Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Olsen Brothers Fly Again, On The Wings Of Love.

Eurovision winners The Olsen Brothers (Denmark 2000) will release a new album in may, Eurovision week.

The album Wings Of Eurovision will include 12 Eurovision covers and a new version of their own entry Fly On The Wings Of Love.

Not many suprises there, even the most avid Eurovision dodger will know the songs.

Most entries tackled by the Brødrene were international hits, and there are eight winners present. Maybe Non So Che Darei is the odd one out that even some Eurovision fans may have forgotten about.

Full tracklist:
1 - Fly on the Wings of Love (New Version) - Denmark 2000
2 - Congratulations - UK 1968, Cliff Richard
3 - Waterloo - Sweden 1974, Abba
4 - Ein Bisschen Frieden - Germany 1982, Nicole
5 - Främling - Sweden 1983, Carola
6 - Save All Your Kisses for Me - U.K. 1976, Brotherhood Of Man
7 - Halleluja - Israel 1979, Milk and Honey
8 - Non So Che Darei - Italy 1980, Alan Sorrenti
9 - Bang-A-Boomerang - Swedish national final 1975
10 - Volare - Italy 1958, Domenico Modugno
11 - La Det Swinge - Norway 1985, Bobbysocks!
12 - Love Shine A Light - U.K. 1997, Katrina andThe Waves
13 - Rock'n'Roll Kids - Ireland 1994, Paul Harrinton and Charlie McGettigan

Please read the updated tracklist and more info at this new Eurocovers post.
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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Those Kids Of Today: Nútímabörn

In Februari 2008 I did a Eurocovers post about some seemingly non traceable Icelandic Eurocovers including one from an LP with this fantastic sleeve.
Good things come to those who wait, so I'm happy to be able to present one of the songs here

The ultra cool looking band called Nútímabörn (Modern kids) recorded a version of the Eurovision winner La La La for their LP Nútímabörn. As given away by the sleeve, the song is a bit more mellow, slightly flower power typical late 60's pop. And of course it's utterly lovely.

Nútimabörn were Drífu Kristjánsdóttir, Ágústi Atlasyni, Snœbirni Kristjánssyni and Sverri Ólafssyni, and they only released one album, the eponymous Nútímabörn from 1969 (SG - hljómplötur SG 023).
La La La, originally by Massiel is of course the Spanish entry that kept Cliff Richard from the #1 spot in 1968.

Very Special Thanks to Dr. Gunni.
You can watch Dr. Gunni in action here. It's the first of four shows reviewing the 2010 Eurovision entries. Dr, Gunni is on the panel and the show is hosted by Paul Oscar, King Of The Couch.
For another track by Nútímabörn (We Can Work It Out in Icelandic) check out Dr. Gunni's fab webspace at this page and scroll down halfway. It's part of the Bítlarnir á íslensku series. There's also a great version Fool On The Hill by Björk as a 11 y.o. just added.
The picture sleeve is from this wiki page.
More La La La at Eurocovers: Lesley Gore, Merit Hemmingson, Leelo Karp

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Teddy Scholten 1926-2010

Another sad goodbye in Eurovisionland. Teddy Scholten, winner of the 1959 Eurovision Song Contest died last week at the age of 83.
She was one of the popular stars of 50's and 60's Dutch radio and television entertainment. In the 70's and 80's she worked for the Red Cross.

Even though she was a frequent face & voice in Dutch entertainment, Teddy Scholten wasn't a top 40 singer, and people remember 'n Beetje, the 1959 winning Eurovision song best.
The reception Teddy Scholten received when she arrived back home was unprecedented with 100's of people at Schiphol Airport with banners and flowers and set the tone for heroes' arrivals in years to come.

'n Beetje (A little bit), written by Dick Schallies and Willy van Hemert, was the 2nd victory for the Netherlands at only the 4th Eurovision (how times have changed). It was a #4 hit on the (then monthly) Dutch charts (4 months on chart).
Teddy Scholten recorded two Dutch versions of the song and also versions in German (Sei ehrlich), French (Un p'tit peu) and Italian (Un poco).
The Italian version was a top 20 chart hit in Italy.
Teddy Scholten sang a Swedish version Om Varen on Swedish radio (1959, details wanted) but it was never recorded by Teddy. An English version, The Moment, was also written but never recorded.
In the preselection (Nationaal Song Festival) 'n Beetje was also sung by John de Mol (sr.) (released on 7" Telefunken UH 9323A). His version was a #3 hit (3 months on chart)

The only Eurocovers recorded by Teddy Scholten are from 1959, her own Eurovision year.
For the Post Eurovision releases of 'n Beetje she recorded the French entry Oui Oui Oui Oui and the British entry Sing Little Birdie (with husband Henk Scholten).
Sing Little Birdie, the #2 at the contest, originally recorded by Pearl Carr & Teddy Johnson, was recorded as the b-side to the 'international' versions.

Teddy Scholten Eurocovers
Oui Oui Oui Oui (in dutch)
- on EP 'n Beetje (Philips 422366 PE)
Sing Little Birdie - Teddy & Henk Scholten
- Zing Kleine Vogel (in Dutch) on EP 'n Beetje
- (Philips 422366 PE) & 7" (Philips 318 227 PF)
- La Chanson De La Grive (French) on 7" (Philips B318254)
- Canta Uccelino (Italian)  on 7" (Philips 318 255)
The German Sei Ehrlich single has an instrumental version of Sing Little Birdie on the b-side by Orchestra Jack Bulterman.

En Smule
I have over 40 coverversions listed of 'n Beetje, most Dutch, many instrumental and a handful of other languages.
Remarkable is the popularity of the song with Danish recording artists from the era.
There are at least seven full Danish versions of the song, all titled En Smule, and there are a few medleys and instrumentals also recorded in Denmark.

En Smule - Danish versions of n'Beetje
Birgit Falk on 7" single (Heliodor HE 45 0800).
- This one is recorded with the original orchestra backing of Teddy Scholtens own pre-Eurovision version. (Orch. Jan Corduwener)
Raquel Rastenni - on 7"* (HMV 45-X 8391)
- Raquel Rastenni is the Danish Eurovision singer for 1958
Birgit Bruel - on EP* 4 Grand Prix Melodier (VA) (427 933 PE Philips DK)
- Birgit Bruel went on to sing for Denmark in 1965

Lisbeth Frandsen - on 7" * (Triola TD 45-35)Rose Lundstrøm - on EP* 4 Grand Prix Sucess'Er (RCA DEP 107)
Rita Storm - on 7" * (Polyphon XM 61912)Inge Strauss - on 7" * (Sonet T 8023)Lone Helmer - on EP* Grand prix cocktail 1959 (Tono ST 41080)
Two medleys with 3 songs each, five Eurovision songs.
* All releases marked * also feature Danish Eurocovers of Sing Little Birdie.

Special thanks to Mikael.

'n Beetje - Document.
I have uploaded a list with all details on Teddy Scholtens 'n Beetje releases and 47 coverversions of the song. It's a word document.
In the Eurocovers 2007 Finweeks a Finnish version was / is featured. A Swedish version can be found in the Marie Dieke Eurocovers post from November 2006. For an Italian version by Carla Boni, check this Eurocovers post.

Monday, April 05, 2010

Spring Is In The Air, Happy Birthday Agnetha

Happy 60th Birthday Agnetha! Seen here in a field* of her own on her 1969 LP Som Jag Är. The LP includes Sov Gott Min Lilla Vän, a coverversion of Un Jour, Un Enfant by Frida Boccara, one of the 4 winners of Eurovision 1969.
* I know, the field looks a bit autumny

Sun is shining. Take your little lamb out for a walk, the girls will love you.
Poupée De Cire, Poupée De Son (lux 1965) - Ann Morre and Jean Claudric Ensemble