Saturday, November 18, 2006

Jamaica, can I have your votes please? pt. 2

Here's some more stuff from Jamaica.
Most Jamaican recordings I found are by male singers.
There are hardly any version by female singers and I think this reflects the state of the Jamaican music business.
And if I find something with a girly name (Lynn, Ambelique) they turn out to be men too.
But I managed to find two female versions, and both have a go at an Irish winner.

A popular record is 'All kinds of everything' by Peggy and the Cimmarons. Her version of the 1970 winner has a sort of upbeat feel which is both charming and innocent.
I think it's at least as good as the original.
The original 7"inch single features the vocal version and an instrumental version and is a bit of a collectable. (Trojan TR 7752, Jamaica 1970)
The single was released in several other countries too, sometimes only mentioning Peggy or spelling Cimmarons as Cimarrons.

Another Irish winner that got the reggae makeover is Johnny Logans 1987 song 'Hold Me Now' by Tanya Stephens.
I found this track on a compilation album 'Pure Lovers' (Jetstar Phonographic records) but it was also released on a Tanya Stephens 12"inch single.
Tanya Stephens has her own MySpace and Hold me now is an early recording for her.

There's two versions by female singers I'm still looking for.
Fermena - Come what may (Après toi) + b-side version by Fermena & Ranny
- 7"inch single (PAMA PM 839, UK)
Plus on LP Soul and ska (Island ILP 968) by Joyce Bond there's a 'Puppet on a string', but I'm not sure it's the Sandie Shaw tune
If anyone can help me with these, please drop me an e-mail or comment.

All Kinds Of Everything - All kinds…. (Instrumental) - Hold me now

P.S. A Jamaican interpretation of Riki Sorsa's Reggae O.K. still has to be found………

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Anonymous said...

come what may is on youtube, and is for sale on numerous online shop sites, and at least 4 or 5 copies on discogs