Tuesday, December 19, 2006

OST The Possible: A Ba Ni Bangkok [UPD]

OST - The Possible
If you happen to be in Thailand for Christmas, just be sure to check out the hit movie 'Gao Gao - The Possible'.

It's a comedy adventure movie about a band (The Possible) from 2512* accidentally being zipped to 2549, but there's one main reason why it's possibly the Coolest Movie Ever Made: It has a cover version of A ba ni bi! - In Thai !!

The song, now 'Ai bah Ai bee Ai bo Ai be' is performed by the band (a spoof version of popular 60s Thai band The Impossible) with main actor Joey Boy as the lead singer.
The soundtrack is released on a CD and also on a karaoke DVD.
Also includes Thai cover versions of Ring My Bell (Anita Ward) and You're my world (Cilla Black), Linda Linda (Tee Set) and a track called Wan-kerd (Del Shannons Runaway)

The CD and karaoke DVD are available from http://www.ethaicd.com/ . I bought a CD from them once which arrived in 10 days and was shockingly cheap.

The movie has it's own website http://www.possiblethemovie.com/. It's in Thai, but you can look at the pictures.

Can't wait? here it is
ไอ้บ้า ไอ้บี้ ไอ้โบ้ ไอ้เบ้ 

* According to the Thai calender it's 2549 A.B. (Anno Buddah) today
2512 was 1969 a.k.a. 14 A.E. (Anno Eurovisio)

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