Wednesday, May 30, 2007

1963: Julie London and her Wonderful Things

Singer and actress Julie London (Julie Peck) was known for her beauty more than for her music and wasn't too shy to show that on her lovely LP sleeves. But several of her albums are as pleasing on the ear as they are on the eye. Her debut LP from 1955 Julie Is Her Name (Liberty) is a must have LP for anyone who loves music. Her soft and gentle voice blends so beautiful with the minimal smooth guitars of Barney Kessel. The LP features the original version of the classic Cry Me A River. It is one of my all time favorite LP's.

Now to Eurovision: In 1963 the U.K. entry Say Wonderful Things by Ronnie Carroll ended 4th in the contest in London. Julie London recorded the song in the same year for the LP The Wonderful World of Julie London, which was critisized for being too 'Easy listening'. So, maybe not her finest moment but it gave us a Eurocover by a legendary superstar who represented all that was gorgeous at the turn of the 50's.

There's a CD re-issue with another LP (The Good Life) available at Amazon and other (web)shops, but if you want any Julie London record in your collection you should try and find some of the original (or even re-issue) LP's with the glorious picture sleeves in the only format that does them justice: 12' inch.
Julie London died in 2000 at the age of 75.

Eurovision fans take notice: Julie London is the original inventor of the wrap me up in drapes act made famous in the contest by Sertab, André, Sakis and Sarbel almost 50 years later.
You can find a nice bio and discography with many pictures here at this recommended tribute site.

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Adolph said...

Love Julie, not to interested in mgp but lots of your uploaded Puppets and Poupee De Cire's will have to pop up in my kill-U2 kind of blog.

BTW, this Waterloo thing, was very popular in the easy listening big big band area, and I have quite a lot of that **** hanging around on usb-hd's. I could make a search.