Thursday, April 12, 2007

VII: Ven A Bailar Mi Vida - 2007 covers

The 52nd Eurovision Song Contest in Helsinki is still a month away, but already there is some activity on the Coverversions front.

SPAIN - I Love you mi vida
d'NASH boys have been chosen to sing I Love You Mi Vida, but it took a 7 week extravaganza with about a 100 artists showing their skills before it was a done deal.

One of the composers, Rebeca, had big plans to sing the song herself, but she didn't make it to the final show, where 5 artists all sang 5 songs including I Love You Mi Vida.
Rebeca has recorded the song herself and if you go to her homepage you can hear the song.
She has also recorded a full Spanish version 'Seduce mi vida'. (picture: An older Rebeca compilation CD)

You can find a feature about Rebeca's mom, Franciska in this Eurocovers post.

NORWAY - Ven a bailar conmigo
I Love You Mi Vida was co-written by Thomas G. Son from Sweden, which brings us to the 2nd even more controversial coverversion of 2007. Ven A Bailar Conmigo.
A Spanish title for another G. Son song that is the Norwegian entry by Guri Schanke, which is performed in English.
This one is also recorded by Swedish preselection contestant Anna Book. Her version of the song is in Swedish and is on her CD Samba Sambero. It was released before any release by Guri Schanke and it caused some bad press for Thomas G. Son. The song is also said to be rejected for the Swedish Melodifestivalen, allegedly...

Anna Books Samba Sambero CD is available at BeaRecords (Anna Book page) and at any CD shop in Sweden.

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