Tuesday, May 14, 2019

The Eurovision Collectors Guide 1956 - 2018

Here’s some news about the 10th* edition of the Eurovision Collectors Guide, previously known as the booklet that gives you all the information on the entries of the Eurovision Song Contest.
Since 1989 nine* booklets have been issued with all the information on the songs, versions and releases of our beloved Eurovision Song Contest. Some of you may still have a much thumbed copy lying about.

I’m pleased to present the 10th edition in a new DIY format  Many things have changed since and another (affordable) paper edition was just not possible.

* Actually it's the 11th edition but the first one (#0) only had 10 copies made and hasn't been available to the public.

It’s 3 decades of dedicated work, of collecting data with a lot of help from many people.
Massive thanks go out to all of you who have contributed to the Eurovision Collectors Guide over the past 30 years, couldn’t have done it without you.
I hope you’ll find it useful, fun and occasionally surprising.

This new version will hopefully provide all the information you need. You can read it online or print it and make a lovely book / atlas out of it, it’s up to you now.

I decided to make this issue a free issue, but if you’re really really really happy with what you see, I won’t stop you from sending me presents.
There will be updates and corrections later in the year, that's where you come in....

For the new print it yourself edition of the Eurovision Collectors Guide please visit our facebook
Oh, and it only costs a like or two.
Or you can download the whole thing as a PDF file here at ESC History

The Tel Aviv Collection will keep you updated with the latest releases, versions and trivia of the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest in Israel.