Sunday, May 11, 2014

Austria wins Eurovision 2014! Conchita Wurst Rises.

But I guess you already know that. Congratulations to Austria for their second Eurovision victory (after almost 50 years). And Congratulations to Unstoppable Conchita Wurst.

Will There Be A CDsingle of Rise Like A Phoenix?
What about the Common Linnets Album?
Beard Yes, Moustache No? Why?

The fully updated pages on the 2014 artists and songs can be found at the Copenhagen Collection.
We'll keep on following new releases, charts success, upcoming albums and more on all the satrs that made Copenhagen Eurovision.

Sunday, May 04, 2014

Mona Ersare - Blundar Nu

Here's a new Swedish coverversion of Kedvesem, last years Hungarian entry by ByeAlex.

The singer is Mona Ersare. The track will be out on your digital stores and streamers soon.

Hungary in Copenhagen

CPH 2014: Another coverversion of that fab Danish Ditty

I posted this 5 years ago (here), but since it's Copenhagen week it won't hurt to give this wonderful coverversion some webtime again. Something special about it, the spaced out tribal rhythms, the eery vocals, I don't know, just love it. Jazzbox is Per Ebdrup and he named this track Dancing Ditty.

The Jazzbox EP, Pigeon At The Disco, with two versions of Dancing Ditty, is still available at here iTunes.
He also has his Face on the book.