Sunday, July 19, 2009

Eurocovers Summer Break part 1.

It's summer, post Moscow Eurovision and I'm too lazy / tired / occupied→ to make interesting posts for Eurocovers. The perfect time to offload a few Eurocovers without any particular stories, far fetched links, shocking tragedies or other interesting trivia. Maybe there'll even be a part 2 later.

Love Is Blue - Ann Margret
You know about the original (This Eurocovers post). This one is supposed to be by Ann Margret, but I haven't found any info on her actually recording it, so it could easily be someone else. It's fabulous though, and she did things with Elvis. And you can find out where 2 unlimited got their No Limit riff.
Any release info welcome.

One Good Reason - Sandra Van Reys
Acclaimed Dutch country singer covers the Dutch 1999 entry One Good Reason by Marlayne (9th in the Jerusalem contest). It's from the same year and quite good actually.

Quien Maneja Mi Barca - Hidrogenesse
The ultimate nil-pointer was Quien Maneja Mi Barca by Remedios Amaya in 1983 (Spain).
An unlikely pairing of Flamenco vocals with electronic music. It all looked a bit odd, scary woman, blue kaftan, bare feet, but the LP Luna Nueva, with more songs in the same style is a must have classic and a great LP to score on your Spanish flea market holiday trip (if you haven't got it already)
Hidrogenesse made an even electrononicker version for a coverversions project. Find out about that yourself.

Nog een kind - Mieke
Probably one of Malta's cheesiest, the 1992 entry Little Child by Mary Spiteri (3rd place). Not my cuppa cheddar, but many people like it. Mieke is a Dutch / Belgian artist with a great voice, who enjoyed popularity as a child singer. Her "A child without a mother is like a vase without flowers" song is still a seminal tear jerker in Dutch culture (in Dutch it almost rhymes). And she worked with father Abraham too.

Jag Eun Pyeong Hwa - Lee Ye Rin
이예린 -작은평화 Bouncy gabba house pop from South Korea, on helium and/or pills. It's Ein Bisschen Frieden (Nicole's German 1982 winner) but you hardly notice that.

Oh and this: You got to get the Boaz Mauda CD as it has a great coverversion in Hebrew of Olta Boka's Albanian 2008 entry Zemrën E Lamë Peng.

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