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1958: Tango Argentina - Duerme mi amor

Dors mon amour is the 1958 Eurovision winner by André Claveau (for France) and the song has been covered many times, as it was the thing to do in the olden days.
It was the winner in the year that gave us Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu (Volare) by Domenico Modugno which only ended third but still remains the best selling Eurovision single ever.

Here are two coverversions of Dors Mon Amour which I find particularly interesting, because they were recorded in an original music style which has been around since the end of the 19th century and is still going strong, in a league of its own. The Tango from Argentina.
Carlos di Sarli (1903-1960) is a famous Tango King especially popular in the 40's and 50's and proudly carrying his nickname "El Señor del Tango".
His Tango orchestra recorded with many popular singers. The song is especially interesting for the orchestral tango arrangement and you'll have to wait to halfway into the track to hear guest vocalist Horacio Casares kick in.
The recording is just absolutely beautiful and a must hear.

While researching I found two other Tango versions, the three being the only versions of the song recorded in Spanish (as far as I could find out). One of them is also featured here and the third one is missing.
The version by the orchestra Osvaldo Piro (pic left) with vocals by Carlos Casado was recorded 10 years later. It's slightly more dramatic but equally passionate.
Tango - Duerme Mi Amor
Orquesta Carlos di Sarli
------vocals by Horacio Casares
- On 78 rpm (Philips 42053, 1958)
- also on CD Bahia Blanca (Altaya records)
Chito Galindo (from Uruguay)
------with Orchestra Fernando Mulens
- On LP Yo tengo un pecado (Seeco SCLP 9184, 1960)
Orquesta Osvaldo Piro - vocals by Carlos Casado
- On LP Azul Noche (Philips 82225, 1968)

Parts of this article have been featured in the Eurovision Collectors Guide Yahoo group.

A recommended site for Tango history and biographies is with a nice bio on Carlos Di Sarli here and Osvaldo Piro here.

(pic: Chito galindo)

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