Monday, May 10, 2021

Rotterdam Weeks 2.1: Ragazzo di Piccola Città in una Grande Sala Giochi

The Rotterdam weeks at Eurocovers aren't complete with a coverversion of Duncan Laurence's Arcade, the song that held the Eurovision Trophy longer than any other. (which of course is not a really good thing, given the circumstances).
The Dutch had to wait 44 years for a victory and there have been dark years, as The Netherlands also holds the record for longest run of non qualifying entries in a row (8 years!).
But they stepped up their game and now we're in Rotterdam.
So, never give up, keep on dreaming, chin up, etcetera.

But this is Eurocovers so here's a a wonderful coverversion. In Italian!
Assaf Kacholi is an Israeli classical singer and he recorded Arcade already in English back in 2019. But he's a tenor and tenors have to sing in Italian. It's the law.
I couldn't find a (digital) release of this Italian version so we'll have to make do with the Youtube video or Assaf Kacholi's Facebook video's.
Kacholi's English version was released as a digital single and can also be found on his CD Symphony, available through his Bandcamp or his website shop

You can find out everything about Duncan Laurence's own Arcade here at the Tel Aviv Collection.
Includes info on the recordings, releases and belated but remarkable worldwide chart success.

Assaf Kacholi has a Website 
He also recorded a coverversion of La Forza, the Estonian entry of 2018 by Elina Nechayeva. This was released on his CD Amore from 2018. (digital at Bandcamp and other sources)
Kacholi was (is?) a member of classical vocal quintet / quartet Adoro who covered Merci Cherie (Austria 1966 winner) many moons ago on their CD Adoro from 2008.

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