Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Eurovision VII: Rebeca's mom Franciska

Mision Eurovision, the Spanish' endless search for a Eurovision song for Helsinki already delivered some fabulous TV moments. Fans' favorite Rebeca struggled to get through to the final but thankfully Auntie 'Help, I can't stop talking' Massiel helped her a bit. But the classic TV moment of the year was of course Rebeca's mom crying and holding on to her leopard print handbag.

Rebeca's mama is Franciska, 60's singer in her own right, and she released this EP with a Spanish version of the 1966 entry from Luxembourg Ce soir je t'attendais by Michèle Torr.In the meantime here's Michèle Torrs own spanish version.
Franciska EP - Polydor 314-FEP
Michèle Torr EP - Canta en Español - Mercury 152 063

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Jamie said...

I've posted the Rebeca performance on my blog. There are some fabulous close ups of Franciska making a real show up of herself.