Monday, January 01, 2007

AB/BA - AC/DC style

First of all, a great big happy VII to all Eurocovers readers, let's make it a good one!

Now to more urgent matters.


2006 was a good year for Eurovision metal. The mighty mighty Lordi won the Eurovision songcontest, and Berlin AC/DC tribute band RIFF RAFF released a CD full of abba covers.
Waterloo isn't an unexpected choice for a rock/metal band to cover, it has been done before for example by Black Ingvars (Sweden), Cloth (New Zealand), Gabba (in Ramones style), Los Enemigos (Spain) and Nation (Sweden) but it's 'interesting' to hear what AC/DC's version of I have a dream and Chiquitita would sound like.
Voicewise the bands singer Steve sticks close to the original, not ABBA, but AC/DC, and after a song or 5 it makes you wonder, why didn't AC/DC have any songs as good as this? (Just kidding guys) In all, great fun for all to be had, now all sing along: Mamma Mia, here you go to Hell....

The album is titled AB/BA - Rock'n'Roll Mutation vol. 1. (the / being a little electric flash sign thingy)

Money, Money, Money
I Have A Dream
Super Trooper
Mamma Mia
Take A Chance On Me
Knowing Me, Knowing You
Winner Takes It All
Dancing Queen

Riff Raff have their own homepage and also a My Space with music.
The CD is available from international selling Rock shop

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