Sunday, July 06, 2008

2008: Anno Domenico - A few Volares from the olden days

Here's a selection of Volares from 1958

Umberto Marcato recorded at least 4 'modern' versions of Volare, but here's his original from 1958.

Aurelio Fierro (1923 - 2005) sings Volare with his signature high voice. (pictured right)


George de Witt (1922 - 1979), one time host of US TV show Name That Tune, croons away on an English version of Volare.

Alberto Semprini (1908-1990), heard here playing a piano version of Volare, was the original conductor of the orchestra for Domenico Modugno when he performed his song on the Eurovision stage in Hilversum, Netherlands.


Andrea Russo said...

Can anybody tell me who are these singe

Eurocovers said...

Banglai, band from Lithuania