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VII: Year Of The Puppet - Tatjana Hubinská

I'm off for a long weekend at the coast, but I have just enough time to present another promised puppet.
In Puppet History this was the week that Sandie Shaw reached the #1 spot in many European charts. Ireland was the first (22-04) with the U.K. following 5 days later. It took Sandie six weeks to get to the top spot.
Anyway, today's Puppet is from Czechoslovakia, but this time it's a version in Slovak. (read your history books).

Eurovision 2007 has a record number of countries participating this year. 42 to be precise, more countries than there even were in Europe 20 years ago.
Some countries haven't been tempted to re-join the Eurovision battlefield, even with the recent surge of new and returning countries. Italy and Luxembourg of course, but also Slovakia. Slovakia entered a few times in the 90's but never with a great result, 4 attempts, 3 times in the final and an measly 18th place in 1998 as the best result.
But now neighbour and friend, the Czech Republic, makes it's Eurovision debut, Slovakia TV may re-consider and join again for 2008.

The Slovak version of Puppet On A String is titled Ako malý psík. It's one of three Eurovision songs covered by singer and actress Tatjana Hubinská. It's my poor knowledge of Slovak and Czech that prevents me from telling you more about her.
There's a website about her here, where I got most of the details below. Unfortunately it's not in English, but it has an excellent discography.

UPDATE : Biography (Thanks to Lou Kash of Funky Czech-In)
As for Hubinská's web site:
She was born 1944 in Paris and returned to Slovakia with her parents in 1946. She studied piano at the Bratislava Conservatory. 1963-1967 she was singing with the Gustáv Offermann Combo. In the late 60s she often participated on the Czechoslovak song contest Bratislavská Lyra. 1968-1969 she sang with the famous Gustav Brom Orchestra with whom she recorded her only album. In the early 70 she began to fade into (C&W) obscurity, by the end of that decade she gave up singing completely. She passed away in 1999.

Tatjana Hubinská's Eurovision Covers

Puppet on a string - UK 1967 - Sandie Shaw
- Ako malý psík (Supraphon 130166)
Boom Bang A Bang - UK 1969 - Lulu
- Hľadám si cieľ (Supraphon 0430795)
Wunder gibt es immer wieder - Germany 1970 - Katja Ebstein
- Zázraky sa dejú stále (Supraphon 0431056)

Ako malý psík was also recorded by Jana Procházková
Many thanks to Rick!

The Year Of The Puppet celebrates the 40 year anniversary of Sandie Shaw's Eurovision victory with Puppet On A String. Introduction to the series in this Eurocovers post.
Other versions already featured are from France, Singapore (Mandarin-Chinese), Jamaica. Yugoslavia, Estonia, U.K. (Comedy), Iceland, Lithuania, USA (Musical), Spain, Brasil, UK punk, Norway (gloom) Norway, Turkey, Portugal, Basque country Organland, Tirol, Denmark, CzechoSlovakia (Czech), Hungary, Russia, Yugoslavia (Slovenia), Chile/Argentina/Mexico, Sweden, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Finland, Scotland, Poland
A list of all coverversions of Puppet On A String is in this word document.
Tip: Here you can watch a Y-tube performance of Lele by Violeta Riaubiskyte from the Lithuanian Puppet On A String post

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Zoukovery: Discover Zouk Covers

I haven't been able to find out much about this outfit, Zoukovery. They're either from from La Reunion, French overseas department, east of Madagascar, or from a French Polynesian or Caribbean territory.
Their albums bear the imaginative titles Zoukovery 1, 2, 3 and 4 and for the rest I'm a totally clueless.

Zouk music originates in Guadeloupe and Martinique and has spread across the world, well mostly across French territories.
Zoukovery's albums were recorded in the last 10 years and they feature several versions of Eurovision songs, all in French. It isn't hardcore zouk on offer, but polite gentle versions perfect for your outdoor dinner parties.

Here's a short Zouk discography with Zoukovery's songs and two more. I'm missing half of them and any information would be very welcome.

Elle etait si jolie (France 1963 - Alian Barrière)
- Zoukovery - CD Zoukovery Vol. 3
N'avoue Jamais (France 1965 - Guy Mardel)
- Poz k'fe - CD Avec ou sans sucre vol. 2
Un banc, un arbre, une rue (Monaco 1971 - Severine)
- Zoukovery - CD Zoukovery vol. 4
Après toi - (Luxembourg 1972 - Vicky Leandros)
- Zoukovery (+ instrumental) - L'Album Zoukovery Vol 1
Tu te reconnaitras (Luxembourg 1973 - Anne-Marie David)
- Zoukovery - CD Zoukovery Vol. 4
L 'Oiseau et l'enfant (France 1977 - Marie Myriam)
- Zoukovery - CD Zoukovery Vol. 4
- New Generation (Tahiti) - CD Ia Ho`e o To`u Nuna`a (1998)
Si la vie est cadeau (Luxembourg 1983 - Corinne Hermès)
- Zoukovery - CD Zoukovery vol. 4
White and black blues (France 1990 - Joelle Ursull)
- C. Wyllis - CD Le top du zouk (CDMC, 2002)
Joelle Ursull, Miss Guadeloupe 1979, original singer of White and black blues, once was a member of Zouk Machine, the Guadeloupe girl trio that had a European hit with Maldòn (La musique dans la peau) in the early 90's. By then Ursull had already been kicked out of the band, but she got her revenge with the successful Eurovision song and recommended album Black French. The lyrics to White and black blues are penned by Serge Gainsbourg.

Related Eurocovers Post: A Eurocover from Tahiti.

Site Tip:
I mentioned this website before, but there's a lot of new stuff to find at the website of Jean Paul Cara, composer of L'oiseau et l'enfant. Recent additions are covers in Basque, Finnish, Estonian and Turkish. Highly recommended.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Spain 1966: Yo Soy Aquel in the 21st Century

Here's a 1966 Eurovision classic that is doing good business this side of the millennium.
Originally Yo Soy Aquel, written by Manuel Alejandro, was performed by Raphael, Spanish legend and probably the biggest voice in Spanish Pop ever. He took Yo Soy Aquel to a 7th place and improved on that result a year later with Hablemos del Amor (6th).

Yo Soy Aquel's longevity is proven againby it's current successes in South America, where the song is hot and several artists have revived it for use in Telenovela's, Footie compilations and Idols performances.
The biggest success story is that of David Bolzoni (of AQM). He recorded Yo Soy Aquel for the Argentina soap (Telenovela) Montechristo and released it on his Best selling CD David Bolzoni. An airplay # 1 in several South American countries. With a modern pop arrangement this is how the song probably would sound if it entered Eurovision today.

In 2005 Gerardo recorded a latin hip hop version of Yo soy Aquel on his cd 180 °, using samples from the original orchestra. Gerardo is a popular rap-pop mega star in Latin America, who once crossed the Atlantic by scoring a European hit with Rico Suave.

A personal favorite is by El Andy Club. This spotty Eminem lookylikey from Argentina is holding his instrument (What is it?) on the sleeve of his 2006 private issue CD Yo Soy Aquel and his version sounds a bit like a selfproduced cumbia in the bedroom version which makes it all totally fantastic!. The track is also on his first official CD Un montón de estrellas.

Short stop in Chile for another telenovela: Longhi's big rock ballad version graced the soundtrack of the Chilean TV series Hippie from 2004.

Brasil delivers a version in Portuguese, Eu sou aquele, by Os Anjos, from the tv series Vingança. With a leading role for Love Actually actress Lúcia Moniz, better known as the singer with the best ever Eurovision result for Portugal (6th in 1996). Vingança is the Portuguese version of Montecristo, aired in Brasil and Portugal. I haven't found a studio version of the Os Anjos version in Portuguese yet but it's all over Youtoop.

Other versions of Yo Soy Aquel recorded this century are by Luis Ramirez y Ray de la paz, Sabroso (Argentina), Apnea (Spain), Horris Kamoi, El King (Argentina), Bambú (rap with samples), Cumbia Zero (Mexico), Juanon Lucero (Argentina), and the Orquesta Simfonica Barcelona I Nacional Catalunya.

There are three versions of Yo Soy Aquel I'm especially looking for, if anyone can help it would be wholeheartedly appreciated.
Manuel Alejandro - The version by the original composer that was released on a spanish EP Disco Sorpresa Fundador Canciones Favoritas.
Kenny Damon (UK) - Only your love - Could even be in Spanish and a minor airplay hit in the UK in the 60's.
Martha Strada (Cuba) - a 60's recording from the album Martha Strada - Las voces del siglo - Abrazame fuerte

bolzoni / bolzoni - gerardo / gerardo - el andy club / el andy club
- longhi / longhi

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

It's the end of the world: G4 have split!!

British 'Classical' 'boy' 'band' G4 have split. It seems because they would rather drink each others blood than sing together. Thousand of fans have gathered together crying, lighting candles and seeking professional help.
Who G4 band?? Of course it's a sick concept, creating a group / band / act in an X-factor / Idols / whatever style, just to copy another successful (although corny) formula. In this case G4 was conceived as a new Il Divo.
So I'm not very sad to see the G4's each go their own way.

Why this heartbreaking news at Eurocovers? Well on the critically not very acclaimed G4 album ACT 3 there is a cheesy faux-classic disco version of Volare - Nel blu di pinto di blu. Covered by all the greats and not so greats, it's the most successful Eurovision song ever. Originally it only ended 3rd in the Eurovision Song Contest by Domenico Modugno in 1958 , and the only Eurovision # 1 hit in the U.S.. In fact, at one time there were 7 versions of the song in the US top 100 at the same time.

If you prefer to hear a real tenor sing Volare, check out the version by Luciano Pavarotti.
Pavarotti's version is from the CD Volare, originally released in 1990 (Decca). a collection of Popular Classics (as opposed to Classic Popular Classics) recorded with the Henri Mancini orchestra.


Take one last look at G4

More Volare's at these Eurocovers posts:
- La grand dame de France, Juliette Greco
- A version in Lithuanian by Mino is here .
- Volare, the most covered Eurovision song.
- Volare by Ella Fitzgerald
Content added 06-09-07

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Spring Cleaning Part 2 + Year Of The Puppet - Marionetka

There was a bit of a delay (mainly caused by all the premature sunshine we're having), but I have now put some more stuff on e-bay, 7"inch vinyls, mostly Eurovision but also a few other things, including some cdsingles.
Please check my e-bay list here (username buzzja). Again, not the utterly rare and spectacular, but maybe some records to fill the gaps in your collection at a decent starting price. And you'll help me make some room for new clutter.

And when browsing and bidding, what better song to listen to than Halina Kunicka's version of Puppet On A String. It'll make your day!
Many moons ago found this Polish version 'Marionetka' on a square flexi disc - Pocztówka Dźwiękowa M 289 - , not a fancy one with a lovely picture like they used to have in Poland, but a plain drab brown affair.
I didn't really know the song that was on it (although the composers mentioned should have been a giveaway), so I was surprised to find a Polish version of Puppet On A String ruining my record needle.
I couldn't play it without the song jumping back all the time, but it was a delight in any way.
Another Polish flexi has the live version sung by Sandie Shaw herself at the contest (Pocztówka Dźwiękowa 020) with the German entry Anoushka in it's live version (by Inge Brück) as a second track.
The original studio version by Sandie Shaw is Pocztówka Dźwiękowa 14.
Polish flexi's, especially the fancy ones, are a joy to collect, but they should be played on an prehistoric recordplayer with a stylus the size of a ballpoint.

Halina Kunicka is a popular Polish singer and actress who recorded many albums from 1966 to 1984 and most of her work has been re-issued on CD format.
Marionetka can be found on the CDs Platinowa Kolekcija (Platinum Collection) and Złota kolekcja - Od nocy do nocy.

Another version in The Year Of The Puppet. Puppet on a string is 40. Check this Eurocovers post for all info and many more versions.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

VII: Ven A Bailar Mi Vida - 2007 covers

The 52nd Eurovision Song Contest in Helsinki is still a month away, but already there is some activity on the Coverversions front.

SPAIN - I Love you mi vida
d'NASH boys have been chosen to sing I Love You Mi Vida, but it took a 7 week extravaganza with about a 100 artists showing their skills before it was a done deal.

One of the composers, Rebeca, had big plans to sing the song herself, but she didn't make it to the final show, where 5 artists all sang 5 songs including I Love You Mi Vida.
Rebeca has recorded the song herself and if you go to her homepage you can hear the song.
She has also recorded a full Spanish version 'Seduce mi vida'. (picture: An older Rebeca compilation CD)

You can find a feature about Rebeca's mom, Franciska in this Eurocovers post.

NORWAY - Ven a bailar conmigo
I Love You Mi Vida was co-written by Thomas G. Son from Sweden, which brings us to the 2nd even more controversial coverversion of 2007. Ven A Bailar Conmigo.
A Spanish title for another G. Son song that is the Norwegian entry by Guri Schanke, which is performed in English.
This one is also recorded by Swedish preselection contestant Anna Book. Her version of the song is in Swedish and is on her CD Samba Sambero. It was released before any release by Guri Schanke and it caused some bad press for Thomas G. Son. The song is also said to be rejected for the Swedish Melodifestivalen, allegedly...

Anna Books Samba Sambero CD is available at BeaRecords (Anna Book page) and at any CD shop in Sweden.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

VII: 40 Years - Puppet On A String - today UPDATED 12-04

April 8, 1967 - 2007

Today we're flying the flag for Sandie Shaw and the 40th anniversary of the victory of Puppet On A String at the Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna.
For the past months Eurocovers has presented a colourful collection of worldwide coverversions of the song, penned by Phil Coulter and Bill Martin.
A few more will follow in the coming weeks.
Over the past 18 years I have been keeping track of all Eurovision covers I could find in the 10.000 coverversions project and I have uploaded the list of all versions of Puppet On A String in this word document.
It also has a Sandie Shaw - Puppet Discography. Here you can find all Sandie's versions I know of. I hope some of you can add some more, or just fill in some of the blanks on the list. All info is welcome.
Marionetas en la cuerda, a Spanish comic book from 1967. A story about a marionette winning a singing competition, tied in nicely with Sandie Shaws success. She's pictured on the front (click for larger image).

Todays celebrations call for some bagpipes and here is one of the coolest / rarest / fantasticest version of the 1967 Eurovision winner.

Strap up yer gillies, here's a rarity which will please the Eurovision fans. The U.K. has never attempted an entry in another national language than English. And I only have been able to find details on two Eurovision covers in non English British languages. One is Mary Hopkins' Welsh version of Morgen (Netherlands 1968), the other is this: Gille-mirein (Puppet) by Alasdair Gillies, sung in Gaelic.
"Voice of the Highlands" Gillies is a singer of Scottish songs and according to Daily Express "The music of the mountains and lochs lies deep in his soul". He featured regularly on 1960s TV programmes like ‘Se Ur Beatha’ which brought Gaelic into Scottish homes and with it increasing popularity and interest in the songs of the Gaels and their singers.

UPDATE The only picture I could find is from the sleeve of the CD 'The best of Alasdair Gillies' This CD features 4 songs in Gaelic and 16 in English but no Gille Mirein.
Really big thanks to Klaus for the song.

Word.doc with all versions of Puppet On A String
Singer Alasdair Gillies should not be confused with the late Scottish bagpipe virtuoso/legend of the same name.

Does anyone know of any other Eurovision coverversions in Gaelic, Welsh or any other British language that isn't English? drop me a comment or e-mail

The Year Of The Puppet celebrates the 40 year anniversary of Sandie Shaw's Eurovision victory with Puppet On A String. Introduction to the series in this Eurocovers post.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

VII: Year Of The Puppet - Sätkynukke from Finland

Another day, another Puppet. One day before the Big 40 here's a Finnish version of Sandie's song by Maarja-Leena (Hentunen). I couldn't find any info on the singer and I don't have a picture either.

Sätkynukke was released on a single (Philips PF 340 791) and can also be found on the fantastic Finnish compilation CD Eri Esittäjiä Käännetyt viisuhelmet.
This is a must have 2CD with 50 Eurovision songs covered by Finnish artists, all sung in Finnish.
Finnish artists have always been very active in covering worldwide hits and Eurovision songs are no exception. It features the big hits and winners but also some unexpected choices. See the tracklist of the CD below.

The Finnish Eurocovers 2CD is available from BeaRecords, (Kaannetyt Viisuhelmet) and at most Finnish CD stores

Eri Esittäjiä Käännetyt viisuhelmet - tracklist
01: TAIVAAN SINESSÄ - Nel blu dipinto di blu - (Volare) Olavi Virta
02: CIAO CIAO BAMBINA - Leif Wager
03: TANSSILAULU - Dansevise - Laila Kinnunen
04: LIIAN NUORI RAKKAUTEEN - Non ho l’eta per amarti - Anneli Sari
05: VAHANUKKE, LAULAVA NUKKE - Poupée de cire, - Ritva Palukka
06: SÄTKYNUKKE - Puppet On A String - Maarja Leena
07: LA LA LA - She Gives me Love - Carola
08: MUA ONNITELKAA - Congratulations - Robin
09: RAKKAUDELTA NÄYTTÄÄ, HITTO VIE - Det börjar verka - Eero Raittinen
10: PENKKI, PUU JA PUISTOTIE - Un banc, un arbre, une rue - Carola
11: VARKAIN VIEN TAIKKA LAINAAN - Beg, Steel Or Borrow - Tapani Kansa
12: RAKASTAN - SAAVUTHAN - Après toi - Carola
13: NUORUUS ON SEIKKAILU - Tu te reconnaitras - Katri Helena
14: SAIN MUISTON - Ey sham - Marion Rung
15: WATERLOO Ami Aspelund
16: NIIN - Si - Lea Laven
17: SAANHAN OLLA HÄN - Let Me Be The One - Kai Hyttinen
18: DING-A-DONG Hanne
19: JENNIE, JENNIE Matti Esko
20: SILLOIN - Era - Marion ja Kirka
21: SÄÄSTÄ SUUKKOSI VAIN - Save Your Kisses For Me - Tapani Kansa
22: NIIN SE KÄY - 1 - 2 - 3 - Lea Laven
23: LINTU JA LAPSI - L´oiseau et l´enfant - Katri Helena
24: PÄIN SEINÄÄ - Rock Bottom - Armi ja Danny
25: VAPAANA - Libera - Seija Simola

01: SOITTOTUNNIT - Mathima solfege - Silhuetit
02: PALAA - Feuer - Päivi
03: HALLELUJA - Hallelujah - Anna, Muska ja Kirka
04: TSINGIS KHAN - Dschingis Khan - Frederik
05: DISCO TANGO Marion Rung
06: VUODET OHI KÄY - What’s Another Year - Kisu
07: AMSTERDAM Katri Helena
08: KUIN TEATTERISSA - Theater - Ami Aspelund
09: ISÄ-PAPPA PINGVIINI - Le Papa Pinqouin - Armi Aavikko
10: ON MERI TÄNÄÄN RAUHATON - Feggari Kalokerino - Danny
12: HUMANAHUM Kari Tapio
13: JOHNNY BLUE Katri Helena
14: TAHDON ELÄÄ - Hora - Markku Aro
15: RAKKAUS VOITTAA - Mono i agapi - Berit
16: VAIN HIEMAN RAUHAA - Ein bisschen Frieden - Katri Helena
17: MUUKALAINEN - Främling - Meiju Suvas
18: LAHJAN SAIN - Si la vie est cadeau - Taiska
19: JULIE - Dzuli - Ilkka Salo
20: DIGGI LOO - DIGGI LEY Meiju Suvas
21: JUNA TURKUUN - Tredi di tozeur i - Seija Simola
22: MIKSI RAKKAUDELLA LEIKIT - Love Games - Vicky Rosti
23: PÄÄTTYNEET JUHLAT - La fiesta termino - Anneli Saaristo
24: ENNEN SUA - Neka mi ne svane - Laura Voutilainen
25: RAKKAUS ON SININEN - L’amour est bleu – Yölintu

Friday, April 06, 2007

VII: Year Of The Puppet - Is that a big string in your hand or....

The second Mandarin version of Puppet on a string featured in The Year Of The Puppet series is by Hong Kong singer-actress Betty Chung. Betty Chungs biggest claim to international fame is her role as Mei Ling in Bruce's Lee's 1973 classic movie 'Enter the dragon'.

Betty Chung also played the role of Peter Pan in the Cantonese version of the 70's musical and recorded classics like Bang Bang, Don't sleep in the subway, Massachusetts, Georgie girl and Love Story.

Her version of Puppet on a string, 在你手中把線牽, Zai ni shou zhong ba xian qian, translates as You hold a big string in your hand.
It an be found on the Bell A-Go-Go EP from 1967. Betty Chungs Chinese name is Zhong Ling Ling, although she's also known as Betty Chung Ling Ling.

鍾玲玲 - 在你手中把線牽
(EMI 7 EPA 197)
Tracklist EP:
- Bell a go-go
- Sugar town
- Puppet on a string (Listen here)
- Summer Wine
Just like Lara and the Trailers, Betty Chung also recorded a version of Lee Hazlewoods Sugartown on the EP.

Betty Chung also recorded a Mandarin-Chinese version of another 1967 evergreen: Love is Blue.
The evergreen can be found on her 1968 LP Wild flame (Listen here).

More Chinese Puppets at Eurocovers:
Lara and the Trailers (櫻櫻)
Rose (玫瑰)
Sakura Teng (櫻花)

Thanks to Peter for the translations

Click the pictures for larger versions
The Year Of The Puppet celebrates the 40 year anniversary of Sandie Shaw's Eurovision victory with Puppet On A String. Introduction to the series in this Eurocovers post.
Other versions already featured are from France, Singapore (Mandarin-Chinese), Jamaica. Yugoslavia, Estonia, U.K. (Comedy), Iceland, Lithuania, USA (Musical), Spain, Brasil, UK punk, Norway (gloom) Norway, Turkey, Portugal, Basque country Organland, Tirol, Denmark, CzechoSlovakia, Hungary, Russia, Yugoslavia (Slovenia), Chile/Argentina/Mexico, Sweden, Netherlands

Thursday, April 05, 2007

VII: Year Of The Puppet - Reggy van der Burgt

It's Eurovision Week, 40 years ago that is, and today Year Of The Puppet features a Dutch version of Puppet On A String. Speelbal in de wind (Toy-ball in the wind).

Reggy van der Burgt is a fairly unknown Dutch singer who, like so many, could have been a star if only….
She won a talent show when she was in her 20s and scored her only hit Teddybeer in 1966/1967. Follow up singles (incl. Speelbal…) fail to chart and her well received debut album fails to score commercially. I guess it's the sad old story 'Record company has other plans than artist' that probably killed off Reggy's career. But Teddybeer, a tale about exchanging your faithfull cuddly toy for a live one that hugs back, remains a treasured classic in Dutch pop history.

Reggy van der Burgt also recorded De tijd staat niet stil (Time doesn't stand still) a wonderful coverversion of the German 1966 song Die Zeiger der Uhr (Hands of the clock) which can be found on the b-side of Teddybeer. (single CNR UH 9833)

Speelbal in de wind / Maar morgen is hij mij vergeten (single CNR UH 9930)

Speelbal in de wind was also recorded by Dutch Eurovision singer Anneke Grönloh.

ZingZing has a lovely Reggy van der Burgt discography.

Stay tuned for some more great Puppets in the coming days.

Please Note: Several wonky links in older posts have been restored.

Monday, April 02, 2007

VII: Year Of The Puppet - Siw Malmkvists Sprattelgummas

Sprattelgumma is the Swedish version of Puppet On A String. The Year Of The Puppet continues with none other than Siw Malmkvist.
Siw Malmkvists first appearance on the Eurovison stage was in 1960 when she sang Alla andra får varann to a 10th place in London. But her first Eurovision related venture was when she won the Swedish preselection in 1959 with Augustin. Thát song was sung at the contest by another singer: Brita Borg. But Siw Malmkvist recorded it in Swedish, German, Danish, Norwegian and maybe even Italian, although the Eurocovers detectives are still out on that last version.
In 1961 she won the Swedish selection again, this time with April April but she was replaced for eurovision by Lill Babs*.
In 1969 Siw performed Primaballerina at the contest in Madrid, but now representing Germany.

* Thanks Frank!

(All details and links on the German Colour TV LP with a rare version of the song have been removed, but here is a Youtube, as long as it's there)
Sprattelgumma single (Metronome J45-743)

A superb Siw Malmkvist Discography is at

Not only has Siw Malmkvist appeared in several national selections, she also has been active on the international Eurocovers front.
U.K. 1967 - Puppet on a string - Sprattelgumma (Swedish)
Luxembourg 1967 - L'amour est bleu - Blå, blå är Kärleken (Swedish)
Luxembourg 1971 - Pomme Pomme Pomme - Ett rött äpple (Swedish)
Monaco 1971 - Un banc, un arbre, une rue - På en gammel bank
Yugoslavia 1992 - Ljubim te pesmama - Ein Hauch von Florenz (German)
Yugoslavia 1992 - Ljubim te pesmama - Ge mej en doft ifrån Rom (Swedish)
Croatia 1995 - Nostalgia - Musik ist wie ein Freund (German, with Lidija Horvát Dujnko)
Croatia 1995 - Nostalgia - Musik är ingenting för mig (Swedish with Siw Wennerberg)

Related Eurocovers Posts. Three Swedish coverversions from 1959 by Marie Dieke, including a version of Augustin.

Eurovision covers by Swedish MF regular Anne-Lie Rydé

Swedish Winner Waterloo in Feathers and in Spandex

The Year Of The Puppet celebrates the 40 year anniversary of Sandie Shaw's Eurovision victory with Puppet On A String. Introduction to the series in this Eurocovers post.
Other versions already featured are from France, Singapore (Mandarin-Chinese), Jamaica. Yugoslavia, Estonia, U.K. (Comedy), Iceland, Lithuania, USA (Musical), Spain, Brasil, UK punk, Norway (gloom) Norway, Turkey, Portugal, Basque country Organland, Tirol, Denmark, CzechoSlovakia, Hungary, Russia, Yugoslavia (Slovenia), Chile/Argentina/Mexico