Wednesday, August 29, 2007

1969 - Boom Bang A Bang - Anne-Mette

--------------------Lulu's 1969 co-winner sung in Norwegian by Pippi Lookie Likey
-------------------------- ----- -----

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Greece is the word: Bessy Argyraki

A compilation CD by Bessy Argyraki was released in Greece including several 70's Eurocovers.
Bessy Argyraki represented Greece on their 3rd entry in 1977: Mathema Solfege (A music lesson) by Pascalis, Marianna, Robert & Bessy.
The song was the most succesful Greek entry until Antique / Helena Paparizou came along in 2001 and it was a hit in several countries.It's also one of the most covered Greek entries.
As the Robert Williams Group (minus Marianna Toli but with with Rena Pagkrati & Takis Antoniadis), they recorded several Eurovision entries from 1975 and 1976, all sung in Greek.
On the new Bessy Argyraki 2CD San ena oneiro you can find five of them.
The 40 track 2CD also includes Mathema Solfege and coverversions like ABBA's S.O.S., Dolly Partons Jolene & 9 to 5, three hits from Grease (no pun intended) & A far l'amore comincia tu by Rafaella Carra.

(Universal 3746329)
Italy 1975 - Era (Wess & Dori Ghezzi)
- ΜΟΝΟ - by Bessy Argyraki & Robert Williams
Netherlands 1975 - Ding A Dong (Teach In)
- ΝΤΙΝΓΚ ΝΤΑΝΓΚ ΝΤΟΝΓΚ - Ding Dang Dong - Bessy Argyraki
Germany 1976 - Sing Sang Song (Les Humphries Singers)
- Σ' ΑΓΑΠΩ - S'Agapo - Robert, Bessy, Takis & Rena
Israel 1976 - Emor Shalom (Chocolat, Menta, Mastik)
- ΠΩΣ ΝΑ ΣΤΟ ΠΩ - Pos na stop po - Bessy Argyraki
Italy 1976 - We'll live it all again (Al Bano & Romina Power)
- ΦΤΙΑΞΕ ΤΟ ΑΥΡΙΟ - Ftiakse to avrio - Bessy Argyraki & Robert Williams

The CD is available from several Greek music shops and at as download.
Another interesting CD with a handfull of the Robert Williams Group covers is Ta Oreotera by Robert Williams.
ΤΑ ΩΡΑΙΟΤΕΡΑ ΜΟΥ ΤΡΑΓΟΥΔΙΑ - (Polydor 1995, re-issued on Universal 2901422)
This one includes:
Italy 1975 - Era (Wess & Dori Ghezzi)
- ΜΟΝΟ - by Bessy Argyraki & Robert Williams
Sweden 1975 - Jennie Jennie (Lars Berghagen)
- ΤΖΕΝΗ-ΤΖΕΝΗ - Robert Williams
Germany 1976 - Sing Sang Song (Les Humphries Singers)
- Σ' ΑΓΑΠΩ - S'agapo - Robert, Bessy, Takis & Rena
Finland 1976 - Pump Pump (Fredi & Friends)
---------------------I kardia ktypa 'ena pamp pamp - by Robert & Takis
UK 1976 - Save your kisses for me (Brotherhood of man)
- ΠΕΣ ΓΕΙΑ ΧΑΡΑ - Pes gia hara - Robert, Bessy , Takis & Rena
This CD also includes Mathema Solfege.
And there's some more related Eurocovers that haven't been released yet on CD as far as I know:
UK 1973 - Power to all our friends by Pascalis (Arbanitides) - LP Fili ke adelphi (1973)
Spain 1973 - Eres tu - Marianna Toli
Netherlands 1974 - I see a star by Takis & Christina
UK 1975 - Let me be the one by Robert Williams
France 1976 - 1,2,3 by Rena Pagkrati
Netherlands 1976 - The party's over by Rena Pagkrati
Netherlands 1977 - De mallemolen by Rena Pagkrati
Norway 1977 - Casanova by Rena Pagkrati
Israel 1979 - Hallelujah by Bessy Argyraki - LP
Switzerland 1980 - Cinema by Bessy Argyraki
(All songs sung in Greek)

ΜΑΘΗΜΑ ΣΟΛΦΕΖ BONUS - An unreleased studio version of Mathema Solfege by Belorussian talentshow stars Corianna & Aleksey Khlestov titled Urok Solfedgio (Урок сольфеджио) sung in Russian.Emor Shalom - We'll live it all again - Cinema - Urok Solfedgio - and from an earlier Eurocovers post : Pump Pump
Help Wanted: I would like to find out about the original releases of all above mentioned Greek coverversions (incl. those from the CDs) I know some were released on single and LP, but if you have any specific details (title, label) they would be very welcome.

Related Eurocovers Posts:
You can find a Lithuanian version of Die For You (Antique's 2001 hit entry for Greece) in this Eurocovers post about Mino.
My Number One (Greece 2005 winner) by Icelandic preselection singer Bríet Sunna Valdemarsdóttir is in this Eurocovers post

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Eurocovers Brasil: Leny Eversong - Fabulosa!!!

Brasilian 50's superstar Leny Eversong (1920 - 1984) is another example of a singer whose amazing music I discovered through my search for coverversions of Eurovision songs.

The singer is big enough to fill the gap between Yma Sumac and Ella Fitzgerald and especially her international work reminds of both these singers.

Leny Eversong covered three Eurovision songs (Two from the top 10 most covered Eurovision songs) and the French entry of 1959 Oui Oui Oui Oui stands out as three minutes of luscious cool swing.

Eversong Eurocovers-------1958 Au Bleu Du Ciel Bleu (Volare sung in French)
- on 78rpm (RGE 30025) & LP A International (RGE XRLP 5034)
1958 No Azul Pintado De Azul
----------(Volare in Portuguese, with Audi Roberto)
- on 78rpm (Copacabana 5884, b-side to Geada) (audio wanted)
1959 Oui Oui Oui Oui
----------(French entry of 1959, sung in Portuguese)
- on 78rpm (RGE 10256)and LP Fabulosa!!! (RGE XRLP 5087)
1961 Muito Alèm ----(Al Di Lá, in Portuguese)
- on 1989 CD Convita para ouvir, no details on original release

------Au Bleu / Au Bleu - Oui / Oui - Muito Alèm / Muito Alèm

A good new compilation CD is Grandes Vozes - Leny Eversong which includes both Muito Alèm and Au Bleu Du Ciel Bleu and timeless classics like Summertime, Fascination, Jezebel and Night and day. Available internationally from Sambastore and other internet shops.

You can find a fantastic 1957 Leny Eversong LP and Fabulosa! at Loronix, a highly recommended blog for all kinds of music from Brasil.

Two great Leny Eversong performances at the Ed Sullivan show are at a Sofa Entertainment DVD set Elvis - The Ed Sullivan shows. They feature the full Ed Sullivan shows on which Elvis Presley appeared. Disc 3 has both the Leny Eversong clips and you can also see them at YouTube: Jezebel and El Cumbanchero.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Eurobandið: Icelandic Party People Make Up Mind

Eurobandið (The Euroband..., sounds more exotic in Icelandic really) are Icelandic popstars Friðrik Ómar and Regína Ósk who got together in 2006 to create a live show with coverversions of Eurovision songs. They played several festivals in Iceland including last weeks Gay Pride and basically guarantee a great party.
The keyboard player in the band is Grétar Örvarsson, who entered Eurovision with Stjórnin in 1990 (Eitt lag enn, 4th) and with Heart 2 Heart in 1992 (Nei Eða Já, 7th), the two best results for Iceland until Selma ended 2nd with All Out Of Luck in 1999. (or: until the free language rule was introduced)

Eurobandið haven't released any CDs yet but at their MySpace you can download a live Eurovision medley and an Icelandic studio version of Bucks Fizz' Making Your Mind Up (Við Sigrum Að Ári). (Use the download function in the MySpace player, it works!)

Friðrik Ómar appeared in the Icelandic national final (Söngvakeppni) of 2006 with Það Sem Verður (3rd) and in 2007 with Eldur (2nd). Regina Ósk sang Þér Við Hlið in the 2006 selection ending 2nd.

In this Eurocovers post you can find Friðrik Ómar's version of the 1994 Eurovision winner Rock 'n' Roll kids. (Ef pú piggur pad)

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Arcade fire release Poupée De Cire, Poupée De Son on 7"single.

In the Eurocovers post about Poupée De Cire Poupée De Son I already mentioned that Arcade Fire covers the France Gall hit from the top 10 most Eurovision songs in their live shows.
Good news and bad news. The song will get a release on a split 7" inch single (other side by LCD Sound System) but the limited edition vinyl will only be available at their US tour gigs starting in september. (that'll be e-bay then for most of us)
Check the tour dates at and see the video at YouTube.

Another great version of the song by Supersansplomb from Belgium can be heard on their MySpace. LINK RESTOREDA Dutch coverversion of Poupée... will be released in the Netherlands next month. It's on Spinvis forthcoming CD Goochelaars en geesten (Magicians & Spirits), a collection of rarities, previously unreleased stuff and other oddities. The song is titled Was (Wax).

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Whole Lotta Love - Eurovision Rawks !!

It's the 100th post at Eurocovers, yay!

Two rock covers with a similar brilliant thought: let's make people think we're Led Zeppelin.
Both songs here start with the famous intro of Whole Lotta love and before you know it even the most hardcore prog-rock die-hard is lured into a Eurovision tune.
Black Ingvars recorded several Eurovision songs with the same trick. Their Främling for example is mixed with Stairway to heaven and Diggi Loo Diggi Ley starts with the opening chords of Van Halens Jump.
The track featured here is a version of Det Börjar Verka Kärlek, Banne Mej (Damn, it starts to look like love) originally by Claes-Göran Hederström. The song finished 5th for Sweden in the Contest in London in 1968.

The Ingvars 1998 CD Schlager Metal features 13 Eurovision and Melodifestivalen (Swedish preselection ) covers plus their own MF entry Cherie (5th in 1998). Couldn't find a webshop that still stocks it so you have look for it in the 2nd hand shop or auction sites.

The Chorrojumo take on Whole Lotta Love is yet another version of Volare, but this time it Rocks!. From their 2006 CD-EP Malavida!

Whole Lotta's: Ingvars /  Chorrojumo

Sunday, August 12, 2007

VII: Year Of The Puppet - Bulgarian & Catalan

Pic from
Маргарита Радинска - Кукла на конци
It's still Year Of The Puppet at Eurocovers and here's a 'new' language version of Puppet On A String to be added to the list.
It's a Bulgarian version by Margarita Radinska titled Kukla Na Koncu.
(Balkaton BTK 2840-1) (Listen here, Youtube Audio)

Pic from discogs
Un ninot penjat d'un fil
Another version I promised to share is the one sung in Catalan. I finally got a reasonably listenable audio so here it is.
It is Un ninot penjat d'un fil by Els De La Torre, (Los De La Torre in Spanish) who have recorded songs in Spanish and Catalan. (Listen here)
They have been Los 4 de la Torre but have also operated as a trio.

I have also updated the Year Of The Puppet post about Florbela Queiros with some release details and a gorgeous picture sleeve.

The Year Of The Puppet celebrates the 40 year anniversary of Sandie Shaw's Eurovision victory with Puppet On A String. Introduction to the series in this Eurocovers post.Other versions already featured are from France, Singapore (Mandarin-Chinese), Jamaica. Yugoslavia, Estonia, U.K. (Comedy), Iceland, Lithuania, USA (Musical), Spain, Brasil, UK punk, Norway (gloom) Norway, Turkey, Portugal, Basque country Organland, Tirol, Denmark, CzechoSlovakia (Czech), Hungary, Russia, Yugoslavia (Slovenia), Chile/Argentina/Mexico, Sweden, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Finland, Scotland, Poland, Czechoslowakia (Slovak), Trinidad*, More Jamaica and more Singapore

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

10.000 Coverversions: Where's Hallelujah?

I received several reactions on the 10.000 Eurovision coverversions top 10 list and posts, most positive (thanks) but there are a few things I’d like to clear up.
The top 10 of most covered Eurovision songs is the top 10 from the list of Eurovision coverversions I have been keeping track of since about 1989.
So 18 years of keeping and collecting information from record collections, internet sources and especially information that was sent to me by other collectors over those years.
I can just do so little to answer the question ‘Why is Hallelujah / Congratulations etcetera not in the top 10?
The composer of Hallelujah, Kobi Oshrat allegedly claimed some years ago there were 500 versions recorded of the song, (something with a lawsuit over recording rights was going on) but I have only been able to find info on 120.
Same with 'Sir Cliff's Congratulations just missing out on a top 10 spot with 140 listed versions.
Titles like Hallelujah, Congratulations, La La La, Romantica etcetera are not the easiest to research on the internet and of course there are more versions of these songs than I have listed. I’m not claiming my lists are in any way conclusive, but I think they are the only ones of its kind you’ll find anywhere so please appreciate my work and make use of it while you can.

Here’s the list of Hallelujah’s, currently the 17th most covered Eurovision song in the 10.000 coverversions list. The song was written by Kobi Oshrat with lyrics by Shimrit Orr.
If you think the song belongs in the top 10, start sending your versions and information to me.

And to listen to some music here's two versions of the song, hard to pick any favorites though, as most are even cheesier than the original.
Eydie Gormé & Steve Lawrence first released the song under the name Parker & Penney (7" USA Warner WBS 887) but it can also be found on LP/CD releases under their 'own' name.
The Crossfire track is a powermetal version, although it wouldn't be out of place in a 70's broadway musical either. Sung in Hebrew.

Hallelujah! - a document.. 
Word.doc featuring all versions by Milk and Honey plus a list of coverversions of the 1979 Eurovision winner from Israel.

Екатерина Черноусова
A sublime Jazz version (in Hebrew) of Hallelujah is available at a russian Jazz site. The site in Russian and English features a version by The Rooms (Комнаты) featuring Ekaterina Chernousova from their 2005 CD Im Telech and is something different from the usual hands in the air versions of the song. (for the downloads scroll halfway down the page)
In the Eurocovers post Noisy Israeli's you can find some coverversions by Australian punkers YidCore including their ultimate partyversion of Hallelujah.
For a groovy Thai movie version of the 1978 Israel winner A Ba Ni Bi check out this Eurocovers post.