Sunday, December 28, 2008

愛你的只有一個我 - A new A Ba Ni Bi from Taiwan

Thanks to a tip from Anonymous from Hong Kong here's some details on a great new version of Israels 1978 Eurovision winner A Ba Ni Bi.
Taiwanese singer Harlem Yu, (庾澄慶, Yú Chéngqìng) has recorded a version sung in Mandarin for his latest CD.
The title 愛你的只有一個我 translates as I Am The Only One Who Loves You. This version has been released as the lead single for his new album Lady's Night which was released on Linfair records earlier this month.
Singer, Songwriter & TV-show host Harlem Yu is a pioneer of Taiwanese RNB and he is responsible for the first ever Mandarin rap song (source: Wiki)
You can hear the song here and see the video here.(YT)

Very Special Thanks to Anonymous from Hong Kong.

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