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Men In Tights: Yugoslavia 1968, The Troubadours Of Dubrovnik

Here's a few coverversions of the 1968 entry from Yugoslavia: Jedan Dan by The Troubadours of Dubrovnik, Dubrovački Trubaduri to their moms.
The Eurovision performance was much talked about and the boys outfits later featured in the movie Robin Hood - Men In Tights.
In the Yugoslavian national selection the Troubadours represented TV Zagreb (Croatia)
The song ended 8th with 7 points in the (pre-douze poing system) contest in the Royal Albert Hall in London.
The medieval style folkloristic song even went on to be a minor hit in some countries including Netherlands and Belgium.
The Troubadours also recorded an English version of the song titled A Day Or Two, which was released on a flexidisc (Jugoton F-0665) in Yugoslavia and a single in Finland (Star records SW 2002). Both are amongst the rarest Eurovision releases. The original (hit) version was released in several countries on singles and EPs.

Jedan Dan has been covered a few times and I have listed details on the ones I know. But I think there should be more out there, including some from Yugoslavia. So if you have any additions, let me know.

Le Quartet de Lyon - Dim dam dam (French)
- 7"& EP (Canada Disc AZ 4429 / EP Disc AZ EP1211)
Os Keepers - Um dia (Portuguese)
- from EP Eurovisão (pictured below) which also includes La La La and Congratulations
Die Nilsen Brothers - Zeit ist Geld (German)
- from 7" (Populär 3072)
Die Nilsen Brothers had a #1 hit in Germany 1n 1959 with their German rendition of Tom Dooley which was the #3 best selling single of the year.
Ronnie Lake - Thomas Jan (Dutch)
- b-side to 7" La La La (Spains winner) (Philips JF 333 989)
Ronnie Lake (Roel v.d. Meer) was a featured singer with Chapter II (prev. Young Ones), collectable artists from The Hague beat movement.
Lize Marke - Met Sint Jan (Flemish)
- on LP Lize Marke (1969, REGAL RECORDS 23018)
Lize Marke represented Belgium in the 1965 contest with Als Het Weer Lente Is
+ instrumental versions by Roman Butina (Hammond) and Willy Schobben (Trumpet)

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