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FINWEEKS: Eurocovers covers the classics in Finnish

Eurovision Week in Helsinki.
It's been said before, despite the lack of success Finland is a Eurovision Nation Extraordinaire. In no other country have so many Eurovision songs been covered and most of them were recorded in Finnish. Popular singers like Laila Kinnunen, Katri Helena and Marion Rung each have recorded 10 or more songs in Finnish.
In the 80's there were LP's featuring all songs of the yearly event getting the Finn-over and even in modern times, when not many coverversions are recorded, there's the odd Finnish version.

Here's some Finnish coverversions of the ancient Eurovision winners.
I don't know of any Finnish cover of the first Eurovision (Refrain by Lys Assia, 1956) but for almost every year after some Finnish artist has covered the Eurovision winner, and often several other entries too.
Netherlands 1957 - Net als toen - Corry Brokken
- Kalevi Tauru - Oispa unta se vain (7" Triola ts 356 & 78 RPM Triola t 4356, 1958)
France 1958 - Dors Mon Amour - André Claveau
- Leif Wager - Nukkuos rakas (EP Blu Master blu 122 & 78 RPM Blue Master blu 550) (Leif Wager pictured right)Netherlands 1959 - 'n Beetje - Teddy Scholten
- Seija Karpiomaa - Vain hiukan (Various artists EP Scandia SEP 99)

France 1960 - Tom Pillibi - Jacqueline Boyer
- Laila Kinnunen - Tom Pillibi (7" Scandia KS 358 & EP Eurovision Laulukilpailut, Scandia SEP 120)
Laila Kinnunen (1939-2000) is one of the great legendary singers in the history of Finnish popular music.
I'm working on a Eurocovers post detailing all her Eurovision covers to be featured here soon.

Luxembourg 1961 - Nous les amoureux - Jean Claude Pascal
- Leif Wager - Me rakastavaiset (7" Decca SD 5528)
France 1962 - Un premier amour - Isabelle Aubret
- Vieno Kekkonen - Ensimäinen rakkaus (7" Scandia KS 428 & EP Scandia SEP 162)

Finnish recordings are probably the best archived in the world. If you visit Database of The Finnish Institute of Recorded Sound you can find all documented records that were ever released in Finland from 1901 to 1999.
Not just Eurovision, but anything you need to find out. If anyone in Finland ever recorded a cover of your favorite song, it's there.

Above are featured vinyl recordings that mostly haven't been issued on CD.
A must have 2CD with Eurocovers from 1958 to the late 90's in Finnish is available in Finnish shops and at BeaRecords. You can find details in this Eurocovers post.

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