Friday, January 12, 2007

VII: Year Of The Puppet - Gloria Lasso

Here's the first version of Puppet on a string. After English, Spanish is the language the song is recorded in most, by Spanish artists but also by stars from South America. The first Spanish version in the Year Of The Puppet is by Gloria Lasso

Gloria Lasso was born Rosa Maria Coscolin Figueras in Barcelona in 1922.
She moved to France where her career took off and the press liked to portrait her as Dalida's rival, mainly because of her exotic accent. A battle which, in the end, Dalida won.
Lasso moved to Mexico and focussed on a career in South America. Her career was was at a high in the 60's when she performed for French president de Gaulle, Queen Elisabeth of Great Britain and U.S. president John F. Kennedy (source: Notimex)
Her most famous song was Etranger au paradis (Extraño en el paraíso in Spanish), Stranger in paradise written by Tony Bennett, which is said to be the first million selling record in France.

A 1985 come back didn't really bring new fame but she remained a popular performer in Mexico until her death in november 2005. (2 weeks after her last concert there)

Gloria Lasso covered several early Eurovision songs including:
Italy 1959 - Ciao Ciao Bambina (Spanish)
Luxembourg 1961 - Nous les amoureux (French)
France 1962 - Un premier amour (French)
Spain 1962 - Llamame (Spanish)
U.K. 1967 - Marionetas en la cuerda (Spanish)

Marionetas en la cuerda and Ciao Ciao Bambina can be found on the CD Sus 24 Grandes Exitos on the Mediterraneo label (2004)

I don't know on which LP, EP or single Marionetas was originally released on. If you do, please let me know.

More Spanish versions of Puppet on a string to come….
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Haldor said...

Great blog, lots of versions of puppet on a string that I didn't even know about.

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Anonymous said...

I really don't think Dalida won the battle in the end, in spite of her fame she couldn't cope with her demons and commited suicide.
Gloria Lasso, on the other hand, lived to 83, her talent has received due recognition and recordings are everywhere now....