Friday, February 23, 2007

VII: Year Of The Puppet - Florbela Queiros - Boneca Articulada

Florbela Queiros is a Portuguese actress who starred in several movies of the Nouvelle Vague variety. Now you can say a lot about Puppet On A String, but not that it's Nouvelle Vague, so I don't think the song is from any of her movies.

This song is from an EP titled Folclore Americano (Tecla TE 1013)

UPDATED with picture sleeve and release details 01-07-07


albgardis said...

Hi, I found your blog last week linked to Freche Fruechtchen, and I am amazed what you offer here. I used to think I was familiar with the Grand Prix and everything around, but no, I know nothing, haha. Great stuff you have found, wow!

Unfortunately, now that you have changed the server (dunno the correct term, the host where the file is hosted), I can't get to them anymore. Rapidshare is annoying with the waiting, but at least it works. This mediafire will not even open, I get an error everytime I am trying.

I am giving you this feedback, hoping that others will also come in and tell about their experiences with this.

Thanks for the great work!!!

Eurocovers said...

Thanks for that, I had comnplainst about rapidshare and hoped Mediafire would solve everything.

The Flobele aong is now uploaded with both.

Eurocovers said...

that should read Florbela song

pt said...

I thing there are 2 other portugal versions. you have to confirm Conjunto académico João Paulo (Puppet On A string) and Simone de Oliveira (Marionette)