Thursday, April 05, 2007

VII: Year Of The Puppet - Reggy van der Burgt

It's Eurovision Week, 40 years ago that is, and today Year Of The Puppet features a Dutch version of Puppet On A String. Speelbal in de wind (Toy-ball in the wind).

Reggy van der Burgt is a fairly unknown Dutch singer who, like so many, could have been a star if only….
She won a talent show when she was in her 20s and scored her only hit Teddybeer in 1966/1967. Follow up singles (incl. Speelbal…) fail to chart and her well received debut album fails to score commercially. I guess it's the sad old story 'Record company has other plans than artist' that probably killed off Reggy's career. But Teddybeer, a tale about exchanging your faithfull cuddly toy for a live one that hugs back, remains a treasured classic in Dutch pop history.

Reggy van der Burgt also recorded De tijd staat niet stil (Time doesn't stand still) a wonderful coverversion of the German 1966 song Die Zeiger der Uhr (Hands of the clock) which can be found on the b-side of Teddybeer. (single CNR UH 9833)

Speelbal in de wind / Maar morgen is hij mij vergeten (single CNR UH 9930)

Speelbal in de wind was also recorded by Dutch Eurovision singer Anneke Grönloh.

ZingZing has a lovely Reggy van der Burgt discography.

Stay tuned for some more great Puppets in the coming days.

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