Friday, June 08, 2007

1975: Some More Ding A Dong

In the Eurocovers post They can't stop the spring (March 21) a few versions of the 1975 Dutch Eurovision winner Ding A Dong (Teach In) were featured, all recorded this millennium.
The song still proves popular as in 2007 at least six coverversions have been released.

I have put all my Ding A Dong knowledge in a single word document for those interested. The list features details on Teach In's original recordings in various languages plus a list of 125 coverversions. I'm sure there must be more, but I think it's quite a list already.

I recently found a Hungarian version of the song by Csonka András which was recorded in 2001, making the total number of languages the song was recorded in now at least 16.
Another one featured below is an Estonian version by ladies band Laine from the 2000 CD Uus laine. Estonian covers of Ding A Dong now total at least five, all recorded in the past decade.
Swedish clubby outfit Supersounds have three versions on their cd-single which was released in Sweden last March. With the Estonian StarSisters CD, Dutch DJ Maarten, A blind choir* & a theatre duo** from Germany and the Finnish Re:Play compilation it's six versions of the unforgettable 1975 tune that have been released in 2007. (any more??, let me know)
* Blinde Musiker München on CD Fast schon in New York (2007)
** Blond (=Annette Postel und Gunzi Heil) - Dud el-du on CD Frisch getönt (UPDATE, it's not from 2007, but 2004....)
* = if anyone happens to have an audio…..

The Supersounds version is available in a variety of remixes at most download sites and (Swedish) CD shops

A few more Ding A Dong versions can be found in this Eurocovers post .


casper said...


As far as I remember there was a dingadong cover by the Kinks but I am unable to locate it. You know anything abuout it?

Eurocovers said...

I haven't heard of that one, it would be pretty cool to hear the Kinks do the song.