Wednesday, January 03, 2007

VII: Døsty Cåwshit a.k.a. Dusty Cowshit

They're in the preselection in Norway this year, Dusty Cowshit.
Their song Chicken Rodeo will be performed on januari 27 in the second heat.

Dusty Cowshit are a 10 man band who set every Norwegian barn alight with their party version of Country music.
There's only six places on the Eurovision stage, so if they're chosen to go to Helsinki Odd Evil Custer, Remi Remington, Uncle Tom Tom, Ole Hickock, Kaare Kid, Morten Kane, Petter Gun, Jo Man, Knut Kruttlapp and Stig Sundance will decide in a fistfight who will go and who will stay (or just wait and see who's sober enough)
They're not new to the Eurovision tune, as their drunken country versions (a.k.a. good old cowboy polka feeling) of the classic scandinavian entries below prove.

The Norwegian entries are from the CD 'Østenfor soon, western for råde', and they were also released on a cdsingle with Nocturne as the main track. It was a number 13 hit (5 wks in top 20) in Norway in 1996 which was the first and only time the song charted, as the original version by Secret Garden from 1995 wasn't released as a single in Norway.

Samiid Aednan - Främling - La det Swinge - Nocturne

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