Tuesday, June 12, 2007

VII: Year Of The Puppet - Sakura Teng (UPDATED)

In the Year Of The Puppet I have featured two fabulous versions of the Sandie Shaw Eurovision winner Puppet On A String sung in Mandarin (Chinese). One by Betty Chung and one by Lara and the Trailers.
A third version in Mandarin I know of is by Sakura Teng and the Quests.
I lost the bidding for the record (again) but I cleverly robbed the picture sleeve, so here it is.
If anyone wants to share the song you'd make me a happy man.
Puppet On A String in Mandarin - discography
鍾玲玲 - 在你手中把線牽 Betty Chung (Hong Kong)
- Zai ni shou zhong ba xian qian - on EP Bell a go go (EMI 7 EPA 197)

櫻櫻 - 多棈郎 Lara & the trailers (Singapore)
- Duo qian lang on EP (CEP 3004)

Sakura Teng & Quests (Singapore) on EP (EMI ECHK 579)

Meanwhile check these posts for the Betty Chung and Lara versions with picturesleeves and music or other Chinese Eurovision covers by Shirley Kwan and Annabelle Lui
And a recommended blog for Asian pop currently featuring another Sakura Teng EP is Mod-ified Music. Worth checking out now! UPDATE Also check this post at Mod-Ified, it has one of the most absolutely poptastic coverversions of Love Is Blue (Luxembourg 1967) from Singapore.

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The In Crowd said...

Can't help you w/ this Puppet, but THANKS SO MUCH for the Love Is Blue recommendation!

FIrst time I heard that song was the Paul Mauriat version when I was a kid(had a serious relationship with the LP cover), which was the same album where I first heard Puppet On A String...