Monday, February 12, 2007

The Eurovision Collectors Guide

Some of you will probably know this already, but here's a plug of my core activity: the Eurovision Collectors Guide.

The Eurovision Collectors Guide is a small booklet featuring all information on Eurovision records that were released from 1956 up to 2005.
Last year March the most recent version was issued, spanning 50 years of Eurovision recording history.
The booklet has been a usefull source of information on records and recordings for Eurovision collectors, professionals and fans for 18 years.

50 years of Eurovision records
This 9th edition is, like always, a handy A5 booklet, 80 pages full of information for the Eurovision record collector.
It's in Black & White, has listings by country and some picture sleeves for your entertainment, but most of all it is a book so stuffed with information for the Eurovision collectors and fans it almost bursts out of its staples.

- All points and places of all entries 1956 - 2005.
- Titles, original artists and all recorded versions (languages, remixes etc.)
- Record company label info + 7", 12", EP, 78rpm, cds, LP & CD details
- Entries that didn't make to the Eurovision stage
- Chart details in the homecountries of many entries

New in the 9th edition:
- Symbols for demo versions & instrumental/karaoke versions
- A special Missing Versions section
- Multiple entries EP's and singles

Many newly discovered versions and re-recordings and have been added since the successful edition from 2002. Plus of course all new entries from 2003, 2004 and 2005, including all the new countries and all semi-finalists.

The 9th edition '50 years of Eurovision records' is still avaliable at 10,- euro + postage, if you want more info feel free to ask

As an addition to the booklet there's my Yahoo group. The Baby Baby Eurovision Collectors Guide group. (It's a long title and a tribute to St. Nicole & St. Hugo of Belgium.)

Here you will find the latest updates to the Collectors guide booklet, the latest release news including all there is to know about the 2006 & 2007 Eurovision releases and versions.
If you want to be kept up to date with the latest release news and trivia I invite you to join. You will need a (free) Yahoo ID.

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