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FINWEEKS: Finnish songs that crossed the borders

Most coverversions of Finnish Eurovision entries are in Finnish, but a few travelled across Europe and got a makeover in another language. Here's a few of them.

1962 - Tipi Tii - original by Marion Rung
- Tipi tii has been covered in all Scandinavian languages, several by Eurovision (pre) singers like Katy Bødtger (Danish) and Jan Hølland (Norwegian). Finnish 1966 Eurovision singer Ann Christine recorded a German version.
1965 - Aurinko läskee länteen - original by Viktor Klimenko
- This was covered by Kalmer Tennosaar from Estonia as Päike loojub läänes. Tennosaar also covered the 1969 entry Kuin silloin ennen (Just nii kui enne) and the UK entry of 1964 I love the little things (Kõik on kui laul). All can be found on the on the compilation CD Laulus Sulle..
1966 - Playboy - Ann Christine
The Dorthe Kollo material is removed
1967 - Varjoon Suojaan - Fredi
- A Spanish version was recorded by Adriangela as the b-side of another Spanish cover, that of the French 1967 entry.
(7" Tan Lejos / Para Que - Zafiro 00X 882). Both songs can also be found on the CD Adriangela!! (HAMM 0442)
1976 - Pump Pump - Fredi & Friends
- Another song that got a handful of makeovers in Scandinavia. Plus one in Greece, by Robert, Bessy, Takis & Rena.
They were members of the Robert Williams group who covered many Eurovision songs in Greek in the 70's.
Robert & Bessy entered the Eurovision stage themselves in 1977 when Greece entered with Mathema solfege.
2002 - Addicted to you - Laura Voutilainen
- Originally in English at the contest, Valeriya covered the fans favorite in Russian for her CD Nezhnost moya (2006) as Polyot.
- Валерия - Полёт - CD Нежность моя

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There are a few versions I'm looking for especially.
1973 - Tom Tom Tom - original by Marion Rung
A Serbian version of Tom Tom Tom (Finland 1973) that was recorded in Yugoslavia by Daliborka Stojšic (7" Jugoton SY-22536)
1981 - Reggae OK - original by Riki Sorsa
An Estonian version Otse resgy by Widholmi Piduripael. This is from an LP Mäletan veel which was released in Sweden in 1982 (Estonian voice: SLP 1017)
The Estonian Voice label released several Estonian LP's including some with Eurocovers. I'd love to find out more about these releases for a future Eurocovers post but I haven't been able to find out anything else than their existance and tracks. Can anyone shed some light on these albums and their history? please let me know….

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