Thursday, June 28, 2007

10.000: # 8 - Eres tu - Mocedades (1973)

Here's # 8 in the top 10 most covered Eurovision songs of all time. Look here for more details.

# 8 - Eres Tu - Mocedades
184 versions listed

Eres Tu, the Spanish 1973 entry written by Juan Carlos Calderón for Mocedades is a classic. It didn't win but kept Cliff Richard at # 3..
A worldwide hit including a top 10 hit in the US top 100 as Eres tu / Touch the wind. The song is about love and is often interpreted as a religious hymn, so it's on the repertoire list of many gospel groups and choirs.
Mocedades say you should decide for yourself who & what the song is about and 184 coverversions did just that. Mocedades themselves recorded the song in Spanish, English, French, German, Italian and Basque.

International stars that recorded Eres Tu are Bing Crosby, Eydie Gormé, Perry Como, Petula Clark, Acker Bilk, The Shirelles, Johnny Mathis, Luis Miguel and the Kelly Family.
Eurovision artists with Eres Tu in their collection are Willeke Alberti, Bob Benny, Karel Gott and Katri Helena. In the list you will find versions in 18 languages.

Croon along with Eres túBing Crosby, the man who made Christmas white, recorded a Spanish/English version for his LP 'Bingo viejo' (1975) and Perry Como released it in 1974 on the LP Perry (RCA) and on a green vinyl single in Bolivia.

Perry Como (1912-2001) was one of the best-known American singers since the 1940's, he sold more than 100 million records over a 60-year career, with 27 of his records going gold. The former barbers most popular songs included For The Good Times, Magic Moments, It's Impossible and Catch A Falling Star.
His version of Eres Tu is titled That's You. has a great discography.

Eres Tu is the only Eurovision song recorded* in the Māori language. It was recorded by Howard Morrison (in English) and a choir from New Zealand (In Maori) in a medley with Sailing (The Rod Stewart song). I don't have any recording from the original which appeared in a 1978 LP Morrison Magic - Tu Tangata. But there is another recording from 1995 with Mr. Morrison now a Sir. It's a live version from the CD This is my life and it's featured here (although a bit crappy quality). If anyone can help with the original studio recording please let me know.

To compensate above snoozefests there's a spicy reggae version from Panama. It's by Chicho Man (Jiffth Donaldson) recorded in the mid 80's. Chicho Man is regarded as a pioneer in Spanish language reggae-rap and is basically the inventor of reggaeton.

Last one up is a sensational steel band (pan) version by the Self Help Marines from Trinidad & Tobago. The recording is taken from a steel band competition "Pan in the 21st century" from 2005 and I dare you to sit still during this one.

Eres tu - versions list (word.doc) including details on all versions by Mocedades and 202 coverversions. (Updated nov 2012)
If you want to shop Mocedades: BeaRecords Mocedades page

* = as in the 10.000 coverversions project = that I know of.

Monday, June 25, 2007

10.000: # 9 - Dio come ti amo - Domenico Modugno (1966)

In the previous post you can read all about the 10.000 coverversions project and the Eurocovers top 10, here's another look at some of my favorite versions of the most covered Eurovision songs of all time.
# 9 - Dio come ti amo - Domenico Modugno
- 168 versions listed
-All (3) Eurovision entries performed by Domenico Modugno in Eurovision are in the top 10 of most covered Eurovision songs.
At # 9 it's Dio Come Ti Amo, winner of the 1966 San Remo and 17th in the Eurovision Song Contest with zero poing. Another Italian entry that was robbed, failing to make an impression on the juries but proving it's longevity by becoming a standard recorded by everyone and their mother since.

At San Remo the song was also performed by the Italian goddess Gigliola Cinquetti, who sings my favorite version of the lot. She recorded the song in Italian, French, German*, Spanish and Japanese.
In total I have found details on versions in nine languages so far.
Other Eurovision stars that have recorded Dio Come Ti Amo are Betty Curtis, Iva Zanicchi, José Guardiola, Seija Simola, Jaime Morey and Salomé.
The most famous singer to record the song is Dame Shirley Bassey whose haunting version "Oh how much I love you" can be found on her albums Keep the music playing (1991) and Power Of Love (2001).
And here's a live version by Mondo Cane, Mike Patton of Faith No More fame's new project. A release of an album with Italian standards is planned for 2008.

Like # 10, Dio Come Ti Amo also has a big Japanese following but the most versions of the song were recorded in Brasil, including several that have been recorded in recent years.
I love the retro version by Karine Alexandrino (CD Querem acabar comigo, Roberto?, 2004) and the arty version (a.k.a. interpretation) by Ná Ozetti (CD Ná Ozzetti, 1988). Most Brazilian versions have been recorded in Italian with just a handful in Portuguese.
As a bonus there's a cheesy singing saw version (is it a Theremin?) by The Magnetic Sounds, who are in fact Os Carbonos, also from Brasil.

Release details on these and the other versions I know of can be found in this word.doc. Including details on Modugno's own versions as found in the Eurovision Collectors Guide.

Of the Gigliola Cinquetti versions I'm still looking for the German version Ich Lieb Dich Immer Mehr.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

10.000: # 10 Poupée De Cire, Poupée De Son (1965)

Top 10 Eurocovers
In the previous post you can read all about the 10.000 coverversions project and the top 10 of Eurocovers, now it's time to share some thoughts on my favorite versions of the most covered Eurovision songs of all time.

# 10 - Poupée de cire, poupée de son
- France Gall - 155 versions listed
-The ultimate French Yé Yé girl - pop chanteuse France Gall's Eurovision performance is a defining moment in Eurovision history. Poupée is the first successful Pop song in the contest and her charming sexy performance wowed television audiences all over the world.
Serge Gainsbourg, French legend, wrote the song that is at # 10 in the top 10 most covered Eurovision songs. It's one of those songs I could sing (in my own language, carbon dating alert!) before I even knew Eurovision existed. France Gall won the contest for Luxembourg.

How to pick a favorite version? The 60's beat versions are as charming as the alt-rock versions made in recent years. And there are a few Eurovision stars who have recorded their version of the song: Gitte, Karina, Conchita Bautista, Mrs. Einstein, Madalena Iglesias and Lill Babs.
Not many superstars recorded the song though, the most famous I could find are Sacha Distel (with Dubstar), Belle and Sebastian or Kim'Kay. And of course it's a popular live track of todays 'everyones new favorite band' Arcade Fire.

There are versions in (at least) 19 languages with an impressive following in Japanese and Vietnamese.
With 19 versions in Japanese listed (and several in French by Japanese artists) 夢見るシャンソン人形 - Yume Miru Chanson Ningyo is one of the songs with the most Japanese covers to its name (with L'amour est bleu and Dio come ti amo). My favorite version is the one by Minami Saori (pic left) , recorded in 1972.
The 10.000 feature 8 versions in Vietnamese of which the version by Mỹ Tâm is the most recent hit version (2003).

南沙織 - 夢見るシャンソン人形
------ Minami Saori a.k.a Cynthia-ly
- on CD '28 singles', recording from 1972
Mỹ Tâm - Búp bê không tình yêu
- CD Hãy đến với em - The Best Of My Tam 2.

Previous Poupée… Posts: Star Sisters from Estonia and Anne-Lie Rydé from Sweden

France Gall at BeaRecords

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Eurocovers - 10.000 Eurovision Coverversions !

Today I found details on the 10.000th Eurovision coverversion.
10.000 coverversions is a side project of the Eurovision Collectors Guide which started with just keeping the information of all covers I received and came across while researching for the Collectors Guide (The must have Collectors booklet with all versions and releases by original Eurovision artists).

Since the early 90's I have been keeping track of any (officially released) version I could find either in sound or just picture sleeves or release info and today number 10.000 was added to the list.

I love lists, I'm mad I know, but that's me. I have featured many discographies & coverversions lists in this Eurocovers blog which were all taken from the 10.000 project list.
Browse the archives and find out more.

This work wouldn't have been possible without the help of many fellow collectors who have contributed over the past 18 years. To you: BIG BIG THANKS!
Some facts and trivia
- Italy alone takes care of almost 25% of the coverversions listed.
- Over 600 versions are in Finnish
- I have found versions in 39 languages and a number of dialects
- 20 Eurovision entries have over 100 versions listed.
- Domenico Modugno (co) wrote 3 of the top 10 most covered Eurovision songs.
- Runner up Love is blue / L'amour est bleu has 60% instrumental versions
- Puppet On A String scored the most language recordings

here's the top 10 most covered songs from the list.
994 - Nel blu dipinto di blu (Volare) (Italy 1958)
Unfortunately The Man ordered the Volare post to be removed.530 - L'Amour est bleu (Love is blue) (Luxembourg 1967)351 - Piove (Ciao Ciao Bambina) (Italy 1959)328 - Waterloo (Sweden 1974)268 - Al di la (Italy 1961)252 - Puppet on a string (U.K. 1967)187 - Non ho l'eta per amarti (Italy 1964)184 - Eres tu (Spain 1973)168 - Dio come ti amo (Italy 1966)
155 - Poupée de cire , poupée de son (Luxembourg 1965)

Each link above is to a Eurocovers post about the song with backgrounds, lists, some interesting artists and music.

If you'd like to know more about the project, participate or if you are just curious, please drop me a line.

These files (word.doc) taken from the 10.000 Coverversions project are still available for download.
Puppet On A String coverversions in the Year Of The Puppet
Chinese versions
- Ding A Dong coverversions

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

1983-2007: New Dutch version of Carola's Främling

Young Dutch singer Patrick has released a cdsingle with an new version of Carola's 1983 Eurovision smash Je ogen hebben geen geheimen (Your eyes have no secrets), Swedens entry in 1983.
Carola scored a # 7 hit in 1983 in the Netherlands with her Dutch version of Främling and also a big 'pirate' hit. (Pirate radio stations play Dutch music only).
The song, nicknamed the Mona Lisa song, became a bit of a classic over the years and now there's a new version with the same lyrics. Only the title has changed a bit: it's now Geen Geheimen.
The cdsingle is available from BeaRecords now.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

South Africa: Patricia Lewis, Jy's die één !!

Patricia Lewis is a Superstar from South Africa whose music ranges from Country to Pop and she has also proven she has a fine ear for a Eurovision tune.

She recorded several Eurovision songs since 1999 and especially the later choices look a bit further than just the big hits and winners.

Currently in the South African Trefferlyste, the top 20 for Afrikaans songs compiled by Daantjie Dinamiet, there's a duet Patricia Lewis sings with 14 year old Shaun Tait.
Shaun Tait is the winner of Supersterre 2006, a TV talent show hosted by Patricia Lewis.
The song, Sing 'n liedjie, is a cover version of the Danish Eurovision entry from 2004 Shame on you, the song that failed miserably in the semi-final despite some cool shoes with wheels (it must have been the red suit then). (sorry no audio found yet)

Après toi, the luxembourg 1972 winner, was the first Eurovision song covered by Lewis, but it already had a few lives in South Africa, most famously by legendary singers Gé Korsten and Bles Bridges.
Coverversions from South Africa

Bles Bridges - Glo in die lewe (Afrikaans)
------ Released on 1997 CD 'Die hart van myn moeder' (Vat 5 Musik, BMG) Bles Bridges & syn dogter Sunette * - Glo in die lewe (Afrikaans)
------ On Sunette Bridges CD 'Vrou alleen' & 2003 CD 'Opskop treffers en ander' Janita Claassen - Wie sal weet (Afrikaans)
------ On CD 'Wie sal weet'(1991) Patricia Lewis - Jy's die een (Lyrics Patricia Lewis)
------ On 1999 CD 'Jy's die één' (BMG)
Gé Korsten - Glo in die lewe (Afrikaans)
------ On CD 'Naby my / Sailing' & 3CD 'Afrikaanse Goue oues' Estee Strauss (French)
------ On CD 'Ritme van hoop'
Ons Eie 3 Soprane - Come what may (English)
'Ons eie drie soprane' are/were: Janita Claassen, Rina Hugo & Ella Kotze
------ On CD 'Ons eie drie soprane' (Select Music SELBCD 335) Bianca & Friends - Come what may (English)
Bianca & Friends are a gospel group who perform as a puppet show. ------ On CD 'Bianca And Friends' - (Brettian Productions, 2002)
Karlien Husselman - Come what may (English)
------ On CD 'Wees vir my'

PATRICIA LEWIS EUROCOVERS Après toi - Luxembourg 1972 winner - Vicky Leandros
= Jy's die een (You're the one) - sung in Afrikaans
------ On 1999 CD 'Jy's die één' (BMG)
------ Video clip is on DVD 'Patricia Lewis- Die DVD (BMG 2005)
ABBA Keurspel (medley incl. Waterloo & Ring Ring. (in English) ------ On CD 'Vir ewig en altyd' (2001, BMG)
Take me to your heaven - Sweden 1999 winner - Charlotte Nilsson (in English) ------ On CD 'Vir ewig en altyd' (2001, BMG)
My heart goes boom - Norway 2000 - Charmed (in English) ------ On CD 'Vir ewig en altyd' (2001, BMG)
Dans le jardin de mon âme - Switzerland 2002 - Francine Jordy
= Tuine van my siel (Gardens of my soul) - sung in Afrikaans
------ On CD 'N nuwe lewe' (BMG)
------ Video clip is on DVD 'Patricia Lewis- Die DVD -(BMG 2005)
Il faut du temps - France 2002 - Sandrine François = 'N nuwe lewe (A new life) - in Afrikaans
------ On CD 'N nuwe lewe' (BMG)
Never let it go - Sweden 2002 - Afro-Dite (in English) ------ On CD 'N nuwe lewe' (BMG)
Shame on you - Denmark 2004 - Thomas Thordarsson = Sing 'n liedjie (Sing a song) - Shaun tate & Patricia Lewis (in Afrikaans)
------ On Shaun Tait CD Shaun Tait (Sony BMG)

Kalahari is a South African music shop that sells worldwide. Postage costs are high though, but you can't buy too much CDs at one time as you will get a hefty import tax bill. They stock the Shaun Tait CD, and various albums by Patricia Lewis, Bles Bridges and Gé Korsten.

Patricia's own website is currently not available but you can find some info at the Supersterre site. She's a busy woman as she's also currently dancing with Marcel Vilonel in the South African version of Strictly Come Dancing With The Stars and the next season of Supersterre is underway.

HELP WANTED - I'm looking for a particular single from South Africa, either the record or the audio files in any form. It's a version of the 1973 Dutch entry by Ben Cramer - De oude muzikant and it's original b-side Kom Sylvia dans met mij from the preselection.
Marnie - Die oue musikant / Kom Sylvia dans met my - 7" single (Philips TOS 1010)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

VII: Year Of The Puppet - Sakura Teng (UPDATED)

In the Year Of The Puppet I have featured two fabulous versions of the Sandie Shaw Eurovision winner Puppet On A String sung in Mandarin (Chinese). One by Betty Chung and one by Lara and the Trailers.
A third version in Mandarin I know of is by Sakura Teng and the Quests.
I lost the bidding for the record (again) but I cleverly robbed the picture sleeve, so here it is.
If anyone wants to share the song you'd make me a happy man.
Puppet On A String in Mandarin - discography
鍾玲玲 - 在你手中把線牽 Betty Chung (Hong Kong)
- Zai ni shou zhong ba xian qian - on EP Bell a go go (EMI 7 EPA 197)

櫻櫻 - 多棈郎 Lara & the trailers (Singapore)
- Duo qian lang on EP (CEP 3004)

Sakura Teng & Quests (Singapore) on EP (EMI ECHK 579)

Meanwhile check these posts for the Betty Chung and Lara versions with picturesleeves and music or other Chinese Eurovision covers by Shirley Kwan and Annabelle Lui
And a recommended blog for Asian pop currently featuring another Sakura Teng EP is Mod-ified Music. Worth checking out now! UPDATE Also check this post at Mod-Ified, it has one of the most absolutely poptastic coverversions of Love Is Blue (Luxembourg 1967) from Singapore.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

1958: Tango Argentina - Duerme mi amor

Dors mon amour is the 1958 Eurovision winner by André Claveau (for France) and the song has been covered many times, as it was the thing to do in the olden days.
It was the winner in the year that gave us Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu (Volare) by Domenico Modugno which only ended third but still remains the best selling Eurovision single ever.

Here are two coverversions of Dors Mon Amour which I find particularly interesting, because they were recorded in an original music style which has been around since the end of the 19th century and is still going strong, in a league of its own. The Tango from Argentina.
Carlos di Sarli (1903-1960) is a famous Tango King especially popular in the 40's and 50's and proudly carrying his nickname "El Señor del Tango".
His Tango orchestra recorded with many popular singers. The song is especially interesting for the orchestral tango arrangement and you'll have to wait to halfway into the track to hear guest vocalist Horacio Casares kick in.
The recording is just absolutely beautiful and a must hear.

While researching I found two other Tango versions, the three being the only versions of the song recorded in Spanish (as far as I could find out). One of them is also featured here and the third one is missing.
The version by the orchestra Osvaldo Piro (pic left) with vocals by Carlos Casado was recorded 10 years later. It's slightly more dramatic but equally passionate.
Tango - Duerme Mi Amor
Orquesta Carlos di Sarli
------vocals by Horacio Casares
- On 78 rpm (Philips 42053, 1958)
- also on CD Bahia Blanca (Altaya records)
Chito Galindo (from Uruguay)
------with Orchestra Fernando Mulens
- On LP Yo tengo un pecado (Seeco SCLP 9184, 1960)
Orquesta Osvaldo Piro - vocals by Carlos Casado
- On LP Azul Noche (Philips 82225, 1968)

Parts of this article have been featured in the Eurovision Collectors Guide Yahoo group.

A recommended site for Tango history and biographies is with a nice bio on Carlos Di Sarli here and Osvaldo Piro here.

(pic: Chito galindo)

Friday, June 08, 2007

1975: Some More Ding A Dong

In the Eurocovers post They can't stop the spring (March 21) a few versions of the 1975 Dutch Eurovision winner Ding A Dong (Teach In) were featured, all recorded this millennium.
The song still proves popular as in 2007 at least six coverversions have been released.

I have put all my Ding A Dong knowledge in a single word document for those interested. The list features details on Teach In's original recordings in various languages plus a list of 125 coverversions. I'm sure there must be more, but I think it's quite a list already.

I recently found a Hungarian version of the song by Csonka András which was recorded in 2001, making the total number of languages the song was recorded in now at least 16.
Another one featured below is an Estonian version by ladies band Laine from the 2000 CD Uus laine. Estonian covers of Ding A Dong now total at least five, all recorded in the past decade.
Swedish clubby outfit Supersounds have three versions on their cd-single which was released in Sweden last March. With the Estonian StarSisters CD, Dutch DJ Maarten, A blind choir* & a theatre duo** from Germany and the Finnish Re:Play compilation it's six versions of the unforgettable 1975 tune that have been released in 2007. (any more??, let me know)
* Blinde Musiker München on CD Fast schon in New York (2007)
** Blond (=Annette Postel und Gunzi Heil) - Dud el-du on CD Frisch getönt (UPDATE, it's not from 2007, but 2004....)
* = if anyone happens to have an audio…..

The Supersounds version is available in a variety of remixes at most download sites and (Swedish) CD shops

A few more Ding A Dong versions can be found in this Eurocovers post .