Sunday, December 18, 2011

Smurfular Eurocovers 2011

Here's a shopping tip for the kids, just in time for the Christmasjul:
Having barely recovered from their multi million grossing movie theatre success the little blue guys (+1 girl) in the white pointy hats are at it again.
The Smurfs (or Smurfarna in Swedish) have recorded a Swedish version of Popular for their new album Smurfparty 3.
They call the song Populär. Also on the same album is a version of the Norwegian entry Haba Haba, now titled Bada Bada.
The album is out on Warner / Metronome on december 7. (WMS-5052498-980826)

The same two tracks can be found on their new Norwegian album Smurfeparty 3 (as Smurfene). Popular becomes Populær and Haba Haba is now Dans Meg Til Smurfeland. (Warner 5052498981021)

Since the little critters are cunning multilinguists they also recorded a Danish version Populær for their new Danish album Smølfeparty 3 (as the Smølferne) but that one doesn't have Haba Haba. (Warner Music Nordic)

Eric Saade's Popular and Stella Mwangi's Haba Haba were the 2011 Eurovision entries for Sweden and Norway respectively.
(links will take you to the Düsseldorf Collection pages)
Some Smurftastic Eurocovers of the 2009 and 2010 contest are documented here also featuring some smurfing oldies.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

CD news: Young for 50 years: Dúo Dinámico

Here’s some info on a new CD album by Dúo Dinámico, just released last week.
The duo are Manuel De La Calva and Rámon Arcusa from Spain and they have been at it for 50 years now, hence the albums title: Young for 50 years.
Somos Jovenes 50 Años is a collection of newly recorded duet versions of songs from the rich Arcusa / De La Calva vaults. Of course it includes their much debated 1968 Eurovision winner La La La in an interesting new version.

At Eurovision the song was performed by Massiel after the original choice singer Joan Manuel Serrat was axed for wanting to sing in Catalan. (more about that here).
Dúo Dinámico have now recorded La La La with Serrat. The first part of the song is Serrat singing in Catalan, the second part is the duo singing in Spanish.
Perhaps not the best version of the song, but an interesting version for the die hard fans and collectors.

The CD is out in Spain now and also available digitally at Los Tunos. The CD version comes with a DVD with a 'making of' the Somos Jovenes documentary and rare archive material in which they undoubtedly sport many of their attractive trademark sweater vests.

The full tracklist of the album:
01 Quisiera Ser - with Miguel Rios
02 Como Ayer - with Soledad Gimenez
03 Resistire - with Alaska
04 Perdoname - with Lolita
05 Eres Tu - with Andy y Lucas (not the Mocedades song)
06 Amor De Verano - with Carlos Baute
07 Quince Años Tiene Mi Amor - with Ana Torroja
08 Esos Ojitos Negros - with Diana Navarro
09 Somos Jovenes - with Los Pecos
10 Lolita Twist - with Leslie of Los Sirex and Santi of Los Mustang
11 Soy Un Truhan Soy Un Señor - with Julio Iglesias
12 La La La - with Joan Manuel Serrat

Title track Somos Jóvenes is a 1962 hit for the duo. Quisiera Ser is also the title of a 2007 musical built with 24 songs of the dynamic boys in Mamma Mia style.
Como Ayer from 1966 is one of their many contest winning hits, in this case the Mediterranean Song Festival.
In the early seventies they more or less stopped recording and focussed on writing and producing for other artists.
In 1968 the duo recorded and released La La La themselves (as Manolo y Ramon)

Special thanks to José Antonio

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Thursday, December 08, 2011

It's blue and it's a single!

German noisy jumpers Scooter recorded C'est Bleu for their new album The Big Mash Up. They got a little help of Eurovision Royal Vicky Leandros, the original singer of L'Amour Est Blue.

The 1967 song, a.k.a. Love Is Blue only ended 4th in the contest, but it became an evergreen. Although several other versions stole Vicky's thunder.
But she's making up for that with a vengeance:  the Scooter/Vicky track is released as a cdsingle (and download of course) and ít will be a smash hit. It's out on the Sheffield/Edel label in Germany.
And above is the official video which is from the Scooter Youtube channel.

BeaRecords sells the 2-track cdsingle which also features the Dubstyle remix of the song.

Update: O.K. it's not # 1 yet, but C'est Bleu enters the German charts at a modest #77 (week 50)

Love Love Love
Eurocovers loves L'Amour Est Bleu a lot (and so do many of you) so there have been several posts since the very first Eurocovers piece on Paul Mauriat and his re-invented 2nd version of the same song.
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Saturday, December 03, 2011

Poupée de cire, Poupée de son x 2

Viva Niñas

Here's a lovely coverversion of Poupée De Cire, Poupée De Son, the Luxembourg Eurovision winner originally by France Gall. Viva Niñas are Véronica Codesal, Soetkin Collier and Sophie Cavez, all members of Urban Trad of Sanomi fame (Eurovision 2003).
The girls love Eurovision and have performed many Eurovision hits in their live shows From Waterloo To Sanomi.
Poupée De Cire, Poupée De Son was released as a digital single last year and is still available at your digital outlets.

Above audio is from the Viva Niñas Youtube channel.
Also check out.Vina Niñas Myspace.

Jean Cristophe
And here's another cover of the Serge Gainsbourg / France Gall classic. Less cheery-uppety than the Niñas, but equally lovely.
This track is from an album that is scheduled for release on Valentines day 2012: Ma Vie En Rose by Jean Cristophe.

Jean Christophe Ma Vie En Rose website.