Sunday, December 17, 2006

The offspring of Dschinghis Khan

Here's some lovely annoying versions of Dschinghis Khan.
It seems the Ralph Siegel classic about the man who gave his genes to 1 in every 200 men living today is still going strong and spreading now beyond the world gene pool into animation and to your cellphones.

We already had the annoying finnish cellphone chipmunk Pikku Orava and now I found two Baby versions from Korea which are equally irritating.

One has the innocent name Bebe Queen and the other is published by Dreamwiz or something (I really haven't got a clue, maybe you do???).
Both versions are just a minute long and made in 2006.
There will be more Dschinghis Khan features in the future with versions from all over the world.
-----------------------That dreamwiz version / Bebe Queen / Pikku Orava

베베퀸 Bebe Queen - 징기스칸쏭 (from cdsingle)
동방공주 Dreamwiz -징기스칸쏭 (from kids CD)
Pikku Orava - Tsingis Khan from CD 'Uusi Ceedee'

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Many thanks for sharing all these Euro Covers . Keep up the good work !