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VII: 40 Years - Puppet On A String - today UPDATED 12-04

April 8, 1967 - 2007

Today we're flying the flag for Sandie Shaw and the 40th anniversary of the victory of Puppet On A String at the Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna.
For the past months Eurocovers has presented a colourful collection of worldwide coverversions of the song, penned by Phil Coulter and Bill Martin.
A few more will follow in the coming weeks.
Over the past 18 years I have been keeping track of all Eurovision covers I could find in the 10.000 coverversions project and I have uploaded the list of all versions of Puppet On A String in this word document.
It also has a Sandie Shaw - Puppet Discography. Here you can find all Sandie's versions I know of. I hope some of you can add some more, or just fill in some of the blanks on the list. All info is welcome.
Marionetas en la cuerda, a Spanish comic book from 1967. A story about a marionette winning a singing competition, tied in nicely with Sandie Shaws success. She's pictured on the front (click for larger image).

Todays celebrations call for some bagpipes and here is one of the coolest / rarest / fantasticest version of the 1967 Eurovision winner.

Strap up yer gillies, here's a rarity which will please the Eurovision fans. The U.K. has never attempted an entry in another national language than English. And I only have been able to find details on two Eurovision covers in non English British languages. One is Mary Hopkins' Welsh version of Morgen (Netherlands 1968), the other is this: Gille-mirein (Puppet) by Alasdair Gillies, sung in Gaelic.
"Voice of the Highlands" Gillies is a singer of Scottish songs and according to Daily Express "The music of the mountains and lochs lies deep in his soul". He featured regularly on 1960s TV programmes like ‘Se Ur Beatha’ which brought Gaelic into Scottish homes and with it increasing popularity and interest in the songs of the Gaels and their singers.

UPDATE The only picture I could find is from the sleeve of the CD 'The best of Alasdair Gillies' This CD features 4 songs in Gaelic and 16 in English but no Gille Mirein.
Really big thanks to Klaus for the song.

Word.doc with all versions of Puppet On A String
Singer Alasdair Gillies should not be confused with the late Scottish bagpipe virtuoso/legend of the same name.

Does anyone know of any other Eurovision coverversions in Gaelic, Welsh or any other British language that isn't English? drop me a comment or e-mail

The Year Of The Puppet celebrates the 40 year anniversary of Sandie Shaw's Eurovision victory with Puppet On A String. Introduction to the series in this Eurocovers post.

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