Friday, April 30, 2021

Rotterdam Weeks 2.1: Dutch entries get a makeover

Eurovision Rotterdam is happening, pandemic or not. We all can use a bit of cheering up, I know I do.
You probably already know our Rotterdam 2.1 pages with all the things you need to know about the music and stars of Eurovision 2021, but here’s the link anyway.

A nice album release to coincide with this year’s spectacular is Songfestival: Nederlands trots in een nieuw jasje (Dutch pride in a new jacket) with nine coverversion of Dutch Eurovision hits. (Well, one is Belgian, (see below).
The album is out on CD on May 12 but also (already) available through you favorite digital music providers. And Spotify. 
Released by Cloud 9, they also posted a Youtube playlist.
Most tracks are quite different from the original (which is good) by current artists even today’s youngsters can relate too (i.e: not old)
If I had to give one 12 Poing it would be for Deborah Parlor’s soft country version of Ik Hou Van Jou / In Love With You. It shows a new side of the 1984 classic which as far as I know has only been covered as a (big) ballad.
1. Paul Sinha & Fleur – De Eerste Keer
- 1996, original by Maxine & Franklin Brown
2. Samantha Steenwijk – Vrede
- 1993, Ruth Jacott
3. Lisa Lois – Hemel en Aarde
- 1998, Edsilia Rombley, one of this year's hosts.
4. Pommelien Thijs – Door De Wind
- The Belgian entry of 1989 written by Dutch singer Stef Bos.
5. BENR – Je Vecht Nooit Alleen
- 2011, 3JS, performed it in English as Never Alone at Eurovision.
6. Deborah Parlor – In Love With You
- 1984, Maribelle as Ik Hou Van Jou
7. Danique – Arcade
- 2019, Duncan Laurence
8. René Karst – Ik Zie Een Ster
- 1974, Mouth & McNeal
9. Unity – Ding-A-Dong
- 1975, Teach In
Last year, before Rotterdam 2020 was cancelled, I posted a few bits and pieces about Dutch classics in The Rotterdam Weeks. Still worth a listen and a read.

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Saturday, April 10, 2021

Shay Healy - What's Another Year - The Stable Sessions

Shay Healy, Irish songwriter and broadcaster passed away. Eurovision fans know him best from Johnny Logan's What's Another Year, the Irish winner from 1980.
This video is from a CD/DVD release Stardust: The Stable Sessions recorded in 2016.
I could reprint all kinds of wiki's about his achievements or his ordeal with Parkinson's but I'll just leave you with this video. 
What's Another Year is a heartbreaking song by itself but you won't hear a more moving version of the Eurovision classic that is here on earth forevermore. 
The CD/DVD is available from Tradnua where you can find a bit more about the recording sessions. Also via other stores (incl Amazon, Essential Irish, Bol). You can also listen to the album on your favorite streamers.