italiener, probably the biggest hit from the 1962 contest, was already widely covered in this Eurocovers post.
1962 Finland - Tipi Tii (Marion Rung)
- by Jan Høiland,  release details wanted
1966 Yugoslavia - Brez Besed (Berta Ambroz)
- Uten Ord - Karin Winje on 7" (Triola TN 487)
1967 U.K. - Puppet On A String (Sandie Shaw)
- Sprellemann - Benthe Aaseth .
Already featured in The Year Of The Puppet post Sprellemann
1967 Luxembourg - L'Amour Est Bleu (Vicky)
- Blå, Blå, Min Kjærlighed - Åse Kleveland  - on 7" (Polydor NH 66 814)
1969 U.K. Boom Bang A Bang (Lulu)
- Anne Mette in this post.
1973 Spain - Eres Tu (Mocedades)
Inger Lise (Rypdal) - I Mitt Liv on 7" (Talent TS 009). See comments

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2010 The Oslo Weeks - Part 4: Intet Er Nytt Under Solen

More never than often I get the question: 'Dear Eurocovers, What's the best Norwegian entry ever?'

Well, there's an easy answer, but it's not very nice to name a song that is decades old while the Norwegians have done their utmost best ever since with some amazing winners and fantastic plonkers. But for me it must be the 1966 song Intet Er Nytt Under Solen (Nothing is new under the sun) by Åse Kleveland. (YouTube)

It's a jazz-folky repetitive tune in the vein of Danish 1963 winner Dansevise and it clocks in at 1 minute 41 which of course adds to the fabulousness of the song. It has a chirpy sadness with gives it the Je Ne Sais Quoi (to coin a popular Icelandic phrase) that makes it the intriguing classic it still is.

Åse Kleveland ended 3rd at the contest, a result Norway didn't come close to anymore for almost 20 years.
She went on to host the 1986 Eurovision Song Contest in Bergen and was the Minister of Culture in the Norwegian government from 1990 to 1996.

The Arne Bendiksen penned song was performed twice in the Norwegian preselection. Åse Kleveland did the 'small combo' version and Grynet Molvig sang the song with the grand orchestra. Both versions were released on single. It's the only time both singers released the song in all 13 occasions Norway did the double-artist-each-song-twice-selection thing.

Åse Kleveland recorded the song in Norwegian, Swedish and German and I know of just a handfull of coverversions (see the full list below)
She also recorded the 1967 smash L'Amour Est Bleu, Love Is Blue on single
Blå, Blå, Min Kjærlighed (Polydor NH 66 814, 1968)

Intet Er Nytt Under Solen
Originals and Eurocovers Discography
Intet Er Nytt Under Solen (norwegian) - Åse Kleveland
- on 7" (Polydor NH 66774)
Alles War Schon Einmal Da (german) - Åse Kleveland
- on 7" (Germany: Polydor 59 040)
Intet Är Nytt Under Solen (swedish) - Åse Kleveland
on 7" (Sweden: Polydor NH 59713)
Inter Er Nytt Under Solen - Grynet Molvig
- on 7" (Triola 434)  Grynets version is only 1 minute, 32 seconds long!

- coverversions -
Janh Teigen Experience (norwegian)
- on cdsingle Are you Teigened? (AMI 866038)
The Janh Teigen Experience does not involve any real Jahn Teigen involvement. Their Are You Teigened? cdsingle includes three other Eurocovers A Ba Ni Bi (Israel 1968), Vi Gratulerer (U.K. 1968) and Jengis Khan (Germany 1979). Their Intet… is a fantastic bit of hypno-rock, what ever happened to them?
Pitsj (Acapella femtet, norwegian)
- on CD Pitsj from 2006 (Grappa 2006)
---Pitsj Website & MySpace. (MySpace has their Voi Voi)
The Vineyards (norwegian)
- new digital release, see below Norwegian digi 2010, on album later
Oscillate? (norwegian)
- on cd EP Sønbreak (2002)
Jette Ziegler (danish)
- Intet Nyt Under Solen on 7" (Life NP 1533)
I like to think there are more coverversions, do you know any that's not mentioned here?

Intet Er Nytt I 2010?
Intet Er Nytt Under Solen also happens to be the new single of noisy Norwegian Guitar wielding alternative rock band The Vineyards and the digital release is this week.

Their version with bluesy space twang guitars and some staple groovy 60s organs is very 2010 and recommended listening to any music adept.

Go on, have a listen to the song at the Vineyards website or MySpace. You won't be disappointed.

Wot! No Sha La Lie?
The Puma Hardchorus European Song Contest.
There's always some smug grumpies inventing an alternative contest in the Eurovision weeks because they think Eurovision is crap but this years Puma Hardchorus European Song Contest is something different.

Golden voiced friendly football supporters from four countries give the Eurovision songs of their country the Wiener Sängerknaben makeover. Two even have a go at their 2010 entry.
Eurovision relic Terry Wogan introduces the competition of which you can find the clips at the Puma Youtube channel and you can vote until May 29.

1982 Germany - Ein Bisschen Frieden
1997 Italy - Fiumi Di Parole
2010 France - Allez Ola Olé. The best one of the lot!
2010 U.K. - That Sounds Good To Me
There's another one, but it doesn't seem to be in the competition.
2008 Ukraine - Shady Lady has an appearance by the original singer Ani Lorak.

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2010 The Oslo Weeks - Part 3: Småting

Old Norwegian vinyls are not easy to find. I'm sure many Eurovision collectors have, like me, some ugly gaps in their collections. Especially 60's singles are hard to come by, and even 70's and 80's vinyls fetch rediculous prices at your average auction site.

Same story goes for the coverversions of Norwegian entries. There aren't many around, and most of them are in Norwegian by local artists, and a fair amount of songs covered in Swedish.

But every once in a while a song was picked up outside Scandinavia and here's one of them. And a lovely one it is.

I Love The Little Things
Småting (Small things) by Benny Borg & Grethe Kausland ended 14th in 1972.
The song was performed in the Norwegian selection by the mentioned duo and also by later Bobbysock! Hanne Krogh. But Hanne Krogh didn't release the song and that leaves us with only one coverversion of the song and it's in Dutch, language of Sieneke.
The song, now titled Zomer (summer) was recorded by The Luckberries, most known by Eurovision fans for their Dutch National final evening back in 1966. Five artists including The Luckberries each had their own three song preselection evening and they all took one song to the final.
The (not yet back then) husband and wife duo took their Dromen Zijn Bedrog to the final and they ended 2nd behind Milly Scotts Fernando and Filipo.
The Luckberries weren't named after some small sort of exotic chance enhancing fruit, but after Lucas (a.k.a. as Luck) and Berrie, the names of the singers.

Their most active career was in the sixties, when they toured many countries in Europe and recorded most of their singles.
Berrie passed away in 2003 and Luck is now active as an artistic painter.

Zomer, the Dutch coverversion of Småting, was released in 1972 as a b-side to Er Is Nog Hoop (Zilvervloot records 154739)

Only Dromen Zijn Bedrog ever made it to CD as far as I know (A Eurovision/National final compilation) but it's high time some dedicated oldies re-issue company would delve into the Luckberries archives and release the whole lot on a CD. The Luckberries collection captures the Dutch spirit of the sixties so well: the typically Dutch careful 60's behavedness as well as the penchant for a fabulous tune.

Grethe Kausland, one half of the Småting duo, passed away in 2007. You can find out more about her and her career as best selling child star Lille Grethe in this Eurocovers post.

Read more on The Luckberries (in Dutch) at Koppop,
Het Nationaal Songfestival 1956-1999 (BabyBaby booklet 1999)
Thanks to Frans.

The Oslo weeks part 1 - Nora Brockstedt
The Oslo weeks part 2 - Kirsti Sparboe
The Oslo Collection has all the Eurovision 2010 release info.

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2010 The Oslo Weeks part 2: Kirsti Sparboe

Modern times, who needs them. If you want you can watch all kinds of rehearsal clips and other Oslo goings on at tha Tube and all the hard working Eurovision blogs, but Eurocovers is having none of that. (i.e. I'm not in Oslo me)

Personally I like a little surprise on the night itself, so it's time to pull out some more of the old phonographs from the vaults and continue with the Oslo Weeks extravaganza to kill the time until the first semi.

Oj Oj Oj
Kirsti Sparboe is another Norwegian Eurovision Legend who deserves to have her own postal stamp.
She entered the contest three times for Norway (Norway easily is the country with the most repeat-euro-offenders).

The first time with Karusell which ended 13nd in 1965, two years later with the sublime Dukkemann which did even worse (14th). 3rd time lucky no way, the totally brilliant Oj Oj Oj Så Glad Jeg Skal Bli is as good as Boom Bang A Bang, but only finished 16th. Boooo.

Karusell was only recorded in Norwegeian but Dukkemann also got a Swedish makeover. She took it a little further with Oj Oj Oj which Kirst recorded in Norwegian, Swedish, German and French. (See below).

Kirsti was a popular singer in Norway at the time scoring several top 10 hits. She participated in several (more) Norwegian Eurovision selections.

Next to recording in Norwegian and Swedish, Kirsti also went for a German career. And quite successfully; her Ein Student Aus Uppsala scoreda 14 week hit in the German charts. It also resulted in Kirsti's participation in the German National final with Pierre Der Clochard in 1970 (4th). After that she released more singles in Germany of which some were airplay hits. A number of songs was also released in the DDR.

Kirsti Sparboe
Eurovision and Eurocovers Discography
1965 Norway - Karusell
Two versions were performed by Kirsti in the preselection. One with a small combo and one with an orchestra. Both versions were recorded in the studio, but only one was released on single. Wenche Myhre was originally chosen to sing the 2nd version of Karusell, but she found the song too silly or fell ill (you decide). Kirsti's Karusell was a #7/9 weeks hit.
- Karusell (norwegian) on 7" (Triola TN 401)
1967 Norway - Dukkemann
- Dukkemann (norwegian) on 7" (Triola TN 466)
- Sprattelman (swedish) b-side to 'Kär Pa Lek' (Sweden Sonet T-7690)
---The other version in the Norwegian NF was sung by Torill Ravnås.
1969 Norway - Oj Oj Oj Så Glad Jeg Skal Bli
- Oj Oj Oj Så Glad Jeg Skal Bli (norwegian) on 7" (Triola TN 540)
- O.J.Oj, Grand Prix Jubilee (norwegian) on 7" (Triola O.J. 1)
---A special lyrics version for the 75-year anniversary of the Oslo Journalistklubb.
- Oi Oi Oi (german) a.k.a. Eins, Zwei, Drei - as Kirsti,  on 7" (Germany Telefunken U 56062)
- Oj Oj Oj Så Glad Jag Skall Bli (swedish) on 7" (Sweden Sonet T 7759)
- Oy, Oy, Oy Je Ne Peux Pas Vivre (french) on 7" (France EMI 2c 006 10178)
Songs were performed only once in the NF of 1969.
Kirsti scored a # 1 hit in Norway, 11 weeks on chart.
You can find a Flemish cover version of Oj Oj Oj in this Eurocovers post.

1968 Norway - Stress (Odd Borre)
In the Norwegian NF songs were performed twice during most of the 60's and 70's. Kirst Sparboe performed the other version of Eurovision entry Stress and also of the winner, disqualified tune Jag Har Aldri Vært Så Glad I No'en Som Deg (sounded too much like Summer Holiday by the Cliffster). Neither songs were released by Kirsti.

1968 Spain - La La La (Massiel)
- La La La by Kirsti, Oddvar & Arne (norwegian)  on 7" (Triola TN 5010)
- La La La by Kirsti, Oddvar & Arne (swedish) on 7" (Sonet T 7730)
1968 United Kingdom - Congratulations (Cliff Richard)
- Vi Gratulerer by Kirsti, Oddvar & Arne (norwegian) on 7" (Triola TN 5010)
- Vi Gratulerar by Kirsti, Oddvar & Arne (swedish) on 7" (Sonet T7730)
---Both above are A & B side of the same singles with U.K. 1968 being the a-side.
1970 Ireland - All Kinds Of Everything (Dana)
- Det Jeg Ser Omkring (norwegian ) on 7" (Triola TN 573)
- Allting Och Ingenting (swedish)  on 7" (Sonet T 7815)
1971 Monaco - Un banc, Un Arbre, Une Rue (Severine)
- På En Gammel Benk (norwegian) on 7" (Triola TN 610)
1971 United Kingdom - Jack In The Box (Clodagh Rodgers)
- Sim-Sala-Bim (norwegian) on 7" (Triola TN 610)
---Kirsti, Oddvar and Arne are Kirsti Sparboe, Oddvar Sanne and Arne Bendiksen.
If you have any correction or additions to this list, please let me know.
For all the Eurovision 2010 release info, please check The Oslo Collection
Oslo Weeks part 1 - Nora Brockstedt

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2010 The Oslo Weeks- Part 1: Nora Brockstedt

By all means of transport, ashclouds permitting, the 2010 Eurovision stars are arriving in Norways capital city Oslo for the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest.
While the new Superstars and main contenders are working their pretty little arses off drinking at parties, spending their allowance on overpriced souvenirs and other important promotional activities, Eurocovers reminisces on the gone old days.

Since the Finweeks in 2007 Eurocovers dives into Eurovision history with the popular songs and artists of the host country.

I Voted For Nora!
A few months ago there Norway Post was having a bit of a internet vote on who should be the 4th Norwegian Eurovision entity to be honoured with their face on a stamp. Three stamps were already decided to be graced by Norways Eurovision winners Bobbysocks!, Secret Garden and Alexander Rybak, and the public was to vote for another one. I voted for Nora Brockstedt, but in the end the people decided to give Jahn Teigen the honour. Bless him.
I'm sure it must have been a very close call, as Nora Brockstedt is one of the lovely superstars of early Eurovision.

She sang with the popular Monn Keys in the early 50's  and scored some popular tunes before she set foot on the Eurovision stage like En Liten Pike I Lave Sko and Eurocover Augustin (see below) .
She represented Norway on their first two Eurovision entries and after that Nora tried four times more in the national finals, the last time being in 1977.
In the 21st century Nora is still singing, she released her latest CD For Swingende in 2008.
You could have seen Nora Brockstedt live in action on May 28 at the Byporten shopping centre in Oslo. Bobbysocks! and Maria Haukaas Storeng also joined. (Byporten info).
update BeaRecords happened to be shopping in Oslo and recorded this footage of Nora Brockstedts performance of Voi Voi  for Youtube. BeaRecords YouTube channel is here.

Voi Voi
The first Eurovision entry for Norway was the brilliant Voi Voi by Nora Brockstedt. It ended 4th and still remains a popular tune in Norway. Nora recorded Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and English versions of the song. Voi Voi was a # 5 hit on the Norwegian charts (9 weeks on the list)
In 1988 a new version was released by Nora and the original singer can also be heard on some coverversions.
A very 21st century rappy coverversion is by Superstars who use the original version of the song. See the videoclip here at YouTube.

Follow up Sommer I Palma, also by Nora,  ended 7th at the contest but was picked up by two French Eurovision singers Isabelle Aubret  (the 1962 winner for France) and Jean Claude Pascal  (1961 winner for Luxembourg) both recorded the song as Si Mon Amour.
Finnish Eurovision legend Laila Kinnunen recorded the song in Finnish and Swedish.

Nora Brockstedts own collection of Eurocovers starts in 1957 with Norwegian and Swedish versions of the Danish entry Skibet Skal Sejle I Nat.

Below is a list of all Nora's Eurovision songs including all the Eurocovers I know of. There's many details missing, especially label info on the Norwegian releases. So if you know more, just let me know. I'm also looking for a complete picture sleeve scan of Sommer I Palma.

Nora Brockstedt
Eurovision and Eurocovers Discography.
Norway 1960 - Voi Voi
- Voi Voi (norwegian) on 7"(Karussell KM12)
- Big boy (english) - as Norah Brockstedt on 7" (U.K.: Top Rank JAR 353)
- Voi Voi (swedish) on 7" (Sweden: Joker JK 4004)
- Voi Voi (danish) on 7" (Denmark: Karussell KD 5010)
- Voi Voi (1988) on 7" (Garlic Records GR-1)
- Voi Voi (2006) - Bjelleklang with Nora Brockstedt
---on CD Sokker I Sandaler (Big Box records BBRCD 012, 2006)
- Voi Voi (2006) - Superstars (pop-rap version with original sample)
---Two versions on cdsingle  (Soundfarm recordings SFRCDS 0601)
Norway 1961 - Sommer I Palma
- Sommer I Palma (norwegian) on EP (Karussell TNEP 1062)
- Sommar I Palma (swedish) (Sweden: Joker JK 4014)
Denmark 1957 - Skibet Skal Sejle I Natt
---(Birthe Wilke & Gustav Winckler)
- Skibet skal seile i natt (norwegian) -  (RCA, details wanted)
- Skeppet skall segla i natt (swedish) on 7" (Cupol CS 4521)
--- & EP Höst i en park i Paris (Cupol SEP 105)
France 1958 - Dors Mon Amour (André Claveau)
- Sov i min favn (norwegian) on 7" (details wanted)
---and CD Tango For To, 50 Innspillinger Fra 50 År.
- Sov, min älskling (swedish) on EP (Cupol CEP 193) also includes I Det Blå.
Italy 1958 - Volare (Domenico Modugno)
- I dine blå øynes blå (norwegian) -  release details wanted
- I det blå (swedish) on EP (Cupol CEP 193)
Sweden 1959 - Augustin (Brita Borg)
- Augustin (norwegian) -  7" (RCA NA 1099) - a 5/7 hit in Norway
- Augustin (swedish) on EP (Cupol CEP 214, pic below)
Norway 1963 Solhverv
---(Anita Thallaug at Eurovision)
This song was performed twice in the Norwegian National selection, once by Jan Høiland and once by Nora Brockstedt. A different singer, Anita Thallaug, performed it at Eurovision and Jan Høiland is the only one to release the song (7" Columbia GN 1755).

Special thanks to Erik.

Sources: Eurovision Collectors Guide 1956-2005
The 10.000 Coverversions Project
Rate Your Music (Augustin label image).

The Oslo Collection for all your 2010 release news.
Previous Eurocovers posts with Norwegian stuff:
Grethe Kausland, Lille Grethe
Døsty Cåwshit, also a bit about them here.
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Puppet On A String: Norwegian Happy and Norwegian Gloom
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Lars Forsell: Du Er Sommer

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The Olsen Brothers New Album, updated

Is It A Bird?, Is It A Plane?

Three week ago Eurocovers reported (here) on the forthcoming album by 2000 Eurovision winners the Olsen Brothers. There is a new tracklist now and it turns out to be more exiting than the original announced tracklist did imply.

Less great news is that the release date is now set to the end of june, while Eurovision week probably would have been better publicity wise.

Here's the full new tracklist of Wings Of Eurovision (My Way Records):
1 - Bang A Boomerang
Not a Eurovision song, but a Swedish preselection song from 1975. ABBA's Björn & Benny penned it for Svenne & Lotta and it ended 3rd in the Swedish final. ABBA themselves recorded it for the 1975 ABBA LP.
The Olsens have also recorded ABBA's Fernando which can be found on the 2003 album More Songs.
2 - Love Shine A Light
The U.K. 1997 winner by Katrina and The Waves
3 - Hallelujah - Featuring Lill Babs
Israels second winner in a row from 1979. The Olsens team up with Swedish songstress superstar Lill Babs for a jazzy interpretation. Her own April April was 14th in the 1961 contest.
4 - What's Another Year
The Irish 1980 winner you can read all about in the post below.
5 - Rock 'n' Roll Kids
The original grey-power winner, Irelands 1994 entry by Paul Harrinton & Charlie McGettigan.
6 - Waterloo
ABBA's 1974 winner for Sweden
7 - Ein Bisschen Frieden - featuring Nicole
The bro's team up with the original singer Nicole for this version of the schmaltzy German 1982 winning song.
8 - Save Your Kisses For Me
Brotherhood Of Man won in 1976 for the United Kingdom
9 - Let It Swing And Let It Rock 'n' Roll
Norway's 1985 winner by Bobbysocks! (Elisabeth Andreasson and Hanne Krogh) now sung in English.
10 - Non So Che Darei - featuring Alan Sorrenti.
Alan Sorrenti, original singer of this Italian 1980 entry guests on this new version of his Italian #1 hit.
11 - Congratulations
The song by Cliff Richard that was allegedly robbed of its victory by Franco, dictator.
It's not the first Cliff cover for the Olsen Brothers: on their 2008 album Respect you can find Livin'Doll.
12 - Fly On The Wings Of Love 2010
13 - Smuk Som Et Stjerneskud 2010

The last two tracks are new versions of the Olsen Brothers winning song from 2000. The song was performed in English at the contest, but at the national final it was in Danish.
They also recorded the song in German as Weil Nur Die Liebe Zählt. This can be found on the German language album with the same name which was released in 2002.

Volare (Italy 1958) and Främling (Sweden 1983) seem to have disappeared from the tracklist, but according to the Olsen Brothers website at least Volare was recorded.  has more information on the recording of the new album.

Shop for The Olsen Brothers CDs at BeaRecords
Digital versions of the album have a bonus track: Fly On The Wings Of Love (Remix)

Stay Tuned For The Oslo Weeks
Trains and Boats And Planes, the 2010 Eurovision stars are heading to Norways capital city to sing their little hearts out for all the world to witness and win the much coveted Eurovision trophy.
Tradition dictates that Eurocovers will celebrate the event with The Oslo weeks. in the coming two weeks there's be articles on the best loved Norwegian Eurovision stars, the Norwegian classics and interesting / odd Eurovision hits covered by Norwegian artists.
For all the news on the 2010 entries, their versions, chart adventures and of course details on CD shopping must haves there's The Oslo Collection.

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Johnny Logan: What's Another 30 Years.

Johnny Logan, you either love him or adore him, King of Eurovision, Three times Eurovision winner, you will probably know all the accolades.

30 Years ago he won the contest for Ireland with What's Another Year, Irelands second victory of many, 10 years after Dana.

What's Another Year became a huge European hit, Going # 1 in U.K., Sweden and Ireland and top 10 in most European countries.

Johnny Logan recorded the song in English, German and Spanish (see below) and also released a few re-recordings, including a spanking new 2010 version.

I don't know if it's rough being percieved as a one trick pony, always being associated with Eurovision, but it surely keeps Johnny Logan in a job.
It still results in many guest appearances as singer and jury in the Eurovision pre-season and also resulted in a fantastic tour with the Eurovision In Concert show with the Dutch Airforce orchestra.

Nature Of Love
Of course Johnny Logan has released many other records, and his latest albums The Irish Connection and Irishman In America (2008) was quite successful chartwise in Scandinavia.

He has now recorded a new album titled Nature Of Love. The album is a bit country rock tinged and for the Eurovision fans: There's new versions of his three Eurovision winners What's Another Year, Hold Me Now and Why Me?.

The first single from Nature Of Love is Last Days Of Beautiful. You can listen to the song at Tajmer, Johnny Logans management.
The album is out in Germany May 7 (Indalo/DA Music). Excepts from all tracks can be heard at Rebeat.
Nature Of Love is now available at Bearecords, as well as many other Johnny Logan releases.
update In Scandinavia the album is out on the Black Pelican label (SME-8869771-2602). It charts in the Swedish Danish and Norwegian album charts. 

Most What's Another Year coverversions are from the Nordic countries and many are recorded in English but it was also a popular tune for orchestra's, Hammond players and other instrumental music magicians.
Eurovision stars that have recorded the song are Brotherhood Of Man, Geraldine Branagan, Noelle Cordier, Lars Berghagen, Ivo Linna and Jørgen Ingmann.

The most famous artists to record What's Another Year are Shane McGowan & The Popes (ex Pogues) and US country singer Charley Pride .
A personal favorite is by Australian singer Karen Knowles, one time (later) Seekers member. She recorded Logan's winner for her 2nd album Loves Us All in 1982. 

Que Es Un Año Mas
Now here's a glimpse in the weird & wonderful world that is Eurovision collecting.

Recording your Eurovision tune in a host of languages is a time honoured Eurovision tradition and Johhny Logan is no exception. His german version Was Ist Schon Ein Jahr is well known and was released on a single in Germany in 1980. But there has always been this elusive Spanish version Por Un Año Mas that seemed impossible to find. Many collectors came home from holidays in Spain to find out that the mega rare 7"inch single found in a grubby backstreet thrift shop contained the English version of the song.

For a few years it was known that the Spanish version had to be released on a Mexican compilation LP, but no one had ever heard the song. Johnny Logans discography makes no mention of it either.
Discussions about its existence were the order of the month and some even dared to doubt the Eurovision Collectors Guide, oh ye faithless. But no more!

Now it has finally surfaced, in fact, someone YouTubed it already a year ago, but I, and many collectors with me, just failed to notice.
The title turns out to be Que Es Un Año Mas and the LP in question is Europa Canta En Español, a collection of European hits performed in Spanish by the original artists like Rafaella Carra, Umberto Tozzi, Joe Dassin and Vicky Leandros. (Released on Epic, Mexico)

We, the anoraks, are without purpose now. But people in Mexico, does any of you have the Katja Ebstein promo single Teatro (Spanish version of course) lying about. Just drop me a line.
Special thanks to André Vermeulen

Andrew Carrington
Andrew Carrington, not the son of Blake, has recorded a coverversion of Was Ist Schon Ein Jahr, the German version of What's Another Year.
It can be found on his new album Ich Leb Für Dich.
Australian born Carrington was a lead singer in the Ten Tenors.
His German language CD also includes coverversions of Rücksicht (German entry 1983) and Wer Liebe Lebt (Germany 2001)
Ich Leb Für Dich is out May 7 on Warner Music Germany.

Sources: Muziekfreaks weblog, thanks to Marion Minten

2010: The Oslo Collection
The place to go for all the latest release news of the 2010 Eurovision stars.
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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Brita Borg - 1926 - 2010

Swedish Eurovision singer Brita Borg has died yesterday. She represented Sweden in 1959 with the tango Augustin and reached 9th place. (YouTube)
Augustin, written by Bo Harry Sandin and Åke Gerhard, only got four points. One came from Denmark and three from the Netherlands, but it was a completely different voting era with each country awarding ten points in total.
Brita Borg also recorded four 1959 Eurocovers, all from the EP Festival I Cannes below.

The EP Festival I Cannes (Knäppupp KNEP 83) includes four Swedish coverversions of 1959 Eurovision songs.
Om Våren ('n Beetje - Teddy Scholten, Netherlands, 1st)
Oui Oui Oui Oui (Jean Philippe, France, 3rd)
Piove (Domenico Modugno, Italy, 6th)
Åh, Ifall Jag Vore Du Ändå (Uh ! Jeg Ville Ønske Jeg Var Dig, Birthe Eilke, Denmark, 5th)

Brita Borg Wiki has more information on her career from the early 40's to the late 70's.
News at  SVT and Aftonbladet ( both in Swedish).
For more on Teddy Scholten (1926 - 2010), the original singer of 'n Beetje, check this Eurocovers tribute.