Saturday, September 17, 2011

Schlager time: Elz Bakker revives Carola's Invincible

I noticed this schlager ditty entered the Dutch single top 100 this week.
It's a coverversion of Carola's 3rd Eurovision entry Invincible (Evighet in the Swedish selection).
Carola's English version ended up 5th in the Athens Eurovision Song Contest of 2006.
Elz Bakker's Dutch coverversion Laat Mij Voor Jou De Laatste Zijn (Let me be your last one) is out now on the NRGY label.
Downloads are available at the tunes and other sources.

More Carola at Eurocovers in 2008.

Invincible coverversions discography
Sonja Aldén (English)
- This is the orginal demo which was released on the CD collection Melodifestivalen 10 År På Turné 2002-2011. (only on the Gold edition with 7CDs)
Tomas Andersson Wij (Swedish)
- on CD En Introduktion Till Tomas Andersson Wij (Sonet/Universal)
This acoustic ballad version was first performed at the 2007 Melodifestivalen final.
Popkidz (Swedish)
- on CD Number One (Ariola) 
Alain Morisod and Sweet People - J’ai rendez-vous (French)
- on CD A Chacun Son Etoile (Tricycle) (update thanks Jef!)
Marcelle Alexis (French, Canadian singer)
- French version on website, on forthcoming CD
Elz bakker - Laat Mij Voor Jou De Laatste Zijn (Dutch) - digital single (NRGY)
Aistė Pilvelytė - Su Tavimi  (Lithuanian)
- on CD Meilė Dar Gyva (Monaco records)
DNE feat. Manika - Nepremagljiv (DJT by DNE rmx, Slovenian)
- on CD Dee Jay Time: Beli album 16 (VA, Menart records) (update, thanks Miha!)
Hi-5 - 'n Ewigheid (Afrikaans)
- on CD Versoeking (Select Music)
Juanita Du Plessis - 'n Ewigheid (Afrikaans)
- on CD 10 Jaar Platinum Treffers  (Maroela Musiek)

Details on all Carola's entries and their coverversions are here in this document. (Word doc, updated september 2011)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Hart Het Klaar Besluit and more from South Africa

Here's the official videoclip of My Hart Het Klaar Besluit by David Fourie and Monique.
It's of course the Afrikaans coverversion of Running Scared, this years Eurovision winner by Ell and Nikki (Eldar and Nigar) who took the trophy for Azerbaijan.
The song is released on the forthcoming David Fourie compilation album Die Eerste Dekade (the first decade) and will also be on Moniques forthcoming album.
The duo is also said to have recorded a cover of the English version for release on the Tunes, but I have no further details on that.

David Fourie has recorded other coverversions of Eurovision songs: Germany 1989, Norway 2003, Estonia 2002 plus a host of National final songs.

Monique had a hit in South Africa with rapper Snotkop and their Afrikaans version of the Finnish 2009 entry Lose Control titled Ek Val Vir Jou.

Some more South African covers.
It's no secret South African singers have been recording many Eurovision songs in the past few years.
Here's a few you can actually listen to a full version of a song. (more to come?...)

Haba Haba
Arista Paxton has finished her new album including no less than eight Eurocovers.
You can listen to two of the songs: Haba Haba (Norway 2011) is here at reverbnation.
Laat My Leef is a cover of Moldova's 2010 entry Run Away (originally by Olia Tira and Sunstroke Project), and it's also at Arista's Reverbnation page.
I don't know anything about the title of the CD or it's availability yet, but it is released through the Cape Town based record company Southern Buzz. Hopefully more details later.
The album has tracks in English and Afrikaans but all Eurocovers are in Afrikaans.
Among the covers on the album there is a version cover favorite Sha La Lie (Netherlands 2010) and the 2011 winner from Azerbaijan which Arista recorded with Hugo Nieuwoudt.

Peace Please
Colé van Dais has recorded several Eurocovers on her album Dink Aan My (private pressing).
One interesting track is a 4-language coverversion of Peace Will Come, the corny peace-loving ditty the Georgians unleashed upon the unsuspecting masses back in 2008. Colé van Dais' version is a duet with Marc Rantseli and is sung in English, Afrikaans, Spanish and Zulu. You can Listen to the full version at Colé's Reverbnation, which also has some of her other songs.

Not So Stupid Cupid

So Henri Alant missed out on Believe Again, the Danish 2009 hit that became the most covered song of the year. (more here at Eurocovers) but I noticed a 2010 videoclip of Cupid, a coverversion of Once In A Lifetime by Ines.
OIAL is a crafty top pop song from the days when Estonia was still whipping out quality entries every year. It was #4 in the Stockholm contest in 2000.
Henri Alants version, in Afrikaans, is from the album also titled Cupid, but I haven't found any international online shop that sells it yet.
Anyway, You can watch the official full video of Cupid here at ye olde tube.

Love Shine A Light
André Huysamen recorded the 1997 Eurovision winner Love Shine A Light (Katrina and the Waves) for his album. The hymn about love is supported by a childrens choir courtesy of the Generaal Beyers primary school. It's Liefde Skyn 'N Lig in Afrikaans and can be found on the album Imperfek.
Title song Imperfek is a coverversion of Temple Of Love, Swedish pre-song by the fab pop trio BWO (Bodies Without Organs)
I didn't find any details on the album or its availability but you can listen to both songs in full at André's Reverbnation.

Home Is Where The Heart Is
Elizma Theron has released her second CD album Oppad Na Jou (On my way to you) which includes an Afrikaans version of the German 2008 entry Disappear (by No Angels). It's titled Maak My Hart Jou Huis (Make my heart your home) and you can listen here at the tube.
The CD is available at Kalahari.

Special Thanks to Roy.

Links and sources:
Read all about the 2011 Eurovision winner versions and releases here at the Düsseldorf Collection.
The 2012 edition: The Baku Collection is materializing here.
A new website for David Fourie will be launched here soon and you can already check out a picture of him with his shirt sort of off.
This video is uploaded through the Select Musiek Youtube channel.
The Fourie CD is available at Kalahari who ship internationally.
You can buy the digital version at iTunes, Amazon, Deezer and other sources.

A selection of Eurocovers posts about South African singers: Sunette Bridges, Andriette Norman and Heinz Winkler, Jay and Lianie (with video), Dewald Louw,  Jasmyn, Mariska and Rian Ungerer (with video), Monique and Snotkop (with video), Dominec, various 2009 releases.
And some from the olden days: Dana Valery, Jody Wayne.

12points TV party
New Eurovision website formerly known as has been launched with a Eurovision party in Rotterdam.
On 7 October was kicked off officially with an all Eurovision evening in cafe Keerweer in downtown Rotterdam.
The new website is here.