Monday, December 03, 2012

Everyone's A Star - Lola Dutronic

Lola Dutronic are producer/keyboard/knobtwiddler Richard Citroen and vocalist Stephanie B. operating from Canada and Germany. I hadn't heard of them, but they've been making sweet musique since 2004 (well, Citroen has).
They have released a few albums and EPs and their latest offering is Everyone's A Star (out on Red Star).
Eurocovers loves all this sensuous retro frenchy stuff and so will you. If you like bands like St. Etienne, Peach, Pizzicato Five and your basic French whispering godesses, Lola Dutronic is defenitely worth a listen.
I'm pleased to find a 2012 version of our beloved 1967 classic Love Is Blue / L'amour Est Bleu.

You can listen to the whole album at Lola Dutronics bandcamp where you can also find details on how to order the CD or digital release. (If you order the CD you'll get the download version straight away). LD also have a facebook and a Youtube channel.

Love Is Blue, originally L'Amour Est Bleu by Vicky (4th in 1967 contest) is written by André Popp and Pierre Cour.
It is the second most covered Eurovision song of all times.

2015 update
Lola Dutronic have released a radio remix of their Love Is Blue. Check it out and buy it here at LD's Bandcamp

Find out more about it in the 10000 coverversions post and in these Eurocovers items.

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P.S. I was horrified to be even enjoying a Dire Straits song (S.O.S. on Everyone's A Star). (But it's not all coverversions, many tracks are written by the band themselves)