Friday, May 11, 2007

RePlay Euroviisut 2007 CD

Bonnier/Amigo Music Finland have released a compilation CD with Eurovision covers in a trance/dance style including a coverversion of Hanna Pakarinens 'Leave Me Alone' (Finland 2007) and last years winner Hard Rock Hallelujah. I've seen the album at CD-ON.
UPDATE Re:play Euroviisut is now also available at BeaRecords.

The album is titled Re:Play Euroviisut and is out now.
(Not to be confused with a 2005 CD with the same name)

01. Hold Me Now (Lowland & Drome)
02. Katson sineen taivaan (Transamerica feat. Katasha)
03. A-ba Ni-bi (Vovecto + T.K.)
04. Hard Rock Hallelujah (Gothrance feat. Liia + Saga & Street)
05. Poupeé De Cire, Poupeé De Son (Françoise Framboise feat. Margaretha)
06. Leave Me Alone (Android Army feat. Linah)
07. Diggiloo Diggiley (Jennie)
08. Diva (Maryan)
09. Ding - A - Dong (Volvecto + Liia)
10. Eläköön elämä (Stomper & Maryan)
11. Pump Pump (Pikku-Freddie)
12. Fantasiaa (radical Rat Race feat. Pirita & Tara)
13. A Little Piece (Mädchen Roshill)

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