Saturday, August 01, 2009

Eurocovers Summer Break - part 2

Here's a few more Eurocovers Summer Break classics.

Okkar Eina Nótt - Erla Þorsteinsdóttir
Lovely Icelandic version of Dors Mon Amour, the 1958 winner for France (by André Claveau).
Find some great Argentine Tango versions of Dors Mon Amour in this Eurocovers post.

Aldila Ciptaan Dunya - Lilis Suryani
Indonesian version of Al Di La, the Italian 1961 entry originally by Betty Curtis. Lilis Suryani was a famous singer in Indonesia (she died in 2007). Her career was riddled with politics and controversy but most of all adoration from the Indonesian fans.

Al Di La in the top 10 most covered Eurovision songs.
The (other) Indonesian version of Al Di La by Sandra Reemer is here.
An Indonesian version of the 1973 winner is in this post.

BLOG TIP: While browsing for some more info on Lilis Suryani I came across an interesting blog with music from Indonesia. Madrotter. Hours of browing fun guaranteed.
I found two Eurocover related posts: Indonesian singer Ernie Djohans LP La Novia has Daar Bij De Rivier (Dutch version of Belgium 1964, Robert Cogoi's Près De Ma Rivière). And there's a wonderful Indonesian cover of everybodies favorite Love Is Blue (L'amour Es Bleu) in the post about the Reynettes. Go check it out, you know you want to.

Met Sint Jan - Lize Marke
Yugolavia's 1968 entry Jedan Dan in Flemish by Lize Marke who herself sang for Belgium in 1965. More Jedan Dan fun in the Eurocovers post Men In Tights.

La La La - Leelo Karp
Estonian version of the 1968 winner by Massiel (Spain)

Ek Sien 'n Ster - Barbara Veenemans
Afrikaans version of I See A Star (Ik zie een ster) by Mouth & MacNeal. #3 in the 1974 contest and a European hit for the Dutch Duo. Barbara Veenemans is a celebrated opera singer (soprano).

Eurocovers Summer Break part 1

2009: The Moscow Collection
Even though the 2009 contest is way behind us, The Moscow Collection blog still keeps you updated with the latest news on the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest. Versions, Releases, Charts, Coverversions, it's all there.
Some of the latest updates:
Bulgaria: Krassimirs Illusion, cdsingle & album out now
Turkey: Hadise Big In Japan, Japanese cdsingle & hit
Spain: Soraya, remix, mutant coverversion
Netherlands: Toppers In Concert CD & DVD imminent
Russia: Anastasiya's Mamo remixes online
Norway: Alexander Rybak wins the 54th Eurovision Song Contest and scores a European hit (& # 67 in Australia!), New remix on Russian CD.
Denmark: Brinck in the charts, promo release, Afrikaans coverversion

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