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Addio, Addio, Addio

Eurocovers was never intended to be a memorial blog for the great and the forgotten singers who have a Eurovision link, but sometimes I feel it appropriate to take a moment for the departed and share my view on their achievements on the Eurocovers front. Call it morbid fascination, it's only meant as a little respect.

Alberto Testa (1927-2009)
Brasil born Italian wordsmith Alberto Testa is one of the most prolific lyricists of popular Italian music in the last century. He wrote the lyrics to over 1500 songs, including many Italian evergreens.
He started writing lyrics in the early 50's and when he teamed up with well known songwriters like Pino Calvi and Alberto Rossi he soon ventured into Sanremo territory.
He wrote the words to early Sanremo classics like Il Cantico Del Cielo (Tonina Torrielli), Un Sogno Di Cristallo (Carla Boni, see below) and È mezzanotte (Joe Sentieri).

Uno Per Tutte
Two Sanremo winners are from Testo's hand. Uno Per Tutte from 1963 (Written with Mogol, music by Tony Renis, sung by Tony Renis and by Emilio Pericoli) and Non Pensare A Me from 1967 (Music by Eros Sciorilli, sung at Sanremo Claudio Villa / Iva Zanicchi)
Emilio Pericoli took Uno Per Tutte to the Eurovision Song Contest and ended 3rd.
In 1967 Non Pensare A Me was the Italian Eurovision entry to be (for Claudio Villa) , but it was replaced by Non Andare Piu Lontano at the rehearsing stage. (see this Eurocovers post).
The replacement song ended 11th and was more or less forgotten. Non Pensare A Me became one of those much covered Italian classics.

The best known song internationally to come from Alberto Testo's hand is probably Quando Quando Quando 4th in the 1962 Sanremo, but again, a much covered international hit.
Uno Per Tutte was covered many times in several languages.

Also check out where you can find details on many of his songs.

Carla Boni (1925-2009)Italy also had to say their addio's to Carla Boni this week. Carla Boni entered the Sanremo contest many times in the 50's and won in 1953 with Viale D'Autunno which was also sung by Flo Sandon's (See here at Eurocovers).

Carla Boni's first success was an Italian version of Johnny Guitar and she scored over 20 hits in the Italian charts of the 50's. Mambo Italiano and Casetta in Canada (Sanremo 1957, with frequent singing partner Gino Latilla) were her biggest hits.
In 1959 Carla Boni recorded Un Poco, an Italian coverversion of the Eurovision winner 'N Beetje (Teddy Scholten, Netherlands) and the runner up of the same year Sing Little Birdie (Canta Uccello) as a duet with Gino Latilla. Both songs were released on one single. (Cetra SP 504), Un Poco was also released on other singles and EP (pic left).

Luis Aguilé (1936-2009)
A third goodbye is for Argentinian singer and entertainer Luis Aguilé. He died two weeks ago at 73.
He was a popular singer in his home country but also made the crossover to Spain in 1963, where he was a much loved singer and TV personality. His best know songs are Juanita Banana and Cuando Sali De Cuba, a song that became an anthem to people who fled Cuba.
Luis Aguilé recorded Spanish language versions of the 1958 and 1959 Italian Eurovision entries by Domenico Modugno.

In the 70's he re-recorded both songs in Italian.
Luis Aguilé discography at Rockola Argentina

New release: Paola Turci
Also some happy news from Italy. Celebrated Sanremo singer Paola Turci has just released her new album Attraversami Il Cuore.
It includes a new coverversion of Dio Come Ti Amo, the 1966 Italian entry by Domenico Modugno.
The album (out on Universal) is produced by Francesco Barbaro and is available through most webshops, digital & physical.
- has more info.

Eurocovers loves Dio Come Ti Amo here, here, here, and here -

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