Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Zoukovery: Discover Zouk Covers

I haven't been able to find out much about this outfit, Zoukovery. They're either from from La Reunion, French overseas department, east of Madagascar, or from a French Polynesian or Caribbean territory.
Their albums bear the imaginative titles Zoukovery 1, 2, 3 and 4 and for the rest I'm a totally clueless.

Zouk music originates in Guadeloupe and Martinique and has spread across the world, well mostly across French territories.
Zoukovery's albums were recorded in the last 10 years and they feature several versions of Eurovision songs, all in French. It isn't hardcore zouk on offer, but polite gentle versions perfect for your outdoor dinner parties.

Here's a short Zouk discography with Zoukovery's songs and two more. I'm missing half of them and any information would be very welcome.

Elle etait si jolie (France 1963 - Alian Barrière)
- Zoukovery - CD Zoukovery Vol. 3
N'avoue Jamais (France 1965 - Guy Mardel)
- Poz k'fe - CD Avec ou sans sucre vol. 2
Un banc, un arbre, une rue (Monaco 1971 - Severine)
- Zoukovery - CD Zoukovery vol. 4
Après toi - (Luxembourg 1972 - Vicky Leandros)
- Zoukovery (+ instrumental) - L'Album Zoukovery Vol 1
Tu te reconnaitras (Luxembourg 1973 - Anne-Marie David)
- Zoukovery - CD Zoukovery Vol. 4
L 'Oiseau et l'enfant (France 1977 - Marie Myriam)
- Zoukovery - CD Zoukovery Vol. 4
- New Generation (Tahiti) - CD Ia Ho`e o To`u Nuna`a (1998)
Si la vie est cadeau (Luxembourg 1983 - Corinne Hermès)
- Zoukovery - CD Zoukovery vol. 4
White and black blues (France 1990 - Joelle Ursull)
- C. Wyllis - CD Le top du zouk (CDMC, 2002)
Joelle Ursull, Miss Guadeloupe 1979, original singer of White and black blues, once was a member of Zouk Machine, the Guadeloupe girl trio that had a European hit with Maldòn (La musique dans la peau) in the early 90's. By then Ursull had already been kicked out of the band, but she got her revenge with the successful Eurovision song and recommended album Black French. The lyrics to White and black blues are penned by Serge Gainsbourg.

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Site Tip:
I mentioned this website before, but there's a lot of new stuff to find at the website of Jean Paul Cara, composer of L'oiseau et l'enfant. Recent additions are covers in Basque, Finnish, Estonian and Turkish. Highly recommended.

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