Sunday, May 27, 2007

VII: The Year Of The Puppet - More from Jamaica

I haven't forgotten it's still The Year Of The Puppet at Eurocovers, so here's a quicky.
In the Eurocovers post on
Ken Boothe you can read more about reggae versions of Sandie Shaw's Eurovision winner made in Jamaica, with a list and versions by Boothe.

Here's a few of the lesser known coverversions of Puppet On A String from the 70's.

Tyrone Taylor
- on 7"inch (Micron MIC 2407, 1975)
Paul Sinclair- on 7"inch - b-side to Flabba Holt's I'm not a king (On Top records, 1975)
Enos McCloud a.k.a McLeod or McLoud
- on LP By the look in your eyes (Stewmac SB 003, probably 1979)

More Eurovision reggae in: Jamaica, can I have your votes please? part 1 / part 2

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