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Spain 1966: Yo Soy Aquel in the 21st Century

Here's a 1966 Eurovision classic that is doing good business this side of the millennium.
Originally Yo Soy Aquel, written by Manuel Alejandro, was performed by Raphael, Spanish legend and probably the biggest voice in Spanish Pop ever. He took Yo Soy Aquel to a 7th place and improved on that result a year later with Hablemos del Amor (6th).

Yo Soy Aquel's longevity is proven againby it's current successes in South America, where the song is hot and several artists have revived it for use in Telenovela's, Footie compilations and Idols performances.
The biggest success story is that of David Bolzoni (of AQM). He recorded Yo Soy Aquel for the Argentina soap (Telenovela) Montechristo and released it on his Best selling CD David Bolzoni. An airplay # 1 in several South American countries. With a modern pop arrangement this is how the song probably would sound if it entered Eurovision today.

In 2005 Gerardo recorded a latin hip hop version of Yo soy Aquel on his cd 180 °, using samples from the original orchestra. Gerardo is a popular rap-pop mega star in Latin America, who once crossed the Atlantic by scoring a European hit with Rico Suave.

A personal favorite is by El Andy Club. This spotty Eminem lookylikey from Argentina is holding his instrument (What is it?) on the sleeve of his 2006 private issue CD Yo Soy Aquel and his version sounds a bit like a selfproduced cumbia in the bedroom version which makes it all totally fantastic!. The track is also on his first official CD Un montón de estrellas.

Short stop in Chile for another telenovela: Longhi's big rock ballad version graced the soundtrack of the Chilean TV series Hippie from 2004.

Brasil delivers a version in Portuguese, Eu sou aquele, by Os Anjos, from the tv series Vingança. With a leading role for Love Actually actress Lúcia Moniz, better known as the singer with the best ever Eurovision result for Portugal (6th in 1996). Vingança is the Portuguese version of Montecristo, aired in Brasil and Portugal. I haven't found a studio version of the Os Anjos version in Portuguese yet but it's all over Youtoop.

Other versions of Yo Soy Aquel recorded this century are by Luis Ramirez y Ray de la paz, Sabroso (Argentina), Apnea (Spain), Horris Kamoi, El King (Argentina), Bambú (rap with samples), Cumbia Zero (Mexico), Juanon Lucero (Argentina), and the Orquesta Simfonica Barcelona I Nacional Catalunya.

There are three versions of Yo Soy Aquel I'm especially looking for, if anyone can help it would be wholeheartedly appreciated.
Manuel Alejandro - The version by the original composer that was released on a spanish EP Disco Sorpresa Fundador Canciones Favoritas.
Kenny Damon (UK) - Only your love - Could even be in Spanish and a minor airplay hit in the UK in the 60's.
Martha Strada (Cuba) - a 60's recording from the album Martha Strada - Las voces del siglo - Abrazame fuerte

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