Sunday, July 23, 2017

Adio, Goodbye, Hyvästi

No, I’m not going anywhere, but here are two Finnish coverversions of Adio, the 2015 Montenegrin Eurovision entry originally performed by Knez (Nenad Knežević). 
Two coverversions of Adio were recorded in Finnish. Both songs are titled Hyvästi which translates as Goodbye or, indeed, Adio.

The first Finnish coverversion is recorded in 2015 and is by Aki Samuli and Susanna Heikki. This can be found on Samuli's album Tahdon (I do, Sony, also on CD) and also on Heikki's album Valoja (Lights, Sony, also on CD).

Susanna Heikki is not a stranger to the Eurocover.
Her 2009 album Vietellen (Seducing) includes En Ole Yksin (I'm not alone), a Finnish version of Hold On Be Strong, the Norwegian entry of 2008 by Maria Haukaas Storeng.
She also recorded a Finnish version of Engelbert Humperdincks ill fated Love Will Set You Free (UK entry 2012). Her version is titled Jos Rakkaus Sattuu (If love hurts). It was released as a digital single in 2014.

The second Hyvästi is from 2016. This take on Adio is by Kalle Jussila who released his version as a digital single and on his album Onnellinen Mies (A happy man). (digital release through Z-trading, don't know if there's a CD).

Željko the Great.
Adio is written by Serbian Eurovision superstar Željko Joksimović together with Dejan Ivanovič and Marina Tucaković. 

The original Knez cds
Joksimović has his name under five Eurovision entries. 
His own Lane Moje ended second in 2005 (for Serbia-Montenegro). He penned Lejla for Hari Mata Hari who ended 3rd for Bosnia-Hercegovina in 2006.
Home entry Oro by Jelena Tomašević ended 6th in the Belgrade contest of 2008.
Another 3rd place was for Nije Ljubav Stvar performed by ZJ himself (2012).
Adio may not have equalled Joksimović's earlier successes but with a 13th place in the final it is the best result so far for Montenegro (out of 9 entries).
Knez himself recorded Serbian, French and English versions of the song. (More about that here).

Links and sources:
Special thanks to Immo Aho, sorry it took so long.
All about Knez’s original Adio at the Vienna Collection.
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The original Adio video.
Below is a spotti link for the Finnish covers but you can also browse for the tracks at Youtube or of course buy at the Tunes and what have you.